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SAT practice test

If you are eagerly searching for a free SAT practise test on the internet, then you are on the right platform. “Practice makes a man perfect” and this phrase applies to every phase of life and the same applies to exams, it is a very good plan to rehearse the full-length test at least once before appearing for the actual SAT Exam. Practising for the exam can prepare you for the exam structure and pattern, giving you a real experience and hands-on practice.


Rehearsing with the practice test can demonstrate your qualities and shortcomings. More than 5,000 colleges and universities accept the SAT score over 85 countries. The SAT Practice test offered here is free for all students and provides them with the best way to prepare and practice. The test will make you know about the skills that you need to work upon to score well on the SAT.


When you are concentrating on the SAT, then rehearsing will increase your chances of a good score and thus will help you to take admission in your favourite college and universities across the world. Building your continuance is a significant piece of SAT practice. You will get thousands of questions with answers and feedback and you will also get some test-taking strategies so that you can score like a pro. Nothing builds confidence better than the practice test and the best way to practice for the SAT is on Admitkard.

Why Take SAT Sample test?

It is very necessary to take a sample test before appearing for the SAT. Rehearsing with the practice test can demonstrate your qualities and shortcomings. Practising specific skills is important and it will let you know if the student is fully prepared to take the exam. It is very benefiting to take a full-length SAT sample test. This will help to build endurance.


 Studying abroad in popular destinations like UK, USA, Germany, Australia, requires the scores of SAT. These tests will make a base for your SAT review. One of the questions that students ask is how many SAT practice test one should give? The answer is one practice per week minimum. This will help in maintaining consistency and will get a boost to your confidence. 


SAT Key Points

  • SAT evaluates the mathematical, writing and reading powers of a candidate. 
  • SAT is designed to test the candidate’s ability to solve/analyze problems.
  • Each section is marked in the range of 200-800 points and the final score ranges from 400-1600.
  • Essay writing is scored on the scale of 0-24 and varies incrementally.
  • The expected fee for the SAT is $52(6200-7000 INR).


Tips for Scoring Good Scores in SAT

  • The student should utilize a wide scope of vocabulary.
  • Linguistic mistakes should be few and should not influence understanding.
  • The student should utilize an assortment of syntactic structures.
  • The test preparation requires a long-standing habit of reading.
  • Solve a couple of practice test before the big day


SAT Test Format



Total Duration

No. Of Questions

Evidence-based Reading and Writing


65 Minutes


Writing and Language

35 Minutes



Math (Calculator not allowed)

25 Minutes


Math (Calculator not allowed)

55 Minutes


Essay (Optional)


50 Minutes




1. How often should I take Practice tests?

The answer to this question varies with person to person and their capability that how much they can practice. It is recommended by experts that one should give as many practice tests as possible as it will give knowledge and understanding of the exam better. 


2. Are the Practice tests paid or free?

The exam practice tests are for free but also there are many premium paid sites which charge high for practice tests.


3. How soon can a candidate appear for a test?

One should appear as early as possible as it helps in clarity of thoughts and it will help in building the concept and will help them learn from their mistakes.


4. What are the available dates for the SAT in centres across India?

As for the first exam it will be tentatively held on October 5th, 2019 onward across India.


5. What happens if I’m unable to appear for the exam?

If in case you miss your exam then you can talk and convince the authority /board to postpone your s exam, so that you can appear for the exam


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