The process of studying business data, collecting, sorting, and using models that are statistical and the required methods to turn data into insights of business is called the business analytics. In business analytics, the ultimate goal is to determine which are useful datasets and how they can help … Read More

General education is the kind of education which is supposed to be taken by developing children. This education is based on the standards set by state governments but is authorized by the central government. It is also known by one of its synonyms, which is ‘regular education.’ … Read More

Living in a world where transactions have become an important part of our everyday routine, be it booking a ticket or paying the electricity bill, it has been integral to several facets of our lives.

These transactions are often performed through several mediums such … Read More

A resume is a chance for a job-seeker to make a powerful first impression. Going by the maxim, ‘the first impression is the best impression,’ it might well be a powerful tool in a candidate’s hand to seek the job of his or her dreams. … Read More

Resignation is the act of leaving or quitting one’s job or position by our own will and choice. Resignation is a formal action. Resignation is voluntary. Resignation is the process of terminating one’s job and leaving the organization in which one is currently working. … Read More


The very reason and primary capacity of learning is the advancement of an overall and even character of the understudies, and to build up all components of the human astuteness so our kids can help make our country increasingly majority rule, strong, socially mindful, … Read More

ePASS Karnataka, also known as KARePASS, is a dedicated electronic payment and application system for scholarships launched by the Karnataka Education board. It is also an online distribution system of Post Matric Scholarships through an ePASS Karnataka application. This system is launched in favor of the welfare of … Read More

Reinforcement Learning covers the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is concerned with how software sought to work in different real-life situations. Reinforcement learning can be thought of as one of the subsets of Machine Learning, along with supervised learning and unsupervised learning…. Read More

Almost every one of us at some point in life has looked up for the keywords ‘biodata’ before creating one for ourselves. Depending on the purpose, biodata can have different types. Wikipedia describes a biodata as a biographical data that focuses on an individual’s life and work experiences … Read More

Concordia University is a U.S. News Top Tier Regional University and listed The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the fastest-growing private non-profit master’s institutions.


Concordia University serves nearly 4,000 students annually. Concordia University Irvine trains students for … Read More