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Top Master's Degrees

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Admissions & Scope

With the advent of industrialization and globalization, there was a rise of companies that dominated the world like never before. It was the time that saw the origination of thousands of companies in just a short period of time along with a quick need of talented people who can work as managers and are able to manage the issues related to the organization and take the company to new heights. As a career, management courses offer a plethora of options for the students who have been attracted by the intricacies and complexities of business administration and wish to pursue a career in this field.

Why Study MBA?

The Master of Business Administration is master degree in Business which was originated from U.S.A and was one of the most sought courses in the world.  The core courses in an MBA program such as accounting, applied statics, business communication, business ethics, business law, finance, managerial economics, management entrepreneurship, marketing and operations. These are all the factors which teach the students the quality of management studies that help them to understand how a company works and solve the issues related.

One of the main objectives of the manager is to look after the company, its assets and capital. The students opt for this course as it opens a huge platform for the students, where they can learn the ethical values of business and entrepreneurship. The Manager has to look upon the issues related to the company and find ways to resolve it.

Degrees Offered for MBA Abroad

There are various top colleges in the world which offers quality education in business. There are various programs in this course as well such as

  • Full-time MBA

This a full-time course offered in the stream which is generally a 2-year duration Master degree course.

  • Accelerated MBA

 This is a program offered in some colleges in which the students are taught the essentials rigorously with a more accelerated speed.

  • Part-time MBA

This course varies from country to country but generally, it extends up to 3 years as the students are working and studying at the same time.  

  • Executive MBA

The course duration is of around 1 year in which the professionals are taught to help them move to a level up.

  •  Distance learning

The course duration is around 3 years as the students are expected to complete 2 years of full-time MBA and 1 year of Executive MBA.

Top Universities and Courses for MBA Abroad

Some of the best colleges in the world that provide the master of business administration course are

  1. Harvard University

The Harvard University is the oldest institution of higher education in the U.S and is an inspiration to look upon. This college has produced more than 40 Nobel Laureates, Heads of states, Pulitzer Prize Winners and many more global leaders.

The courses are passionately driven by research programs and learning the application of the concept. This college has been on top for many years making it a dream for any students who want to study abroad.

  • Course- the college offers a 2-year duration Master program in Business Administration. The curriculum in the course is very diverse covering every concept related to it. The lessons are taught through case methods, field projects, multimedia stimulation which develop their leadership skills which is a necessary quality in a manager.
  • Fee - Average fee for the course is around $73,000, but many scholarships programs are offered to the students which act as a financial aid to the students.
  • Eligibility- The Entry requirements are GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. The students who have a good academic background and cleared these exams with satisfying marks then they admitted to the college.

The college offers many internships and global information exchange programs that help the students to develop their skills as a leader and work in an organization at a very important position.      

2. University of Cambridge

Ranked as No. 1 University in many surveys the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, U.K is an ideal college to study. Students all across the world get admission in this college to get a Bachelor’s, Masters or doctorate degree.

  • Course- The college offers a master degree in Business Administration which is a unique 1-year learning experience, combining academic rigorously with a focus on experimental, team-based learning. The curriculum has four distinct phases, arranged across four terms. It focuses on key terms such as Team Building, Influence and impact. The course is divided into macro and mini pathways to help the students to learn the concepts easily. Students learn the concepts of courses like Organizations in context, Entrepreneurship, Management Science, Corporate finance and financial reporting and analysis.
  • Fees-The Average fee for the course is around 55,000 pounds and around 10,000 pounds for other expenses.
  • Eligibility-To gets into this college one has to go through exams like GMAT, GRE and IELTS.

 Various internship and information exchange programs help the students to develop the essential concepts related to business.

3. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia is one of the best colleges in the country for providing higher quality education to the students. The college offers one of the most generous and comprehensive scholarship programs in Australia. The University offers various courses with flexible undergraduate, Postgraduate and research degrees.

  • Course- the college offers a full-time MBA program. The MBA program in this college is Melbourne’s only internationally recognized course. The students study a variety of topics that include the Entrepreneurial Mindset and the personal Effectiveness Program.
  • Fees- The average fee for the course is around 89,000 (AUD). Many scholarship programs are offered to the students which act as a financial aid.
  • Eligibility- The students are needed to score ranks in entrance examination such as GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL.

 Various internships and information exchange programs help the students to learn the better concept of the topic. Melbourne Business School in conjunction with careers partners provides a selection of internships to its full-time MBA students for nearly 20 weeks, which also provide some financial help to the students.

4. Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich is one of Europe’s top universities for research and development. Ranked as no.1 in many surveys it’s an ideal college to study Business Administration. The University offers a master degree in MBA known as Executive MBA in innovation and Business creation.

  • Course-The Course is around 2-year duration in which the students are taught the essentials of business. The program combines an excellent academic management education with individual start-up and innovation advisory, providing an excellent opportunity to acquire and develop entrepreneurial skills. The curriculum is designed to educate entrepreneurs, founders, professionals and executives interested in a general management education with a special focus on innovation management, entrepreneurship and business model development.
  • Fees-The Average fee for the course is around 32,000 (Euro) and around 10,000 euros for other expenses.
  • Eligibility-The requirements are IELTS and TOEFL.

 Various internship and information exchange program helps the students to develop leadership quality which is very necessary as a manager.

5. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the top colleges in Canada. It is among the world top 10 public universities which are devoted to research and development. With the enrollment of more than 85,000 students among which 18% are international students from more than 168 countries, this college is one of the biggest colleges with the highest student capital in the world.

  • Course-The College offers a 2 years duration master program in MBA in which the students are offered to specialize in Brand Management, Business design, consulting, financial reporting and analysis, funds management and many more. Graduates may pursue a career in financial services, consulting, consumer goods and retail and technology industry and many more. Students are subjected to study the fields such as Accounting, Economics Analyst and policy, Finance, Integrative thinking, Marketing and many more.
  • Fees-The Average fee for the course is around 59,000 (CAD) and around 15,000 CAD for other expenses.
  • Eligibility-The entry requirements for the college is GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL.

The college provides a huge platform for the students to come up with new ideas which help many people.

According to many surveys conducted in many countries, it has been found that the largest number of the employee is from MBA background. This proves that MBA provides a huge platform for jobs and opportunities to the person that is why it attracts thousands of students from across the world to study MBA and pursue it as a career. Holding a degree from these above leading colleges in the world, it increases chances of the students to get easily placed into a company.

Careers after MBA courses Abroad

There are numerous types of jobs which are very well paid as they are portrayed as an important employee for the company. The sectors in which there is a major opportunity to get a job are Retail, Banking, Hospitality, Media, IT, Brand Manager, sales manager, marketing manager, product manager, market research analyst, media planner, Internet marketing manager and many more. These jobs hold a great position in the company. These above-mentioned colleges are an ideal college to look upon as to provide quality education in Business Administration. The colleges provide education with research ideas that help the students to broaden their mind. The colleges teach them the leadership quality and decision making tendency to take a decision which is good for the company.


All these factors affect the decision of the students as what to take as a course and what to pursue as a career. Thus, the students who are interested to pursue a career in which they play an important role than working as a manager is a very good choice and to do this there is need to gain the proper knowledge in MBA. These colleges have excelled in providing world-class academics and the techniques which will help the students to become a better person as professionally.    





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