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Health Administration - Admissions & Scope

The term “Health Administration” can be also said as “Healthcare Administration which can be described as management of healthcare centers, clinics, hospitals etc. It can also include professions like nursing and clergyman in the hospital hence often termed as a hidden profession as this term comes at the very last when it comes to obtaining medical services.

This backstage work is not given much credit but without them, no patient or healthcare expert can get comfortable and easy services during a treatment or an operation.

The healthcare administrator checks on the business side of healthcare in which the healthcare providers can work powerfully.

What Is It?

  • It is basically taking care of the business strategies and decisions of a healthcare center.
  • They involve a no. of aspects like policy making, human resources, department management etc.
  • Their goal is to provide the best healthcare facilities to the patient and manage the facilities efficiently.
  • Earlier in history, the healthcare administrators were called as “superintendents” and after 1934 this stream came into the picture to pursue education from.

Subjects in Health Administration –

  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration
  • Healthcare policies and regulations
  • Strategic management of healthcare organisations
  • Organization of Management and hospitals
  • Disaster and risk management.

Healthcare Administration has a good scope in selected countries like Canada, Australia and USA. It is preferred to obtain education abroad before getting a job in abroad countries as studying from India directly doesn’t give you that opportunity.

Various Degrees for Healthcare Administration abroad

It is preferred that students go for masters degree as there is a lot of choices when it comes to masters degree for this field.

  • B.S in HealthCare Administration ( 3 years )
  • B.S in Public Health ( 3 years )
  • MBA in Health Management ( 2 years )
  • MBA in Health Information Management ( 2 years )
  • MBA in Health Administration ( 1 year )
  • DHA – Doctoral in Health Administration ( 3 years )
  • DRPH – Doctoral in Public Health ( 3 years )
  • PhD in Health Professions ( 3 years )

Courses Offered for Healthcare Administration abroad

A no. of interesting courses are offered by the abroad institutions which will give you a wholesome education in Healthcare administration.

  • MBA in Healthcare Leadership ( 1 year )
  • PG Diploma in Public Health ( 2 years )
  • MBA in International Healthcare management ( 1 year )
  • MBA in Life Sciences Management ( 2 years )
  • MBA in Health Economics ( 2 years )
  • Masters of health practice in child health ( 1.5 years )
  • Masters of health practice in rehabilitation ( 1.5 years )
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Leadership and Management ( 1 year )

Top Countries Offering Healthcare administration

  • UK – UK’s healthcare provisions have been excellent and hence it is ranked first for this course before any other country
  • Australia – being in top for a no. of categories like the health outcomes, patient engagement etc has been exceptionally well in delivering health services.
  • Netherlands – healthcare services here are affordable and easily available; also education of healthcare administration has proven to be good.
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

Top Universities offering healthcare administration

  • University of California Berkeley – Students have an option to obtain a dual degree in both healthcare administration and public health

  • Carnegie Mellon University – The syllabus is designed to provide wide range of careers in the health sector.

  • Duke University – the interdisciplinary courses takes in key industry like the patient and provider relations and counted one of the top U.S business schools

  • University of South Florida – The institution provides Masters and PhD degrees in Health Administration.

  • University of Michigan – this course is famous in the University of Michigan having excellent facilities provided to the students

  • University of Miami – this university has graduate degrees and master’s degrees in healthcare management.

  • Columbia University – the course is known to improve healthcare systems, meeting needs of a varied population and the classroom education succeeds in providing these aspects.

Scholarships for Health Administration in abroad

  •  Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship – the scholarship is given to students who’re in minority
  • Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) Scholarship Award
  • Corris Boyd Scholars Program
  • Harry J. Harwick Scholarship
  • Healthcare Information Management Systems Scholarship
  • National Association of Health Services Executives Scholarships
  • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP)
  • David A. Winston Health Policy Scholarship – it is given to students who have experience of health administration at the government or federal level.
  • Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship – this scholarship is given to students who aren’t financially well supported. 
  • Tylenol Scholarship
  • Gates Millennium Scholarship – this scholarship is sponsored by Bill Gates which provides students a scholarship in a variety of fields of health administration.

Jobs and Career in Health Administration

If you have a degree of Masters with you it is seen that you get better jobs than holding just bachelors degree, the posts which you can be assigned are –

  • Clinic/practice administrative manager
  • Medical and health services manager
  • Health information management abstractor
  • Patient registrar
  • Clinic manager
  • Department or division director
  • Health services manager
  • Hospital administrator
  • Medical records manager
  • Director of health care quality
  • Compliance officer
  • Clinical utilization manager

If you’re holding a DHA degree, the following can be the job prospects

  • Chief executive officer
  • Chief operations officer
  • Clinic director
  • Department or division director
  • Health services manager
  • Hospital administrator
  • Director of health care quality
  • Clinical utilization manager

Being in the field of saving lives a person should only enter if he/she can dedicate his/her time at any time of the day, be patient, take important decisions quickly, career-focused, ambitious.

As a specialist in healthcare management, you need to mold yourself in critical management faced by the hospitals and other sectors under it. On the completion of the course, you may find a job in marketing, IT, Human resources development, medical colleges, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical industry etc. Some other roles which can be given to you are –

  • Health care manager
  • Hospital administrator
  •  Pharmaceutical project manager
  • Health care finance manager

On all the above cases your responsibility as a manager can be planning, directing, supervising, day to day operations.

The places where you can work is

  • Medical Hospitals/Laboratories – getting you a degree in healthcare administration brings you in for leadership; graduates from this course can become management professionals in hospitals and clinics.
  • Government agencies – Government agencies employ a large no. of people and in the healthcare field, they’re dearly concerned. Hence the health administrators are employed in government agencies on large scale.
  • Private businesses – Healthcare is an important factor for everyone nowadays, hence many big companies nowadays try to blend healthcare with business hence you can get hired there too.

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