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Criminology - Admissions & Scope

  the scientific study of nature, causes, consequences, and prevention of criminal behavior of individuals as well as society. It is a branch of science which focuses on the study of crimes and their causes, effects, and social impact. The person who studies and practice criminology is a Criminologist. His/her job involves analyzing data to determine the reason for the crime and what all steps could be taken to predict and avoid such behavior in the future. Criminology is just the study of behavior but also to know the crime rates, reasons for committing a crime, the psychology of the criminals, what types of crimes, what penalty is applicable to different types of crimes. This course is for those who want to be a part of civil services in a country. The students who want to serve the laws opt for this course and make a fortune in this field.

Since this a law field, the types of laws are :

  • Natural laws:- laws related to assaults, murder, robbery, theft, larceny comes in the category of natural laws.
  • Statutes:- laws that prohibit cannabis use, fraud, gambling, conflicts fall under this category

Since the ancient times, criminology has been a talk of every social philosopher who has different views on it. It has been a debatable topic on how to avoid crimes and criminals, if severe punishments are justifiable, etc. They have classified crimes into various categories depending upon the types of criminals and severity of the crime – blue-collar crimes, white-collar crimes, corporate crimes, organized crimes, public order crime, state crime, political crime and many more. The punishment of any crime is determined by the crimes committed.

Eligibility for criminology abroad

If a student is interested in studying law then the universities have various degree programs for him/her. There are undergraduate program, postgraduate program and certification program. For the undergraduate program, the student should have passed his 12th standard with arts or science stream. And for the postgraduate program, the student should have a bachelor’s degree in arts, or sociology, political science or law. The certification courses are for more weight in the resume. The students who want a career in criminology should be familiar with laws, sociology, criminal psychology, criminology statistics and other areas related to criminology.

Apart from this, the eligibility for enrolling in colleges abroad the student should have another basic criterion too. First of all the good grades in 12th if applying for bachelors and if fulfilling graduation requirements for post-graduation. And the students should be very proficient in English and had to clear English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, SAT to be eligible for applying. The students should be prepared for the best performance in their area of interest. They should have a knowledge of the area of study in Criminology.

Areas of Study in Criminology

This includes the phenomenon of crimes and what are the laws related to it. When a student wants to pursue criminology, he/she should know the areas which can be studied which may strike them as interesting and worth studying.

  • Comparative Criminology
  • Crime prevention
  • Crime statistics
  • Criminal behavior
  • Criminal careers and desistance
  • Fear of crime
  • The Interesting Crime Victim Survey
  • Penology
  • Sociology of law
  • Victimology

The students can study any area of criminology as everything about the domain is interesting and they can give a secure and high yielding future ahead of them. The universities from all over the world have degree courses in this field and they attract a number of students who enroll every year. The degree programs also have different time durations. Some have 3-4 years course while others have 2 years course along with which the students can study something extra to earn a few certificates.

The fees for the different disciplines in the course has a different specialization course. The expenses may include the tuition fee, accommodation fees, research fees, exchange program fees, project fees. This may increase the overall fees structure for a year but the studying abroad gives you a perk of a brighter future. The universities all over the world are teaching the best course to the students and groom them through the best expertise guidance. The University at Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard are one of the significant universities which provide specialization in every degree course. The students from all over the world try their best to get admissions in these universities.

Top Universities for Criminology

Best way to have a good life is through good education and for good education the students need to get it from the best. Here are some of the best universities which can be worth applying for:

  • College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida, US
  • Griffith University, Australia
  • Middlesex University, England
  • Philippine College of Criminology, Philippines
  • University of Winchester, England
  • Abertay  University, Scotland
  • State University of New York College, New York
  • University of Caloocan City, Philippines
  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Universidad de Manila, Philippines
  • Stanford University, US
  • University of Oxford, UK

The topmost universities for criminology are mentioned above, though there are other universities as well these are the best institutions if you want a good fortune you should try to take a look at these options too. These are best known for their courses in criminology and provide the best guidance for improvising the future of the students. They not only provide the best education but also helps them in the overall development of the students. Sports, interacting skills, everything is taken into consideration for evaluation. This enhances the overall skills in the students and they perform better.

Degree Programs for Criminology

The universities provide different degree programs specializing criminology. These are the undergraduate program, postgraduate program, and certification program. At some universities, they provide online or distant courses for the students those who can’t attend college regularly. These courses have flexible timing. Following are the different degree programs for criminology:

  1. MA Criminology (Postgraduate)
  2. Masters in International Crimes and Criminology (postgraduate)
  3. Certificate of Continuing Education in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Online/distant)
  4. Criminal Justice & Criminology (undergraduate)
  5. Master of Criminology, (postgraduate)
  6. BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice (undergraduate)
  7. Diploma of Criminology (diploma)
  8. MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology (postgraduate)
  9. Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology (undergraduate)
  10. LLB Hons (Law) with Criminology (undergraduate /online)
  11. Master's Degree in Cybercrime (postgraduate)
  12. MA Security Studies (Coursework) (postgraduate)
  13. Postgraduate Certificate in Policing and Criminal Investigation
  14. Criminal Justice MSc
  15. Bachelor of Criminology

The above mentioned are the degree courses available at different universities under different degree programs. The graduate degree is of 3-4 years while the postgraduate is of 2 years. When it comes to a certification course, these may take up to a few months to a year. These degree programs have specialization according to the interest of the students.

 The students are required to have a letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, student's CV, academic essay and student loan information, Mark sheet of diploma, 12th class, and certificates of excellence which will increase the chances of getting enrolled in the college. The students should shortlist the options available and check if you are eligible for applying or not. Prepare for GRE or TOEFL or IELTS whichever is a requirement in the university selected. This proficiency tests and generates a passing certificate which is mandatory at the time of application. Prepare an updated resume that will be used while applying. The students need to acquire a letter of recommendation from the institution where he/she has completed his/her graduate degree. Write a statement of purpose(SOP) stating the reasons for application and the purpose of joining the course. Go through all the procedures to complete the application process. A proper way of applications can enhance more chance of getting the admission in the colleges. The students should be very careful while applying for masters, the proficiency in English and proper knowledge of the subject can make it easier to get the admission in such universities.

Job Opportunities after Criminology

The field of Criminology is very reliable and the student who completes the course successfully tends to get high yielding jobs. They can be lawyers, consultants, attorneys, teacher, and many other profiles. The study of criminology exaggerates the student’s smartness and how diplomatic he/she can be. The students who have a degree in criminology has a great skill communicating with others, they are more presentable and can motivate others in things. People who earn a bachelor's degree can expect to find jobs such as:

  • Police officer
  • Corrections Officer
  • Forensic science technician
  • Probation and community control officer
  • Loss prevention specialist
  • Criminologist
  • forensic psychologist
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Jury consultant
  • Prison psychologist
  • Expert witness
  • Psychological investigative services
  • Private investigator
  • Insurance fraud investigator
  • Security specialist
  • Social worker
  • Counselors
  • Attorneys
  • Consultant

The students can work for organizations or private agencies, they can practice law on their own. They can work in universities and colleges or become a criminal psychologist. There are so many options available for the students who pursue criminology. There are many companies who hire attorneys for future reference. Thus the course of criminology is a beneficial course for students who want to serve law and order.

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