As global education enters the digital world, studying abroad has become easier as never before. The million-dollar funded ed-tech startup, AdmitKard provides a “course to career” solution to Indian study abroad aspirants who wish to … Read More

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TOEFL and IELTS are the two most important tests students take if they wish to study abroad. Both of these are English Proficiency Test and students may take any one of the two. While preparing for abroad universities these … Read More

Parents always want the best for their children, and when it comes to
sending the child abroad to study, there are few things that they must focus on
so that they can send their child without having fear and apprehension in their
mind and about the significant changes and the big … Read More

The way we have known the education system for years- the degree comes first and then comes the placement. A placement at a good enough company is the least a student expects after having invested a significant amount of time and money on the course. But unfortunately, there … Read More

Gone are the days when going abroad to study was out of reach for Indian students. What used to be a distant dream earlier, is a reality today. With people realizing the value of an International Bachelor’s degree, more and more students are going abroad for their studies…. Read More

The choice of colleges to apply to is one of the most important you are going to make in your life. Perhaps it won’t define your entire future from this moment on, but it will certainly have a huge influence on how things will unfold for you.

This is why you … Read More

Speaking test for IELTS is an assessment of your communication skills and comfort with the English language. It involves discussion with a trained examiner who interacts with you and simultaneously judges you based on various parameters.

The speaking test is split into three parts … Read More

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Sweden is a perfect location for abroad studies. The tuition fee in Sweden is affordable and you can also get the right scholarship you can pursue education cheaply. The living standard in Sweden is … Read More

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Norway is a small country but the Norwegian universities don’t fail to provide quality education to the students. The international exchange and degree taking students benefit a lot from them. The environment … Read More

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Canada is one of the top countries for the study of MS and diploma courses in various fields. The graduate students can also work in Canada temporarily to earn their living and pay … Read More