Top Countries for M.D.S.
Top Countries for M.D.S.

M.D.S. (Master of Dental Surgery) - Admissions & Scope

The aim of every student is to get best education from the best institutions. In medical field, institutions with best amenities are often preferred by every student. Every discipline of medical program has equal amount of opportunities. Likewise, the Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) helps the graduates in shaping their career in the field of Dentistry. M.D.S. Dental Degree Course enables one to become a registered Dental Specialist.The post graduation program enhances analytical skills, research skills, advanced and critical skill development that are mandatory for specialist registration.

Specializations for Masters of Dental Surgery

Masters of Dental Surgery has the following specializations:

    1. Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge

It is that branch of Dental art and science focused on to the restoration and maintenance of oral function, health and appearance by the replacement of lost natural teeth and associated tissues either by a fixed and removable artificial substitutes.

    2. Periodontology

Periodontology and Oral Implantology is the science dealing with the health and diseases of the supporting structures of the teeth and oral mucous membrane.

    3. Cranio-Maxillofacial surgery & Implantology

This subject deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries and defects of the human jaws and associated oral and facial structures.

     4. Conservative Dentistry and endodontics

Conservative dentistry works with prevention and treatment of the diseases and injuries of the hard tissues and associated periapical lesions.

     5. Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics

It deals with the methodology of prevention and correction of oral anomalies and malocclusion and the harmonizing of the structures involved, so that it can function in a normal way.

     6. Oral Pathology and Microbiology

Oral Pathology deals with the nature of oral diseases, their causes and effects. It involves the collaboration between the oral diseases to the physiologic and anatomic changes associated with these diseases.

     7. Paedontics and preventive dentistry

Paedontics and preventive dentistry is the prevention and treatment of oral and dental ailments that occur in childhood.

     8. Public Health Dentistry

It is preventing and controlling Dental diseases and promoting Dental Oral health through organized community efforts.

     9. Oral Medicine and Radiology

Oral Medicine is the basic diagnostic procedures and techniques useful in recognizing the diseases of the oral tissues of local origin and their medical management.

          Radiology is a science dealing with x-rays and their uses in diagnosis and treatment of diseases in relation to orofacial diseases.

Curriculum for Master of Dental Surgery

The students who wants to pursue their masters in dentistry have to clear the proficiency tests for Dental Aptitude along with the letter of recommendation and statement of purpose. The students had to submit all the documents at the time of application. The curriculum for MDS has a set of eligibility criteria for a student to fulfill.

  • The student should complete his/her graduation degree from a recognized institution and university with a desired percentage.
  • Secondly he/she should have qualified Dental Aptitude Test (DAT).
  • Thirdly and most importantly he/she should qualify TOEFL/IELTS/PTE according to marks expected by the institute.

The institutions available in UK, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Singapore are some of the best options available for pursuing the MDS degree. The students who wants to get admission in these places are expected to be extra hardworking and expert with the knowledge of the field vividly. Because the competition out there is much more higher than in our native institutes.

Fee Structure

 The fee structure for such institutes are expected to be around 50 lakhs INR to 90 lakhs INR.This can be divided in various expenses such as hostel and accommodation expenses, food expenses, Tuition & Fees,Professional Supplemental Tuition, Nonresident Tuition, Campus-based Fees, Student Services Fee, etc.

Sometimes, to manage the expenses the students have to work along with the studies. The majority of students go for petty jobs along with their studies to manage their expenses. The foreign students makes a major portion of college population because of lack of attractive study programs along with more secure job prospects. Many Indians students move to other countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia to pursue higher education and end up staying there after completing the studies because the job opportunities for such degrees are not so well justified in our country.

Top Universities for Masters of Dental Surgery

The students usually prefer those institutions which are renowned and recognized all over the world. This way they get to study with the finest brains and advance technology.

