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Created by business schools by business schools, the GMAT test is the most accurate, validated and well-understood indicator of academic success.  The exam provides admissions officers with access to a selection of committed candidates and enables them to compare candidates so that they can build a diverse and successful class.

The GMAT test is a computer adaptive test, which indicates that each question is chosen by the test subject based on his or her level of ability. It makes the GMAT Total score an extremely accurate indicator of the individual's ability. It's far more efficient than a paper test, where everyone answers the same questions.

GMAT exam dates 

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a PC versatile test that evaluates the applicants' diagnostic composition, quantitative, verbal and perusing aptitudes in standard composed English. The expense of giving the GMAT Exam is US $250. This test is taken to get induction into alumni the board program, for example, MBA and Masters in Finance related courses in top business colleges over the world. 

Presently, the test is of 3 hours and 30 minutes including test directions and breaks. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative segments were abbreviated by 13 and 10 minutes separately. The Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment alongside the Score Preview and the discretionary break time continued as before. These progressions don't have any effect on scoring in the abbreviated Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative segments as just the unscored things have been expelled by the GMAC. 

GMAT tests all through the COVID-19 pandemic and opened extra online test arrangements for the GMAT test as of now through July 17. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, GMAC needs to suspend the test-focus based GMAT test for applicants, as overall different nations have put limitations on the development of residents. On April-fifteenth 2020, GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), overseer of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) reported the arrival of the GMAT Online test. 

GMAT exam dates 2020 

This assessment is sorted out by the Management Admission Council (GMAC). Graduation Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is a universal level assessment that leads on numerous occasions in a year. This assessment offers admission to MBA courses in India and unfamiliar nations. 

The insights regarding GMAT exam dates are:

  • There are no particular dates for the GMAT 2020 assessment. 
  • The assessment will be led on numerous occasions in a single year. 
  • The enlistment for the test will be accessible consistently. 
  • GMAT 2020 dates are accessible from 12th April 2020 to 15th June 2020

GMAT exam dates availability 

GMAT Exam dates 2020 in India are accessible consistently and the up-and-comers according to their benefit can pick the GMAT Exam Date. 

Furthermore, if not happy with the GMAT score, you can likewise pick the favoured GMAT test date to show up again in GMAT. 

The subtleties of GMAT exam dates availability is as: 


  • Notice date: 01-08-2020 to 31-7.2021 (Available Round the Year) 
  • Enlistment – Online: 01-08-2020 to 31-07-2021 (Available Round the Clock) 
  • Concede Card Release: 01-08-2020 to 31.- 7-2021 (Immediately after enlistment) 
  • Test Date and Timings-Online: 01-08-2020 to 31-07-2020 (Conducted Round the Year) 
  • Result: 01-08-2020 to 31-07-2021 (Immediately after the test) 

How to check your GMAT exam dates availability

With the flare-up of COVID 19, GMAC postponed all scratch-off, rescheduling charges for a wide range of GMAT test focus enlistment. GMAT Online is a home release accessible for the candidates to get together with the application cut-off time. 

This break test can be taken according to accommodation at home. 

The GMAT Online test is an on the web and distant delegated rendition of the test community based GMAT test intended to assist you with meeting your application objectives – from the solace of your home. 


  • Stage 1: Gather data. 
  • Stage 2: Build your course of events. 
  • Stage 3: Schedule and pay for your test. 
  • Stage 4: Review your affirmation. 

GMAT exam dates 2020 India 

Graduate Management Admission Council, has declared that GMAT 2020 will be directed in online mode, beginning from June 11. The test will be led in online mode and up-and-comers can show up in the test from the solace of their homes. Additionally, the competitors can show up in the test whenever 24 hours per day and 7 days every week. 

The subtleties of GMAT exam dates is as: 

  • The enrolment for GMAT 2020 stays open consistently.
  • There are no particular dates or courses of events during which the competitors need to finish the enlistment procedure and calendar a test.
  • In any case, it must be noticed that competitors can show up in GMAT multiple times in a specific year and there ought to be a hole of 16 days between the two tests. 

