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About Australia

Today, Australia is the third most popular international student destination in the world. The country attracts around 300,000 international students every year, and the number has taken a sharp jump in 2018 and 2019. Further, universities and colleges in Australia are very diverse and well-equipped with world-class facilities and quality education which have benefitted not just the country, but the world. Australia is home to 43 universities which comprises 40 Australian universities, two international universities, and one private specialty university. 

The country has, somewhat, a special allure and has always been drawing talented students like a magnet. Studying in an Australian environment allows for invaluable academic, professional, and personal growth, and opens up an infinite number of career opportunities after graduation. Australian Universities also provide innumerable opportunities in many areas of technology and research, also benefitting from generous funding and offering support to international Ph.D. students. Even undergraduates and postgraduates have the opportunity to attend a Bachelor's and Master's program that involves research.

Apart from studies, University campuses in Australia have a life of their own, and they are like small student towns and encouraging students to socialize, interact, and make friends. Australia also has a multicultural environment, and Australian universities support cultural diversity and in this respect, organize various social and cultural activities.

Top Universities in Australia

The university or college that one chooses to go to can have a significant impact on the rest of one's life that's why it is better to have some research about the universities and their rankings. 

Fortunately, 37 of the world's best universities in the 2019 edition of the QS World University Rankings are in Australia, including 15 in the global top 250. The institutions at the very top of the ranking are well known for their higher education opportunities. According to the QS World University Rankings 2019, following are the top 15 universities in Australia:

  1. Australian National University
  2. University of Melbourne
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of New South Wales
  5. University of Queensland
  6. Monash University
  7. University of Western Australia
  8. University of Adelaide 
  9. University of Technology, Sydney
  10. University of Newcastle
  11. University of Wollongong
  12. Queensland University of Technology
  13. Curtin University
  14. Macquarie University
  15. RMIT University

Popular Courses in Australia

Universities located in Australia have a strong reputation worldwide. The Australian education system is known to be a strong proponent of internationalization and provides diverse programs which become a prime reason for its popularity among international students. The most popular majors in Australia are as follows:

  • Business and Management
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Law 
  • Education
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Environmental Science
  • Psychology

Living Expenses and Part-time Jobs

The prime reason for Australia being popular among Indian (International) students is due to the exceptional quality of education and also because of stay-back and immigration features. It offers some of the best undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the world, but also potentially high living costs one needs to be aware of. 

The Australian Government specifies AU$20,290 as the minimum amount required to cover living costs for one year. This figure excludes tuition fees or the cost of travel to and from the country. The average tuition fee for international undergraduate students is AU$30,840 per annum, whereas, for international postgraduate students, the average tuition fee is AU$31,596.

Generally, the cheaper the cost the further away from the city you will be, the more people you'll be living with, or the more rundown the accommodation will be. Expenses also vary depending on the city in which one chooses to study, with Sydney being more expensive, while Adelaide and Canberra are generally less costly.

International students in Australia are allowed to work up to 40 hours a fortnight during the university semester study periods and full-time during the vacation period. Following are the most popular part-time jobs that a student can take up at Australian universities:

  • Hospitality (working in cinemas, restaurants, bars, hotels, takeaway food stores, and sporting venues)
  • Tourism Management
  • Tutor
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Sales and Telemarketing
  • Administration or Clerical jobs
  • Retail


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Piyush values education and has studied from the top institutes of IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden and Tsinghua University in China. Post completing his MBA, he has worked with the world's # 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group and focused on building sales and marketing vertical for top MNCs and Indian business houses.
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The BA course also known as the bachelor of arts is an undergraduate degree program providing a bachelors degree in the streams chosen by the students. BA is not subject-specific i.e.,  there is a plethora of different subjects in which a BA degree can be pursued, and this makes it one of the most preferred programs by the students all over the globe. it is a 3-year program and can extend up to 4 years depending upon the majors and specializations.


It is a 3-year bachelor's degree program and can be pursued by students from any stream( science, commerce, and humanities), as this course is offered in many different disciplines.