Some of the best universities around the world are listed below which provides masters degree in dentistry along with the fee structure for the first year and marks required for TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/GMAT/GRE:

  1. University of Alberta

       Edmonton, Canada

       1st Year Fees-Rs 18.3 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 6.5

      2. McGill University

       Montreal, Canada

       1st Year Fees-Rs 17.1 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 6.5

  • 3. Harvard University

       Cambridge, USA

       1st Year Fees-Rs 55.1 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 5

  • 4. University of Manchester

       Manchester, UK

       1st Year Fees-Rs 48.4 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 6.5

  • 5. University of Pennsylvania

       Philadelphia, USA

       1st Year Fees-Rs 73.9 Lakhs

       Eligibility-TOEFL : Accepted

  • 6. University of Southern California

       Los Angeles, USA

       1st Year Fees-Rs 86.7 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 7

  • 7. University College London

       London, UK

      1st Year Fees-Rs 46.5 Lakhs

      Eligibility-IELTS : 6.5

  • 8. University of Washington

       Seattle, USA

       1st Year Fees-Rs 37.6 Lakhs

       Eligibility-TOEFL : 92

  • 9. Gulf Medical University

       Ajman, UAE

       1st Year Fees-Rs 24.3 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 5

  • 10. University of Rochester

       Rochester, USA

       1st Year Fees-Rs 27.2 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 5

  • 12. University of Iowa

       Iowa City, USA

      1st Year Fees-Rs 19.2 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 7

  • 13. University of Maryland, Baltimore

       Baltimore, USA

       1st Year Fees-Rs 39.4 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 7

  • 14. Missouri Southern State University

       Joplin, USA

      1st Year Fees-Rs 14.8 Lakhs

      Eligibility-IELTS : 6

  • 15. University of California (San Francisco Campus)

       San Francisco, USA

       1st Year Fees-Rs 28.3 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 7

  • 16. Marquette University

       Milwaukee, USA

       1st Year Fees-Rs 34.5 Lakhs

       Eligibility-IELTS : 6.5

 Above are one of the best institutions around the globe. These provides full-fledged training and skill development for the students to perform their best in their career. The students studying in these institutions are provided with world class facilities and expert guidance for their future.

Why Study Masters of Dental Surgery?

One can acquire skills in advanced techniques and methods pertaining to dental care and correction. It provides a high degree of clinical proficiency in the subject matter and develops a competence in research and its methodology.

Dentists help people maintain their health and appearance and as such are looked upon with great respect.

Candidates undergoing Dentistry courses can get placements overseas dental hospitals, treatment centres, research centers and nursing homes. They can also set up their own dentistry facilities in foreign cities and towns. This way the master's degree promotes more self employment. The students who wants to do something different in their career and want to create something innovative in the field of medicines gets a benefit of knowledge here.

How to apply for Masters of Dental Surgery

If a student want to pursue his/her masters abroad, there is a basic procedure that makes the work simpler. The students have to follow a process for applying for the degree. First of all, they should gather all the documents related to the application. These are statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, students CV, admission essay, students visa, education loan related information

A proper way of applications can enhance more chance of getting the admission in the colleges. The students should be very careful while applying for masters, the proficiency in English and proper knowledge of the subject can make it easier to get the admission in such universities.

     It should be understood that applying in foreign universities is a best way of moulding one's career in a better way, so it is necessary to make the best out of the opportunity presented. The students from the foreign universities are more intelligent, more creative, more sophisticated, and most likely to get better jobs in their future.

Job Opportunities

The dentistry is one of the best way to enter in the field of medicines. The scope is quite wide when it comes job prospects.

1. Dental Colleges & Research Institutes

2. Hospitals

3. Military Services

4. Dental Laboratories

The students who have completed their masters in dentistry can opt various professions which can open up more better career opportunities. These are:-

1. Dental Surgeon

2. Medical Representative

3. Dental Assistant

4. Sales Representative

5. Dental Lab Technician

6. Private Practitioner

7. Ceramist

8. Public Health Specialist

9. Dental Hygienist

10. Professors & Home Tutor

11. Forensics & Oral Pathologist

The field of dentistry has a wide range of opportunities for every aspirants. It is a matter of interest that set a course of action. The study in foreign institutions can help the students to build their career at a whole new level. The MDS degree fosters ability to critical condition analysis for a specialist registration. There is so much to learn from the advanced institutions to cope up with competition in a real hierarchy out there. And the option of studying abroad is a best opportunity to explore beyond the foretold stereotype. This also helps in improvising the medical community of our country. The new technologies are the tools for building a strong infrastructure of a country.

Exams for Admission
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