The subtleties identified with GMAT 2020 test dates are clarified beneath in a table. 

GMAT Test Dates 

Test Elements Duration 

The delay between two GMAT tests: 16 Days 

Number of GMAT endeavours permitted in one year: Five (5) endeavours 

Number of GMAT endeavours in a lifetime: Eight (8) endeavours 

How many GMAT exams in a year 

The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is a PC versatile test that has been made by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC.) The GMAC is a non-benefit body of probably the best and top administration schools and B-schools from over the globe. 

  • You can take the GMAT any number of times till you get your ideal score. There are sure focuses that you have to know before retaking the GMAT test. 
  • An individual can retake the GMAT test multiple times in a single year. 
  • The individual must hang tight for a 16-day time span before starting or re-applying for another GMAT test. 
  • Your whole GMAT test scores will be recorded on their site which whenever shared can be respected by the B-schools. 

GMAT 2020: Important Dates 

As such there are no particular dates for showing up in this test. The GMAT application window is opened consistently. In this manner, up-and-comers can enrol and show up for the test at whatever point they need. 

Applicants can't show up in excess of multiple times in the year moving period and multiple times in a lifetime for the GMAT test regardless of whether the score is dropped. Significant dates 12th April to 15th June 2020..

GMAT Last Date

There exist no last dates in case of GMAT as this exam can be written 5 times a year. GMAT is a computer-based online test that can be given at any time with prior booking of 24 hours or more. GMAT's last date in the case of the first batch of the exam is December for January-takers.

GMAT Registration Date

 You are recommended to register two to three months before your desired test date, although you may register up to six months in advance. Use the Registration and Rating Tracking Schedule in the GMATTM Handbook to help you pick your test date.

  • The fee for entry is $250. Often people find the price incredibly high, but it's marginal compared to the size of your MBA commitment.
  • If you're rescheduling, you can do that, but it's not safe. Unless you reschedule more than 7 days in advance, a $50 fee will be paid. When you reschedule within a week, the cost is $250 –and that's the test fee to take the test, so you're essentially throwing out your original registration fee.
  • You can retake the GMAT exam once every 31 calendar days, but not more than five times in a rolling 12-month cycle.

GMAT Important Dates

 GMAT important dates may be divided into two groups, i.e. registration and date of the GMAT test. GMAC keeps both the GMAT Important Dates windows open all year round. Aspirants willing to get admissions to various B-Schools across the nation can book their GMAT slots for convenience and preference. It should be remembered that, when registering them, the applicants will be able to view the GMAT calendar for the year and book the available slots accordingly. Throughout registration for GMAT 2020, candidates must keep in mind the following points mentioned by GMAC:

  The time gap between two GMAT exams 16 Days
  Total GMAT attempts allowed in a year Five
  Total GMAT attempts in a lifetime Eight

GMAT Application Date

 GMAT application dates shall apply throughout the year. You should apply and arrange a study appointment at your convenience. The result will also be made available to the test takers on the same day after the exam. Candidates have the right to take the test at any time of year as per their convenience. The important thing to note is that candidates will reschedule their next attempt only after 16 days of the first attempt. A candidate is only allowed to make five attempts in one year.

GMAT Fees and Date

No matter where you live, you're going to have to pay a GMAT fee of US $250. But, $250 is just a GMAT registration fee. The GMAT cost will be more than the GMAT fee of US $250 in 2019. There are many other costs associated with the successful completion of the GMAT. Take a look at the cost of taking the GMAT from the Master Card Advertisement.

  • GMAT Registration Fee – the US $250
  • GMAT Preparation Cost – US $349 (e-GMAT's ' GMAT Online ' course)
  • Rescheduling GMAT Fee (if necessary) – US $50 or the US $100 or the US $150
  • Look on your face after you get a 780 – Priceless!!

GMAT exam dates and locations

In contrast to specific tests, (for example, the LSAT, the graduate school affirmations test, which is offered 4 times each year), the GMAT doesn't have explicit test dates. Or maybe, the GMAT, similar to the GRE, can be taken whenever that you are prepared and you can hold a spot at a close by testing focus. 

