A Student Visa I provided to the Indian students with a notion that the student completes the course and returns back to the home country before the date of expiration. But, most Indian students would prefer to take up some career upon completion of their course in the … Read More

Two intake sessions are offered in Australian universities generally, one in February and other in July. There are a few other universities as well which offer intake in September and November. The major intake session is in the month of February or early March every year. The July … Read More


It would always be like a dream-come-true experience for a student getting an opportunity to study in a place filled with natural landscapes and beauty that captures the mind and the heart. And Australia is one such place! Australians are generally kind-hearted people and often focus on direct, … Read More

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Australia is one of the most developed nations of the world, enriched with both natural and cultural beauty. With a plethora of big corporates providing a large amount of employment opportunities, Australia becomes an attractive … Read More

Accommodation in Australia for international students is quite different when compared to many other parts of the world because Australian universities provide very little or absolutely no hostel-accommodation. Even those that are provided tend to be quite expensive for Indian students. Hence, students opt for home-stay, off-campus hostels, … Read More



Australia is a very good destination that offers great opportunities for talented, hardworking international students who complete their education successfully simultaneously abiding by the visa rules and regulations. All courses such as Bachelor’s degree courses as well as Master’s degree courses such as MS and MBA find great … Read More

Probably one of the main reasons that a candidate might seek a part-time job is to cover up his or her daily living expenses. It becomes quite essential for a student who is drained out of money after paying for his tuition fees and other academic expenses to … Read More

Education Loan to Study Abroad – Make Your Study Abroad Dreams Come True
With the number of prestigious institutes for higher education in India being few in number, many Indian students look to foreign countries for their higher studies. Countries like the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, … Read More

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University Rankings 2020 for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore & New Zealand help the students to analyse and assess different universities and their quality in different destinations. Students prefer different destinations to study abroad and … Read More

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New Zealand University Rankings help the students to understand the quality of programs in New Zealand. New Zealand  is preferred by students to study abroad all over the world because it has some of the top-most … Read More