Harris Manchester College

United Kingdom

Public University, Estd. in 1865

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Harris Manchester College Facts

Facts about Harris Manchester College

Harris Manchester College – this college is part of the Oxford University.

  • It was initially just a hall which then got converted into a full constituent college.
  • It is one of the few mature colleges in the UK.
  • It offers courses in a variety of streams like a business, science, arts, sociology, anthropology, biochemistry, health sciences, etc.
  • The college has an inscription that says, "It is later than you think, but it is never too late."
  • The university has an enrolment of around 250 students.

Harris Manchester College Highlights

Established in



USD 14.1 million

No. of campuses





Mansfield Rd, Oxford OX1 3TD, United Kingdom

Popular Courses

1st year total fees:
Rs. 2,913,821.40
Exams Accepted:
1st year total fees:
Rs. 4,961,320.00
Exams Accepted:
1st year total fees:
Rs. 3,041,289.16
Exams Accepted:
1st year total fees:
Rs. 3,370,262.84
Exams Accepted:
1st year total fees:
Rs. 3,704,388.66
Exams Accepted:

About Harris Manchester College

Harris Manchester College

Harris Manchester College Overview

About the Harris Manchester College

Harris Manchester College is located at Oxford, United Kingdom. It is one of the constituent colleges of the Oxford Univeristy and is unique as it is dedicated wholly to the education of adults and mature people. The college is meant for students who are 21+ years of age. The college is famously known as "The college of second chances" and encourages students to study further as it is never too late. The atmosphere of this college is exciting and motivating.

Harris Manchester College Campus

The Harris Manchester College has one campus and is divided into buildings. Earlier, there was only the main quad where Tate Library and the Chapel are located, but now various other new buildings are built on the west side of this quad. The Chapel is very famous and is also popular because of its Pre-Raphelite architecture. 

Harris Manchester College Students

Harris Manchester College is a mature college and unique in itself. The students here are also great and define the success of this college and the idea it is based upon. There are a total of 253 students studying here pursuing various courses. Approx 108 students are studying here at the undergraduate level and around 145 studying at the postgraduate level. Quite a few international students are studying here as well. 

Harris Manchester College Faculty

Harris Manchester College has a renowned faculty. The and teachers here try to give students as much individual attention and support as possible. The faculty here are experienced and have a lot of knowledge to offer to the students. The overall atmosphere is very supportive, and teachers always try to motivate students into learning and achieving more.

Notable Alumni

There are several notable alumni who have studied at Harris Manchester College. Some of the notable alumni of Harris Manchester College are:

Walter Jenkin EvansWelsh academic who served as Principal of Carmarthen Presbyterian College
John Relly BeardEnglish Unitarian minister, schoolmaster, university lecturer, and translator who co-founded Unitarian College Manchester
Karen HarrisonFirst woman in Britain to be appointed as a train driver
James Carter (judge)British lawyer and judge, He was Chief Justice of New Brunswick from 1851 to 1865
Philip ArmstrongFirst-class cricketer