There are GMAT Test Centres situated at numerous areas all through the world. The GMAT test is offered on-request and all year at the accompanying 34 urban communities in India through 39 test habitats.

  • Amritsar.     24th June- 2nd July.
  • Bangalore. 13th June- 31st July.
  • Bhopal.         15th June- 31st July.
  • Chennai.       15th June- 28th July.
  • New Delhi.     12th June- 23rd July.
  • Dehradun.                 24th July- 29th July.
  • Vijayawada. 12th June- 30th July.
  • Vishakhapatnam 1st July- 30th July.
  • Pune.                  12th June- 31st July.
  • Mumbai. 18th June- 30th July.
  • Ranchi. 12th June- 31st July.
  • Pilani.      21st June- 8th July.

GMAT exam registration dates

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a PC versatile test proposed to evaluate certain explanatory, composing, quantitative, verbal, and perusing abilities in composed English for use in admission to an alumni the executives program, for example, a MBA program.

Registration Dates 

20 Apr – 31 Dec 2020.

Registration Procedure is explained as:

You can enrol for the GMAT whenever between a half year and 24 hours before your arranged date. Nonetheless, in all actuality, you won't have the option to discover an opening at last.

To complete the GMAT registration process, you’ll require the following information:

  • Full name as mentioned in your passport.
  • E-mail address.
  • Address for correspondence.
  • Phone number.
  • Gender.
  • Date of birth.
  • Nationality.
  • Payment information (Debit/ Credit card)
  • Educational history (optional)
  • Work history (optional)
  • Native language (optional)

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1. What if I need to reschedule my test date?

You can do that via the take a look at the appointment booking system on computer If you schedule your appointment a minimum of seven full days before your original appointment, then you will-ought to pay a schedule fee of US$50. If you schedule, but seven full days before your original appointment, then you'll be charged the total registration quantity.

2. What if I have to cancel my test date?

You can do that via the take a look at the appointment booking system. If you cancel a minimum of seven full days beforehand of your appointment, you may receive a partial refund of US$80. If you cancel but seven full days beforehand of your appointment you may forfeit your entire registration fee.

3. What if I need to reschedule my test dates?

There is a GMAT schedule fee of $50 if you schedule over seven days before the particular GMAT check date. However, if you schedule among seven days of the regular check date and time, there's a $250 fee. You can't schedule among twenty-four hours of communication.

4. What is the best time to take GMAT?

The ideal time to convey the take a look at is a minimum of twelve months before Associate in Nursing Master in Business batch starts. That means, if you would like to start a Master in Business in Fall 2015, it's best to possess your GMAT score prepared before August 2014. Most colleges have 3-4 application cycles. The first cycle sometimes in Sept/Oct 2014, second cycle in Dec 2014,

5. Can I retake GMAT?

If you would like to retake the GMAT examination, you'll do thus when sixteen days. You'll take or retake the GMAT examination when every sixteen days. You'll seem for the examination most of 5 times in an exceedingly year. Ideally, you're counseled to register yourself 2 to a few months before the examination date.

6. For how many years it is valid for?

GMAT Score is valid for 5 years.

7. How am I able to modify the dates of the test?

It will price you $50 to schedule your GMAT to check up to seven days before your original appointment date and time. Once your GMAT examination date is one week away or less, no refund is going to be granted, to vary your check date, time, or location can price you the complete fee of $250.

8. What are the important dates?

There are no specific dates which are considered in such types of tests. The dates will be acknowledged at the time of registration.

9. How to take the GMAT exam date?

You can retake the GMAT up to five times in any 12-month amount, however no over once in any 16-day amount. You'll be able to request to GMAC in writing if you would like to require it over that. However, applications square measure solely thought of once you've got truly taken the fifth check. You'll be able to take the check once each sixteen calendar days solely.

10. How much does the GMAT costs?

GMAT costs US$250 globally.

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