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How to maximize your chances of receiving a scholarship in the US 

By Sujen Kumar 

Increase your chances of winning a scholarship in the US with effective strategies. 


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Act now! Don't wait until senior year to search for scholarships. Many deadlines pass by then, and younger students can also win scholarships.

Start Early 

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Keep searching for scholarships post-admission. Some scholarships are exclusively for college students. updates profiles and sends relevant scholarship emails. Update your profile yearly. 

Search Continuously 

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Maximize scholarship matches by answering optional questions. Students who complete them have double the chance of finding relevant scholarships. Invest half an hour for a thorough scholarship search profile. 

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Answer Optional Questions 


Local scholarships on bulletin boards near guidance counselors or financial aid offices. Check library sections and Sunday newspaper coupons for national scholarships. Keep scholarship books up to date. 

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Local Scholarships 


Apply only to eligible scholarships. Luck plays a role in winning scholarships. It's a numbers game, so apply to increase your chances of success. 

Apply to Eligible Scholarships 

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Don't underestimate smaller scholarships and essay competitions. They're less competitive, add up, and pave the way for bigger awards. Save on borrowing. Reusing and tailoring essays simplifies future applications. 

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Small Scholarships Matter 


Choose an interesting topic for your essay. Share your passion and make your application memorable. Highlight your impact on others and how it shaped you. 

Choose a Personal Topic 

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Strengthen your essay with specific examples. Show leadership through demonstrated instances, helping selection committee members advocate for you. 

Support Statements with Examples 

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Active involvement in extracurricular activities helps institutions assess your value, increasing your scholarship prospects. Engage in debating societies, adventure clubs, volunteer activities, writing platforms, and athletics. 

Extracurricular Activities 

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While applying, provide social media links. Selection committees check profiles to assess your character. A respectful online presence is crucial, especially in foreign countries like Canada, UK, and Finland. Avoid negative content or discrimination to maximize your chances. 

Maintain a Professional Online Presence 

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With these strategies, you're on your way to maximizing your chances of receiving a scholarship in the US. Good luck! 


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