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One year diploma courses are equivalent to fast track courses. They tend to cover the course which is detailed.

Usually, such courses are extremely detailed abroad however the same or equivalent courses in India are usually not desired due to the fact that they do not cover the technical aspects of the subject. 

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One Year Courses after 12th

The one-year courses after 12th often offer a brief understanding of the subject and how to further go about it. One can easily study such a diploma course and then, later on, get into the detailed aspects of it.

The countries abroad offer the one-year courses followed by a detailed study further on. Some of the countries offering 1-year courses after 12th are as follows:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden 
  • Italy
  • Scotland 
  • Spain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Austria

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One year Diploma Courses

The one-year diploma courses offered abroad usually articulate the understanding of a specific subject into a comprised format and hence the one-year diploma.

The one-year diploma courses are offered in large variety abroad and students can pick from the variety. 

One year diploma course list 

  • The Diploma of Advanced Studies in Management and Leadership– gives an exhaustive understanding of the central authority and the executive’s outlooks and practices.
  • In this program, the deliberate voyage through the basics of authority and the executives will be joined with the talk of significant points like digitalization, virtual work, decent variety, and so on.
  • Graduate Diploma in Law- In the event that one needs to work in a law-related vocation, yet have a non-law certificate, the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is perfect for the same.
  • Undergraduate certificate in business studies- College classes are partitioned into center courses and specialization courses. Electives courses can be chosen from a variety of business studies courses.
  • Certificate in electronic music production– This imaginative, venture based program is the ideal stage to build up and develop your way of life as a rehearsing electronic music craftsman, maker, and entertainer.
  • Certificate in screen acting– This creative, venture-based course is familiar with the customary and principal aptitudes of representing diverse screen configurations and advances while you support your portfolio with exhibitions from many film creations through the span of the year.
  • Certificate in film production– This creative, venture-based, the program is intended to give you a bedrock establishment in the basics of contemporary filmmaking and visual narrating. Based on the idea of learning by doing, you will make more than 20 movies following motivating venture briefs and innovative difficulties.
  • Certificate in creative audio production and sound engineering- This venture-based, program is intended for music and sound creatives who wish to build up their very own imaginative vision and get familiar with the principal method and aptitudes expected to assemble a solid portfolio inside the music business, may that be underway, recording, acing, sound designing, a sound plan, music innovation or working together with the more extensive music and film industry.
  • Certificate in technology arts and visuals– This one-year Certificate course is a concentrated year of hands-on coordinated efforts and a profound end plunge into the instruments of the exchange.
  • Undergraduate certificate in tourism management– College classes offer this course as a comprised form of tourism allowing the students to learn what they would further be expanding there knowledge on. 

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One Year after 12th Science

  • Diploma in industry safety- In this course, one will be instructed on how to investigate various kinds of dangers, their applicable arrangements, preventive measures, and substantially more.
  • Diploma in computer application– This certificate course manages the nuts and bolts of PCs and certain significant integral themes. For the most part, courses center around the skill of MS Office, Internet, and programming dialects like C++, Java, HTML.
  • Diploma in radiological technology– This course gives training on pathology, radiation material science, and attractive reverberation imaging(MRI) to get ready understudies on the most proficient method to work adequately as a lab specialist.
  • Diploma in interior designing– Understudies searching for 1-year confirmation courses after twelfth in science can decide to make a vocation inside planning with this recognition.
  • Diploma of medical lab technology– Some of the important subjects in this course are general life systems, pathology, lab procedures, and so forth.
  • Diploma in advertising– The promoting business has advanced considerably more over the most recent two decades. Organizations are consistently watchful for people with inventiveness and a talent for promoting. 
  • Diploma in animation– The Diploma in Animation is certainly an intriguing choice for an understudy searching for 1-year confirmation courses after twelfth in science. The essentials of planning and liveliness, 3d procedures, high illustrations sight and sound, enhancements are a portion of the points secured during the course.

