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Civil Engineering - Admissions & Scope

Civil Engineering is a professional discipline that deals with the designs, construction and maintenance of the physical entities that are naturally or artificially built in the environment. These include road, railways, railway tracks, dams, canals, sewerage system, bridges, pipelines, other means of transport, airports, etc. Pursuing civil engineering means understanding the science behind the structure and maintenance of these entities. Civil Engineering forms a very important part of our lives whether it is consciously or subconsciously. It is concerned with the everyday business of human life. Civil Engineering has been an important foundation of the human civilization since the pre-medieval times. It is considered an essential practice that takes a lot of hard work and skills. The work involved in civil engineering impacts the lives of everyone across the world. Civil Engineering is a very broad spectrum. If pursued in a correct way with a clear mindset and goals, it can bring fruition to the educational and professional lives of the student.

Civil Engineering is regarded as one of the broadest and oldest streams in the engineering parlance. This is field involves a practical work apart from the theoretical element. It involves extensive technical work. Civil engineers in a broader sense, plan, design and create the physical amenities important for the functioning of human life in any given place on the planet. Civil Engineers are responsible for the creation or construction and maintenance of the structures that they build. Pursuing civil engineering abroad has numerous perks. The subjects or the electives are likely to differ but the basic structure of the program stays the same in all the countries. The student pursuing the same is exposed to a lot of opportunities and laboratory experience. For example, in an economically enhanced country, there is a wider scope to come across practical work experience opportunities. For example, an economically enhanced country is likely to expose you to transport engineering. Another example would be a country where there is a huge number of dams or is widely recognized as one of the hydropower stations in a continent can expose the aspirant student to specialized hydrology.

Students from different backgrounds come together to pursue civil engineering in the same place. This builds a sense of comradery and community amongst themselves. This helps them to come up with better ideas in order to provide for society. They are motivated to create innovation in terms of civil engineering so that they can empower others living in society or a particular community. Hence, civil engineering as a work discipline serves a greater purpose at a large scale. Apart from this, one also gets to learn about the various soft and hard skills with the civil engineering study programs. These skills are deemed to be highly important in today’s modern corporate world. One can master the technical skills during the course of the program. Apart from this, one can also acquire the necessary soft skills to go about one’s own daily life. For example, communication and listening skills are known to some of the highly important soft skills. Pursuing a program like civil engineering abroad manages to do that to the aspirants.

Some of the popular civil engineering programs that are widely recognized are mentioned below:

•        Civil and Structure Engineering BEng ( Hons )

•        Agroecology, Water and Resilience

•        Civil and Structure Engineering MEng ( Hons )

•        Civil Engineering BEng ( Hons )

•        Civil Engineering BEng ( technical route )

•        Civil Engineering BSc ( Hons )

•        Highways and Transportation Engineering

•        Civil Engineering with Professional Development BEng (Hons )

•        Civil Engineering with Sustainability and Professional Development  BEng (Hons )

•        Flood and Coastal Engineering

•        Geotechnical Engineering BSc / MSc

•         Spatial Planning with Sustainable Urban Design BSc / MSc

•        Sustainability and Water Security BSc / MSc

•        Town and Regional Planning

•        Water Law, Policy and Science

•        Civil Engineering [ Geoinformatics ] BSc (Hons)

•        Construction Engineering and Management BSc (Hons)

•        Bachelor of Civil Engineering

•        Master of Civil Engineering

•        Master of Science (Water Resource Management )

•        Bachelor of Engineering ( Hons ) ( Civil ) with Bachelor of Arts

•        Bachelor of Engineering ( Hons ) ( Civil ) with Bachelor of Finance

•        Bachelor of Engineering ( Hons ) ( Civil ) with Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences

•        Bachelor of Engineering ( Hons ) ( Civil ) with Bachelor of Science

•        Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Civil and Environmental )

•        Master of Engineering (Civil and Environmental )

•        Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Civil and Structural )

•        Master of Professional Engineering (Civil )

•        Bachelor of Engineering Honours ( Civil ) and Bachelor of Design in Architecture

•        Master of Urban Design

•        Master of Urbanism ( Urban Design )

As mentioned above, civil engineering is a highly vast field of study in general. There are special courses designed for those who are focussed upon one particular subject. These programs are specialized, extensive and comprehensive in nature.

As we have already discussed the perks of pursuing civil engineering abroad, we wouldn’t delve deeper into the same. The best three locations to pursue the program are the U.K, Canada and the Netherlands. These three destinations are known for their civil engineering programs and job opportunities. Some of the universities that are widely recognized are mentioned below:

•        Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT )

•        University of Cambridge

•        National University of Singapore ( NUS )

•        University of California, Berkeley ( UCB )

•        Delft University of Technology

•        Imperial College London

•        Stanford University

•        Tsinghua University

•        University of Hong Kong ( HKU )

•        University of Tokyo

•        ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

•        The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

•        University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

•        Politecnico di Milano

•        University of Texas at Austin

The above-mentioned universities are some of the finest institutes known for their high-end curriculum and exceptional teaching and research methods. The admission procedure may vary from one place to another. Hence, it is recommended to follow the admission guidelines mentioned on their websites.

Career Opportunities

The career prospects are wide when it comes to finding jobs after the completion of the bachelor program of civil engineering. Civil engineers are witnessed in a number of jobs across each field of work today. They form a crucial part of building the structure for the society. In other words, civil engineers build the towns and cities that we live in. They build the houses that we build our homes into. They build schools that our kids go to. They build hospitals that we treat the ill into. Hence, civil engineers perform the noble job of giving a shape and structure to the society that we currently are a part of. Civil engineers are responsible for building roads, highways, sewage systems, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and societies, railway tracks, railway amenities, airports, etc. They are responsible for their design and structure. Apart from this, they are also responsible for the maintenance of the same.

Civil engineering jobs can also be environment-friendly at times. Civil engineers help us in cleaning up of the increased pollution by building mechanism for the same. They further help us in preserving the environment. They help us to reduce the toxic and harmful pollution caused in air, water and land. Civil engineers can find working opportunities in the major working projects by the government ( central as well as the state government ), construction conglomerates and giant corporate houses which are always looking to expand themselves geographically.  Civil engineers can look for jobs in the below mentioned categories:

•        Building control surveyor

•        Building control surveyor

•        Building services engineer

•        Engineering geologist

•        Quantity surveyor

•        Site engineer

•        Structural engineer

•        Water engineer

Career opportunities after the completion of civil engineering abroad are regarded as wide. They form a noteworthy foundation for a student who is looking at a job in some giant corporate house. These companies are always for the kind of people who have been immersed in a new and different culture, who are adaptable and flexible, can bring uniqueness to what they do, etc. Hence, pursuing a civil engineering program abroad can help a student to inculcate all of that which mentioned above. Apart from this, specifications also play an important role. Hence, a student can freely choose any elective as per his individual interests which later on can be realized as to be very helpful when it comes to securing a good job. Hence, the same course equips you with a number of skills. One of the better skills are critical thinking and problem-solving. These skills are mastered throughout the course by gaining a lot of work experience while the pursuit of the study. These skills also are deemed to be quite useful when it comes to delving into new and different fields of work at any place across the planet. Apart from this, one also gets to learn about a new culture that one can try blending into. Apart from this, one also gets an opportunity to learn a new language if decided to study civil engineering abroad. Pursuing a program like civil engineering abroad manages to do that to the aspirants.

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