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Germany attracts a steady volume of International Students from around the world. While world-class facilities, excellent universities and great industrial interface are amongst the many reasons that make Germany a great study abroad destination, the low or no tuition fees is another major factor.

Though there is no tuition fee for bachelor programs across Public Universities in Germany since October 2014, a few universities do charge for special master’s program and MBA is one of them.

It’s great, that you wish to start your management career soon after your graduation. Read here to know about whether work experience is necessary for MBA or not.

Luckily for you, you have a couple of options at hand. You could either can go for a Masters in Management which is a great fit for recent grades or a specialized Masters which requires less work experience and is a good fit if you are sure you want to go into a particular field, such as Marketing, Finance, and Supply chain and so on.

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What are the Top Universities in Germany to study MBA without Work Experience in 2019?

We have listed a few colleges which have the best education program in the country and also without any work experience:

Technical University of Munich

School of Management, provide the teaching and research program at the intersection of management, natural life and science, and engineering as well. How is the MBA Program at TUM School of Management? At the Executive Education Center at the Technical University of Munich (Germany), they offer three different part-time Executive MBA programs which are designed to fit the needs of many different career paths. Whether you are an engineer and would like to gain more skills in leadership and management, or you are founding your own company and need profound knowledge and support, or you work in the IT sector and would like to take the next step in your career, you can choose the program just right for your situation.

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University offers a high-quality program in the research. The faculty is organized in Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Marketing and Strategy, and Innovation and Leadership. How is the MBA Program at Ludwig Maximilian University? Their post-graduate Master of Business Research (MBR) program is a pre-requisite for their doctoral candidates and has a strong emphasis on many aspects of high-quality research. Ph.D. students attending MBR courses are taught a methodological foundation for high-quality management research. In addition, the program aims to equip their researchers with transferable skills for a career in academia.

University of Kiel

The KU program goals and objectives reflect an emphasis on critical thinking, practice-based creation, and interpretation of business data. How is the MBA Program at the University of Kiel?
The program is uniquely designed to intertwine a traditional MBA curriculum with “soft skills” and will cover “the human side of management”.

The University of Tubingen

This University prepares the business leaders of tomorrow for the challenge of doing business. It offers a unique opportunity for highly motivated bachelor students to experience an exciting study with a fascinating blend of academic and cultural learning. How is the MBA Program at the University of Tubingen? The School of Business and Economics prepares business leaders of tomorrow for successfully doing business in some of the fastest-growing economic areas of the world. the School of Business and Economics offers a unique opportunity for highly motivated Bachelor graduates to obtain in-depth knowledge about doing business in one of the world’s economically most important regions: East Asia.

The University of Ulm

At Ulm, they provide a unique interdisciplinary education in mathematical finance to students from around the world. This program includes courses from mathematics, applied mathematics, finance, and insurance to provide a holistic financial education.

How is the MBA Program at the University of Ulm?

ULM students can register for MBA classes offered at Shue Yan during summer and winter sessions. The classes are the same as those on the ULM campus and are taught by the same qualified professors. It represents an incredible opportunity for cultural exchange and the first look at one of the main global business hubs.

  • University of Stuttgart The modularized study programs of the University of Stuttgart include Master’s study programs that build on the Bachelor’s study programs. They are called “consecutive” Master’s programs because they pick up where the content and skills gained in the undergraduate Bachelor’s study programs leave off.

How is the MBA Program at the University of Stuttgart?

In addition, the University of Stuttgart offers continuing education degree programs, which also end with an academic Master’s degree being awarded.

Occupational Employment opportunities for graduates of the Master program technically oriented business administration are particularly in leadership positions where a deeper understanding of the complex interaction of economic and technical contexts is necessary or helpful.

Dresden University of Technology

The Masters of Business Administration gives you a solid and research-oriented management education. The university program consists of different modules.

How is the MBA Program at the Dresden University of Technology?

A Master’s degree in Business Administration qualifies graduates to work in executive positions in German and international public-sector institutions and private-sector companies operating in numerous industries. Graduates, for example, work in the financial services industry, insurance, the consumer goods industry, for industrial companies, or for corporate and tax consultancies.

Typical task fields are Finance, Controlling, Marketing and Sales, Production and Logistics or Human Resources. Our graduates will also be able to venture into self-employment. It is also one way of how to earn money efficiently.

  • University of Bremen   Source: How is the MBA Program at the University of Bremen? The programme combines the latest management thinking with practice and applied research, with an emphasis on leading and managing in multicultural settings in the university. An academic, business-related bachelor’s degree, a minimum of at least 1 year of professional work experience and very good English skills (IELTS: 6,5; TOEFL: 80; Cambridge: C1)
  • Johannes Gutenberg University Source: Wikimedia At Johannes Gutenberg University, the aim of the M. Sc. in Management is to qualify students for advanced business management or staff functions in the private or public sector.

How is the MBA Program at Johannes Gutenberg University?

The Executive Master of Business Administration qualifies executives for international tasks.

It teaches cross-functional and future-oriented thinking and behavior and deepens the understanding of opportunities and risks of global competition. It increases sensibility towards the joint responsibility for the welfare of the company and society.

  • RWTH Aachen University Source: Wikipedia The Aachen Master’s program in this university is particularly concerned with the optimization of value-added processes.

How is the MBA Program at RWTH Aachen University?

The course consists of a general duty area a total of 20 credits and a general elective area of 30 LP. All programs of study offered by the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University aim to equip students fully for their entrance into the professional world. ‘Getting the fuller picture’, that is, international experience is a prerequisite for access to top-level jobs.

In order to give its students the opportunity to get to know other countries better, the School of Business and Economics has adopted an international approach, maintaining exchange programs with a substantial number of universities outside of Germany.

What is the ranking of the Top Universities in Germany to study MBA without Work Experience in 2019?

University NameWorld Ranking
Technical University of Munich61
Ludwig Maximilian University Munich48
University of Tubingen144
University of Ulm372
University of Stuttgart79
Dresden University of Technology151
University of Bremen368
Johannes Gutenberg University244

How much is the cost of MBA in Germany?

Apart from the fee charges, the students would be required to keep in mind the cost of living in Germany which comes to around €700 a month. This varies from city to city. Some of the above-mentioned universities also offer room and boarding and other facilities on campus and charge a nominal fee for the same.

Other good universities like the University of Cologne and the University of Bayreuth charge a nominal tuition fee as well as €1000 for one year. Hence, before you decide which is the best and most affordable, we would urge you to also take into account the Cost of Living in Germany and more importantly Accommodation in Germany as it is one of the biggest expenses of studying in Germany.

Another thing which is important to note at this junction is that, like across many European Countries, German Universities too offer an MSc in Management and relates courses which is equivalent to the MBAs. Here are essentially universities that do not charge any tuition fee and are ranked as per the approximate Semester Fee that is payable.

This Semester Fee usually includes the student pass as well which is on an average €80. Also, a semester in Germany is about 5 – 6 months. According to the length of the course, you can calculate the fees. Read here to know about the ways to afford abroad studies.

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What is worth mentioning here is that while the above are among the most affordable MBA colleges in Germany, they are also among the best universities in Germany consequently of the world. They are also some of the oldest universities in the country.

In other words, these lesser-known good universities in Germany offer you an excellent and economical MBA option. Please let us know your views regarding this list in the comments. Also, suggestions and feedback are always welcome.


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