The UN and Illiteracy
Numbers in evaluating a global concern has always played a crucial role. Victims in millions and billions have been calculated. But, what when these numbers are still incomplete and do not include all making them victims of rather worse concern of not being noticed, of being- OUT … Read More

Education in Danger: Time to Worry for the UN
There has been “nil progress” in tackling the disrupted education in many of the world’s poorest countries, as reported by the UN agency, which now has become a major concern for the authorities.
The Causes
For this, several reasons are to be blamed … Read More

Who is Florence Cheptoo?
As it is well said in English language- There is no end to learning. Age being just a number and education seeming no limitations. Moving forward on this take, Florence Cheptoo- better known as A Student of 60, is the first grandma who learnt her first letters … Read More

While Rumi beautifully quotes, “Why are you so enchanted with this world when the mine of gold lies within you?” Noura Al Jizawi personifies this. Nowhere different from Malala, Jizawi the tortured Human Rights Activist is heading back to her normal student life after enduring a decade long of torture … Read More

The Right to Education
Not all children going to school can be counted in the numbers of “being educated.” Data from the United Nations show that around 10 children and teenagers remain uneducated even after going to school. The UN describes the data findings as “staggering” and representing a “learning crisis”- … Read More

Study Data Analytics Abroad
Do you wish to pursue your dream of completing a post-graduation degree in the United States? Are you a student from the field of data sciences & analytics? Then you are in the way of a bright career ahead. Because already Data … Read More

Study Abroad, Study in UK
 The United Kingdom falls just second only after the US when it comes to the world’s most popular study destination for MBA. Moreover, UK is home to 26 of the 65 business schools in Europe that were featured in the QS Global 200 … Read More

A career in Media and Communication is a very good option to choose. This field provides large amount of job opportunities and growth. All you need the most in this field is good communication skills. If a person is good in conveying his/her views to the society effectively, … Read More

Source: MeCCSA UK
Journalism is the heart of the present modern information-centered society. With time, journalism has grown as an important career path, which has attracted a large share of candidates from across the … Read More

Do you aspire to enter the world of business management? What can make you capable in the respective field? Yes. A professional degree becomes necessary to make you appear capable. A lot like you have started pursuing MBA and it has become a trend already. Now another question comes to … Read More