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International students regard Germany as an outstanding study destination, owing to the high level of education, low cost of living, and prospects for advancement. Working part-time or on the side while studying is an important element of the study abroad experience for international students. Approximately two-thirds of students in Germany work while studying, providing them with extra cash as well as the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge.

A full day job in Germany is defined as 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week, but students can only work 2.5 full days per week throughout the semester. This limit can be exceeded during the semester and over the summer vacation. International students, on the other hand, should keep in mind the annual cost of living in Germany, which is roughly €850 (74,000 INR) per month.

In Germany, the minimum wage is around EUR 9.82 per hour. Higher-skilled student jobs might range from EUR 11 to 20 per hour. Furthermore, required internships are part of certain of Germany’s institutions that are exempt from the 120-day limit.

How to find part time jobs in Germany for international students?

There are numerous opportunities for international students seeking for part-time job in Germany. There are multiple options for students in Germany looking for work to learn about different career descriptions. Here are a few examples:

  • University Career Centers: University Career Centers are a great place to look for a job. The majority of German colleges have dedicated job centres whose main goal is to link companies and students. These job centres are frequently in contact with a variety of firms who are looking for personnel.
  • Job advertising: Recruiters and companies typically post job advertisements in both online and offline media
  • Online job portals: Online job portals are useful for students looking for part-time jobs in Germany. Employers from various industries and organisations post a range of job opening positions on a regular basis, primarily through online job portals. Students can find a wide range of job postings in a variety of industries.
  • The University Bulletin: International students typically find a variety of part-time job opportunities at the university, based on criteria such as location and position availability. Depending on the student’s knowledge and ability, a few of part-time jobs may be readily attainable.

Part time jobs in Germany: Rules

International students seeking for part-time job in Germany have a number of choices. However, the government has established several laws and regulations for students who work part-time, and these restrictions must be properly obeyed by all international students. The following are the main norms and regulations that must be followed:

  • All international students are only permitted to work for a total of 120 full or 240 half days. This is frequently determined by a variety of circumstances, such as the locality, which has a high or low likelihood of finding work.
  • If overseas students work as academic assistants or advisers, their working hours are unrestricted. Students must, however, tell the foreigner’s office that they are doing so.
  • Work permits are normally needed of all international students by the Agentur für Arbeit or the authorities. This permission provides all of the information on the student’s maximum work limit.
  • If an international student works for less than 50 days in a year, or even less than 50 days, they are automatically excused from paying taxes.
  • All international students can work 20 hours per week, although it is not encouraged because it will break all of the regulations of most German universities, resulting in the payment of health and nursing care insurance as well as unemployment insurance.
  • All international students must abide by federal legislation established by the government. Students who do not comply or disregard these laws will face severe legal consequences.
  • If an international student works at a university, he or she will be subjected to a very different approach in terms of working hours and pay.
  • If an international student wants to do an internship over the semester break, it is technically considered normal work. Each day of the internship will be taken from the yearly allotment of 120 days, which is fixed.
  • International students are strongly discouraged from engaging in freelancing or working for themselves.
  • International students enrolled in a preparatory or language course are encouraged to work solely during their free periods, unless they have a permission letter from the Federal Employment Agency and the Immigration Office.

Part time jobs salary in Germany

In Germany, the current hourly minimum wage for all part-time occupations is EUR 9.60, which could rise to EUR 12 in 2022. This is normally enough for an international student to live and cover all of their expenditures in Germany, but it can also be used as extra pocket money on occasion.

Working part-time or full-time is prevalent in Germany. However, students should not rely on the money they receive from these part-time occupations. As previously stated, international students are only permitted to work for a limited period of time. Typically, the money earned from this employment is simply needed to pay your bills, living expenses, and so on, not to pay for your complete education.

If an international student is permanently working in Germany, they are normally obligated to make social security contributions. Contributions for long-term care, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and pensions are examples of social security contributions. Those who do not work for more than two months or 50 days in a row in a calendar year are free from making these payments.

Part time jobs in Germany for students

International students in Germany can work part-time in a variety of businesses. There are several possibilities available, ranging from serving tables or filing documents in offices to working as academic assistants at universities. A part-time job opportunity that is connected to their topic of study would be ideal.

Some of the common part-time jobs for students in Germany are:

  • Academic assistants
  • Library supervisor
  • Literature researcher
  • Tutorial assistant
  • Off-campus jobs
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Trade Fairs
  • Courier
  • Babysitter
  • Bartender
  • Cashier
  • Filing office documents
  • Media (Journalism students)
  • Tutoring (Students in teacher training)

Part time jobs in Germany for Indian students’ salary

Mentioned below are On-Campus and off campus job opportunities for Indian students :

Student Jobs on Campus

For research scholars, on-campus jobs with decent pay are available. The following is a list of available on-campus part-time jobs at German universities:

JobsAverage Salary (in EUR)
Academic Assistants12.25
Research Assistants14
Library Jobs16
Support Staff at University Cafes15
Student Tutors17

Off-Campus Employment Opportunities for Students

Although the pay for off-campus work may not be greater or even basic, these positions allow students to see the city and meet new people. A list of off-campus part-time jobs accessible at German institutions is shown below:

JobsAverage Salary (in EUR)
Courier Deliver9

Part time jobs in Germany for English speakers

Speaking German will significantly improve your work prospects. However, there are part-time positions available on the job market for English speakers with little or no understanding of German.

1. Student helper

A student assistant position is one of the most popular among international students. The reasons are self-evident: You work at the university, frequently in a field linked to your studies, and your working hours are easily combined with your studies. Jobs as a student assistant typically allow you to work regular hours during the semester while reducing your working hours during the exam season.

As a student assistant, your responsibilities will vary substantially. Depending on the institute, you will conduct experiments, produce teaching material, give administrative support, or work on theoretical projects.

The hourly wage for this position is from €10 and €17.

2. Educator

This employment might be extremely fulfilling if you are really passionate about the material of a seminar in your degree programme and love sharing your knowledge with others. As an activity, a tutor organises courses that reinforce the study content. Tutors either prepare the material themselves or seek assistance from professors or other university personnel.

You should have a natural ability for teaching and speaking freely, as well as a strong interest in the subject matter. You should also be prepared for potential background queries and have a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Because you will be hired as a student assistant under contract, your remuneration will be equivalent.

3. Courier

Food, clothing, books, medicines, and nearly anything else we require on a daily basis may now be delivered directly to our home. Because couriers are always in demand, you will find work quickly. As an international student, you should be physically fit for the job because you will most likely be delivering by bike. E-bikes are also used by several delivery businesses. Your working hours will be determined by your employer, however they may stretch into the late evening.

Depending on the company, you will be paid by the hour or by the delivery. Many customers will also leave you a modest tip, which you can use to enhance your pay. Courier drivers often earn €9 to €12 per hour.

4. Waiting tables

Waitressing can be a job that provides a communication break from sitting at a desk all day. You’ll frequently work at bars or restaurants in the afternoons, evenings, and on weekends, so the employment won’t interfere with your studies. The job can be demanding on some days, but having a lot of guests means getting a lot of tips. This is actually the largest advantage of the work because tipping is so vital in almost no other career.

However, supervisors are aware of this and frequently pay little more than €10 per hour. On a good day, it is not uncommon to earn more as a tip than in the best-paying student jobs.

Type of part time jobs in Germany with minimum wages

There are both on campus part time jobs as well as off campus part time jobs available in Germany.

Some of them with their minimum wages are as follows:

JobsAverage Salary (in EUR)
Academic Assistants12.25
Research Assistants14
Library Jobs16
Support Staff at University Cafes15
Student Tutors17
Courier Deliver9


✅ How much can a part-time job earn in Germany?

Ans: Students can work part-time employment and earn up to €450 per month without paying taxes. Students who work 20 hours per week earn between €10 and €12 per hour on average. This amounts to approximately €960 each month.

✅ What are the best part-time jobs in Germany?

Ans: These are the best paying part-time jobs for students in Germany:
Research scholars.
Research assistants/academic assistants.
Support staff.
Teaching English as an English tutor.
Industrial production assistants.

✅ Are part-time jobs available in Germany?

Ans: Yes, part time jobs are available for students pursing their education in Germany.

✅ How can I get a part-time job in Germany?

Ans: There are numerous opportunities for international students seeking for part-time job in Germany. There are multiple options for students in Germany looking for work to learn about different career descriptions like online portals, university bulletin boards, etc

✅ What is the lowest paid job in Germany?

Ans: Some of the lowest paid jobs in Germany are as follows: –
Culture Manager
Environmental Engineers
PR and Communication
Dental Assistant
Salesperson/Customer advisor in Retail

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