SAT Practice Papers
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SAT Practice Papers

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SAT Practice Papers

The full form of SAT is Scholastic Assessment Test or Scholastic Aptitude Test. This test is the general test which is conducted by US colleges for verbal and quantitative aptitude. For most of the undergraduate programs in USA Universities, this test is mandatory.

SAT Sample papers 2018

The SAT exam includes Mathematics, Critical Reading and Writing section. By practising SAT sample papers students are able to know their own standards and can practise more for the exam. There are 2 sample papers of 2018 pdf links from which you can practice the questions.

SAT Sample Papers 2019

The PDF links for SAT sample paper 2019 is mentioned below –

SAT Sample Questions

The SAT is the exam for attaining scholarship in US universities. The sample question of SAT exam is not so difficult but you should practice for clearing the exam.

The SAT sample question is as follows – 

Q1: If 5 + 6 = 10 x, what is the value of 10 + 3 x? 

  1. A) 4 
  2. B) 9 
  3. C) 11 
  4. D) 20

A: Option c is the correct answer.

Q2: A landscaping company estimates the price of a job, in dollars, using the expression 60 + 12nh, where n is the number of landscapers who will be working and his the total number of hours the job will take using n landscapers. Which of the following is the best interpretation of the number 12 in the expression? 

  1. A) The company charges $12 per hour for each landscaper. 
  2. B) A minimum of 12 landscapers will work on each job. 
  3. C) The price of every job increases by $12 every hour. 
  4. D) Each landscaper works 12 hours a day.

A: Option A is the correct answer.

Q3: /2 + 17 − x = 0

k x 2 If k > 0 and x = 7 in the equation above, what is the value of k? 

  1. A) 2 
  2. B) 3 
  3. C) 4 
  4. D) 5

A: Option C is the correct answer.

Q4: nA = 360 

Measure A, in degrees, of an exterior angle of a regular polygon is related to the number of sides, n, of the polygon by the formula above. If the measure of an exterior angle of a regular polygon is greater than 50°, what is the greatest number of sides it can have? 

  1. A) 5 
  2. B) 6 
  3. C) 7 
  4. D) 8

A: Option C is the correct answer.

Q6: The graph of a line in the XY-plane has slope 2 and contains the point (1, 8). The graph of a second line passes through the points (1, 2) and (2, 1). If the two lines intersect at the point (,) a b, what is the value of a b +? 

  1. A) 4 
  2. B) 3 
  3. C) −1 
  4. D) −4

A: Option B is the correct answer.

Q7: Which of the following equations has a graph in the XY-plane for which y is always greater than or equal to −1? 

  1. A) y = IxI – 2 
  2. B) y = −2 x2 
  3. C) y = (− 2) x 2 
  4. D) y = −2

A: Option C is the correct answer.

Q8: At a restaurant, n cups of tea are made by adding t tea bags to hot water. If t n = +2, how many additional tea bags are needed to make each additional cup of tea? 

  1. A) None 
  2. B) One 
  3. C) Two 
  4. D) Three

A: Option C is the correct answer.

Q9: If 3(c+d) =5 what is the value of c + d? 

  1. A) 3/5 B) 5/3 
  2. C) 3 
  3. D) 5

A: Option B is the correct answer.

SAT Online Test

The online test preparation of SAT exam is for the practice of different subjects for different courses. There are three platforms which are as follows for preparing SAT exam – 

  • Khan Academy – SAT test prep
  • The Princeton Review – SAT prep
  • PrepScholar – New SAT prep online course


Q: Can you take a practice SAT online?

A: The SAT is not currently offered online, but the college board is planning to get it computerized.

Q: What should I practice for the SAT?

A: There are a lot of things for which you can practice like reading nonfiction outside classes, learning to do mental mathematics, practising grammar, solving previous years’ sample papers etc.

Q: How many SAT practice tests are there? 

A: At the present time there are 10 practice tests for the SAT. All the tests have been provided by the SAT maker itself, the College board.

Q: Is the SAT a paper test?

A: Yes, the SAT is a pencil paper-based test. This test assesses a candidate’s skills and knowledge of education which have been received in high school.

Q: What SAT score is required for Harvard?

A: The average score of SAT for Harvard in Reading and Writing is 710-800, Math 720-800.

ashutoshsir the first question If 5 + 6 = 10 x, what is the value of 10 + 3 x is printed wrong the equation is 5x+ 6 =10 , only then the answer will be 11.
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