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1-year Diploma Courses after 12th

The 1-year diploma courses after 12th allow students to get an idea about what it is like to pursue as a career.

The courses offer brief learning on a specific subject which can allow students to take a decision on whether to pick a certain course in detail later or not.

One Year Diploma Courses after 12th in Science

  • Diploma in digital marketing– With the approach of the cell phone as the favored media utilization gadget and an unfaltering increment in the quantity of internet-based life channel clients, the intensity of this device was developed to extraordinary levels and as the challenge for the electronic board space increments, so does the course.
  • Diploma in medical lab technology– A Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) course is a 2-year paramedical program that manages the malady finding and aversion. 
  • Diploma in physiotherapy– Recognition in Physiotherapy (DPT) is a 2-year course that significantly manages the physical development of the human body.
  • Diploma in radiological technology– Confirmation in Radiological Technology (DRT) is a 2-year program in which you find out about radiography and restorative imaging procedures. 
  • Diploma in engineering subjects– The subjects would be quite certain to the field of study and the courses likewise remember preparing the contender for down to earth investigations and industry work.

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One Year Diploma Courses after Graduation

  • Post-graduation in management– This is one of the most famous courses among understudies of the board as a PGDM. This course is industry-arranged and takes a gander at different down to earth perspectives enveloping the field of Management and outfits understudies with the necessary aptitudes for building a vocation in the Management.
  • Post-graduation in hotel management- This course gives you a fundamental comprehension of how the business functions with a hypothetical just as a pragmatic methodology.
  • Post-graduation in software engineering– The interest for programming engineers has quickly expanded with quick-paced advances entering our day by day lives. One will get the chance to become familiar with the perplexing parts of programming planning, web structuring, and PC programming. Preparing openings are likewise promptly accessible to understudies to assist them with increasing modern presentation.
  • Diploma in food and beverage science management– This postgraduate confirmation will give you an essential comprehension of cooking and preparing aptitudes alongside sanitation.
  • Diploma in human resource management– This confirmation is likewise one of the famous decisions among the understudies of Commerce. 
  • Diploma in graphic designing- For those keen on making connecting with pictures and plans, seeking after a Diploma in Graphic Designing can assist them with increasing comprehension of various programming applications and liveliness apparatuses that are essential to investigating a vocation in the field of Graphic Design.
  • Diploma in digital marketing– This course gets the opportunity to find out about the assorted parts of Digital Marketing, for example, web-based social networking showcasing, SEO, email advertising, and so on.

One Year Diploma Courses in Canada

The courses that are offered in universities in Canada. The courses are completely unique when compared to the usual courses that are offered. Some of the courses offered as in the following table:

Energy system engineeringCentennial college
Computer system technology Centennial college
Human resource management University of Winnipeg
Web developmentUniversity of Winnipeg
Disaster and emergency management Royal road university
Higher education and leadershipRoyal road university
Learning and technology Royal road university
Tourism destination development Thompson river university
Learning and technology Thompson river university

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✅ What is a one-year diploma?

A diploma is a short-term course, lasting 1 or 2 years, and is not necessarily given by a university. One year Diploma is a 1-year course made for students

✅ Which diploma course is best?

The Best Diploma Courses are:
1. Engineering Diploma courses
2. Marine field related Diploma courses
3. Diploma in Fire and safety technology
4. Diploma in Hotel Management
5. Diploma in animation and multimedia
6. Diploma in Interior designing
7. Diploma courses related to computers and programming

✅ Which diploma course is best after BA?

The Best courses after BA in Sociology, Economics, Philosophy, and History in India. Certificate Courses in Journalism, Mass Media, Event Management, Travel & Tourism, Fashion & Interior Designing, Animation and Film Studies

✅ Is a diploma better than a degree?

When a Diploma is compared to a Degree, A Degree is better. The degree gives you a better in-depth knowledge whereas a Diploma only gives you Specific knowledge


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