Exams Required

Exam name Minimum Score Maximum Score
SAT 1000 1200
TOEFL (iBT score) 78.1 100
IELTS (bands) 6.5 9

Salary Details

BA is a widely accepted degree and makes the students eligible for a variety of jobs depending upon the specialization. The starting salary for BA graduates starts from 11k and goes up to an average maximum of 20k per month in India. This makes up a package of 1.5 to 2 lakh per year. 

Top Universities for BA

  • University of Oxford
  • university of Cambridge
  • Harvard university
  • university of California Berkeley
  • university of California, LA
  • Hong Kong university
  • Princeton university
  • Yale university

Top colleges for BA by locations

Top colleges for BA on the basis of location (i.e. different countries and states) are mentioned below :

  • Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton AB Canada
  • University of Canberra, Bruce act, Australia
  • Open Polytechnic college of New Zealand, Wellington
  • University College London, UK

BA Course Details

Course detail Specification
Level Undergraduate level program
Duration 3 years
Type Degree course
  • 10+2 or equivalent level of education
  • Secondary or high school qualification certificate or equivalent/ university course/diploma
  • High school examination certificate
  • English proficiency test scores( TOEFL/ IELTS)
Admission process online application forms have to be filled and submitted by the students months before the term starts. For the form filling all the previous education records of the student are required along with the scores of the qualifying examination. Some universities conduct their own entrance exams also.
Course fee
  • India: 4000 to 65000 INR 
  • abroad: 18,00,000-20,00,000 INR 
Average salary The average salary after completing BA is approximately 3.5 to 4 lakhs per annum.
Top recruiters
  • Management companies
  • BPOs(business process outsourcing)
  • Law firms
  • PR (public relations sector)
Position offered
  • customer care executive
  • office manager/clerk
  • content writer/ blogger

BA -Top universities

Many top-notch universities providing BA degrees are spread all over the world and from years have imparted quality education to students. Following is the outline of the top universities offering BA degree:

University Name Location Fees (for first year)
Harvard College Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 37.3 lakh
University of Alberta Edmonton AB Canada 17.1 lakhs
University College London London, UK 35 lakhs

University of Oxford

oxford, UK 42.98 lakh

BA - Requirements and Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for admission in any of the leading universities offering bachelor's in art degree is generally a higher secondary certificate examination (10+2) qualification with minimum 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized educational Board. Certificates and transcripts of any other course completed by the student should also be attached with the application. Following are the basic documents essential for completing the application process:

  • Higher secondary certificate examination (10+2) qualification with minimum 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized educational Board
  • Certificate and transcripts of any other course pursued
  • English language proficiency certificate
  • TOEFL (iBT) minimum requirement: 78.1
  • IELTS minimum requirement: 6.5
  • SAT score: 1000

BA - Admission and Procedure

The admission procedure starts with the filling of the online application form. This form has to be filled long before the actual term starts. Various documents like the school certificates, transcripts, resume etc have to be submitted. Before the application process, the student must clear the qualifying examinations like IELTS and TOEFL. 

Once the application is submitted and accepted, the admission process starts. usually, the university sends an I20 form (in case of the USA) which helps the students to attain a student visa. As far as the fee is concerned, colleges normally ask for bank statements of students or their sponsor's to assure that they can afford the course fee along with the living expenses. Once all the documents are submitted along with the first-semester fee and the visa has been approved, the students are all set to go. Following are the major things required for the above-mentioned process:

  • High school certificates
  • Qualifying examination scores
  • Financial documents such as bank statements to ensure the availability of enough liquid money to pay off the tuition fee.
  • Visa approval (students visa, F1 in case of USA)

BA - Course and Syllabus Details

The bachelor of arts is an undergraduate degree course with a duration of 3 years. a BA degree can be pursued in a lot of different fields like liberal arts, political science, history, English and many more. Since the students don't have the foundation of limited streams in BA, it is one of the most favored course by students.

Subjects Topics Covered Objective
  • English Literature
  • Modern Languages
  • History
  • Philosophy
to enhance the understanding and analyzing the capacity of students along with expanding their horizon of thoughts 
Social Sciences
  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
to enhance the student's knowledge about the social sciences by providing deep insights to world history and civics along with various geographical aspects
Creative Arts
  • Fine Art
  • Theater
  • