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The PTE Writing Essay evaluates a candidate’s competency with written discourse, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. PTE speaking and PTE writing both belong to the same curriculum. Before moving on to the PTE writing portion, candidates must finish the PTE Speaking module. The PTW writing essay is divided into two sections, which include:

  • Summarize Written Text PTE
  • PTE Essay

Read along to know everything about your PTE written exam!

PTE Writing Section Module

To recognise and comprehend the entirety of the PTA Speaking and Writing module, candidates must adhere to the PTE Exam Pattern. Candidates should be able to become familiar with a variety of PTE essay subjects to increase their effectiveness.

Check out the table below for PTE module for writing section:

AssessmentsTaskNumber of AssessmentLength (in words)ScoresSkills RequiredTimeline
Summarize Written TextNeed to summarize the given essay in a single sentence2-3300 wordsPartial CreditReading, and writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Content, Sentence formation20-30 minutes the
Essay WritingNeed to write on a given topic1-22-3 sentencesPartial CreditWriting, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Written Discourse, Sentence Structuring, General Linguistic Range20-40 minutes

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PTE Essay writing

You’ll get essay writing tasks for your PTE exam. Your core skills related to communication, vocabulary, grammar and spelling will be tested. It is important to follow the format for PTE essay writing.

Learn about the format for PTE essay in the following section.

PTE Writing Essay Format

Candidates must use a format for the essay that has been approved by PTE. This will guarantee accurate and higher PTE writing essay scores. You will be given a prompt two to three sentences. Then you are supposed to compose an argumentative essay in response to that prompt. 200–300 words should be used in this essay. PTE essay topics must be submitted within a 20-minute window.

PTE writing essay topics

Check out the following list of Essay topics for PTE: 

1. Do you believe that customers should avoid overly packaged goods or that producers should be held accountable for limiting excessive packaging? Incorporate your opinions or any pertinent examples from your personal experience.

2. Many people believe that successful people are influenced by their geographic location. What do you think about the influence that native places and successful people have on the places they come from?

3. Who do you believe should be in charge of finding a solution? Governments, organisations, or each person individually?

4. These days, watching TV has become a necessity. News and awareness-raising tool that also serves as a companion for certain people. What do you think about this?

5. Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are role model for youngsters. Do you support it or not? (Agree/Disagree)

6. Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.

7. In some countries around the world, voting is compulsory.Do you agree with the notion of compulsory voting?

8. Any new technological development in recent years is a boon or curse for society in general.

9. According to some, children’s extracurricular activities must be educational in order to be worthwhile. Affirmative or negative? Give justifications for your response and any pertinent instances from your own experience.

10. In the past 20 years, there has been a significant shift in the status of women in society. Due to the fact that many married women today work and are absent from their homes to raise their children, many of the issues that young people face today, such as juvenile delinquency, are brought on by this. How much do you concur or disagree with this viewpoint?

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Is PTE writing easy?

Ans: It’s not as simple as it seems to pass the PTE Writing Section. Native English speakers have occasionally failed to complete the challenges. And applicants are frequently seen searching for advice. However, a number of people continue to squander time by becoming confused about the correct and useful advice.

Can you copy paste in PTE?

Ans: The text you have typed inside the box is the only thing you can copy, cut, and paste.

What is structure in PTE essay?

Ans: Candidates must write an argumentative essay between 200 and 300 words in length as part of the PTE writing essay style. Candidates would have 20 minutes to submit their essays, with the prompt being 2-3 sentences long.

What contributes in PTE writing?

Ans: One of the communicative abilities examined on the PTE Academic Exam is writing. There are enabling skills in addition to communicative abilities. These include written discourse, oral fluency, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Additionally, the Writing Module includes several questions that will be graded on both content and form.


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