Top Countries for M.F.A.
Top Countries for M.F.A.

M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts) - Admissions & Scope

If you are interested to become a designer, a professional artist or a musician than you would be benefited by Master of Fine Arts degree. We know Master of Arts just focuses on theory and analysis of academic part. But Master of Fine Arts develops creative skills and advanced performance.

The degree in Master of Fine Arts would allow students to study subjects like graphic design, creative writing, filmmaking, dance and theater at master’s level.  

During most of the degrees in Master of Fine Arts, coursework is mostly of performing or an applied nature, along with your final assessment which would bring out what you have learned. The presentation and content of the course would vary and would vary on the specialization you have taken. The specialization could be an exhibition of photography, a full short film or a dance performance, among the all other possibilities. The time duration of courses would vary in length and would varies between country to country.

The degree of MFA (Master of Fine Arts) would be as creative and prestigious as MBA (masters in Business Administration) degree. Now, many Universities are offering PhD in Fine Arts.  

Generally students graduated in fine arts typically follow one among the two paths that is,

  1. An MA and PhD
  2. An MFA.

The main reason behind this is that these courses are designed according to career option of the given field. The students who opt for the MA and PhD generally want to write and study about art and would teach others about its principles and history. On the other hand, the MFA degree is mainly for those who want to practice the art want to teach others how to dance, paint, act, sculpt, etc.

  • Master of Fine Arts Degree:  The MFA is the highest degree student can earn. This degree focuses on practicing fields within the arts like graphic design, dancing, lighting design, drawing, scenic  design, acting, costume design  and painting. The curriculum may also include research and hence give creative output. Because of all the above activity the students would  engaged with the coursework and they same to others.
  • Masters of Arts in Fine Arts (MA):  this degree would teach students the academic part of the subject like history of arts, dance and theater.

Course and Curriculum of Master of Fine Arts

This course has been designed to give knowledge on Art and culture principles. The method of course delivery would consist of many things like lectures, practical lab work, seminars and workshops. In the last semester the students have to submit Research project and this would be the syllabus for last semester. The final evaluation of the students done by internship, end-semester exams, class assignments and research projects.

In the course of M.F.A., the assessment of students done on the basis of internal assessments, theory exams and practical exams. In this method, the practical exam would consists of 100 marks and it would be conducted in every even semester. On the other hand the theory paper of very course would be of 80 marks along with internal assessment of 20 marks, which together makes 100 marks for each course.

Following are the subjects which forms the whole course.

  •  Aesthetics and Principles of Art Appreciation – Through this course, the students would learn about the notion of art and aesthetic appreciation.
  • History of Indian Art- this course consists of study of Indian Art.
  • History of European Art- In this course the students have to learn about history of European Art.

The total fee of the full course would range from 1 lakh to four lakhs. It would also vary because to scholarship awarded to the students.

Top Universities for doing Master of Fine Arts

  1. Carnegie Mellon University- Pittsburgh is one  of the great place to study as this place is home for many museums and consists of top-rated MFA program in the country. CMU is also known as home for world- class arts programs.

Most of the art programs or MFA programs consist of mainly two years of study program. But MFA program of Carnegie Mellon University would be of three years consists of an innovative curriculum. As the student of CMU you will not only study the studio courses but would also involve in integrative studios, writing seminars, academic classes and more.

  1. Yale University- the Yale School of Arts provides the students full guidance and instruction for art making and also introduce the intellectual integrations of aesthetics. The main focus area of this school is on quality, critical insight, creative freedom and technical innovation.

Apart from regular courses the students are involved in School of Art’s lecture series that is a program that brings the professionals and the visiting artist on a single platform.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles- This University is the main centre for the students whose medium of learning art range from fine visual arts to film production and screenwriting. This University is offering a concentrated study in every medium of arts. The students of the University are encouraged to specialize in particular area through elective studies, cross-departmental study and media exploration.  One needs to have seventy-two credit hours to complete the MFA course in this university.  The curriculum would addresses the contemporary issues of the world art.
  2. Cornell University- This University mainly offers two types of MFAs, One in visual arts and the other in writing. Both are very know programs which pair the students with faculty members who are world famous writers and artists. The main feature of MFA course of Cornell University is that students would  get opportunity to work closely with the special advisory  committee, who are group of faculty provide mentoring to the students. In creative writing MFA the students choose either fiction or poetry and get a proper training on literature.
  3. Columbia University- This University also offers MFA in visual arts and creative writing. The curriculum is designed by writers from a practitioner point of view.
  4. University of California- San Diego:  Three kinds of MFA programs are available here that is, in creative writing, in visual arts and in theater and drama. Each division has different specialization.

Admission Process For Master of Fine Arts Program

For getting admission for the MFA program in this top most university one should have following eligibility.

  • Academic Ability:  The students should have potential and proven academic excellence. The students are expected to have first class undergraduate degree. They have to write entrance exam and that would be very competitive. The students should provide the supporting document. The candidates have to face the interview and performance in the interview would decide the selection. If you have written for any publication or participated in any exhibition that also you have to mention.
  •  Applicants should have proper command over English language. The candidates who are not having English as the first language have to provide evidence of Proficiency in English at the higher level.
  •  The number of seats for admission also depends on the availability of supervision, places and teaching facilities. The university would provide students with a supervisor in their particular subject, if the number of supervisor would be less because of personal leave, than the number of students admitted would be less.
  • The students are selected totally on merit basis irrespective of marital status,  race, ethnic origin, religion, disability  or age.
  •  The decision of the admission of the student taken on judgment of at least two members of academic staff. These staff members would have relevant experience and expertise. Also this decision would be approved by Director of Graduate Studies or Admissions committee.  The Admissions panels will surely have at least one member of academic staff who has gone through appropriate training.

Types of M.F.A Specailisations

Some of the specialized fields of MFA are:

  • Photography
  • Comics and Graphic Narratives
  • Dance and Choreography
  • Sculpture
  • Visual Communication
  • Acting and Theatre
  • Printmaking and Imaging
  • Painting and drawing
  • Conceptual Art
  • Acting and Theatre

Jobs Opportunities and Future Prospects

In today’s world the opportunities in Fine arts are increasing at very fast rate in different sectors. Now students after completing their MFA course are getting excellent salary, prestige and popularity.

After completion of this course the students have various fields where they can opt to work, like as an art teacher, photographer and artist in government offices. Students also can work as a freelancer and can opt for photography, fashion, clothing, direction and television.

The students could also go for careers in architecture, in the film Industry and the academia. And also could join advertising agencies, creative departments of magazines and newspapers.

The graduated students from Fine Arts can be a part of employment and training of various Industries.

If the student work as practitioner than they can display their work in private galleries, museums and private collections. The multimedia artists and animators work in the video gaming industries.

Some of the Job profiles:

  • Creative Director
  • Music Teacher
  • Drawing Teacher
  • Art Director
  • 3D Artist
  • Editor
  • Furniture Designer
  • Art Therapist
  • Set Designer.

With these, pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree will be a good choice for a degree if one is interested to build their careers in the Arts Stream.


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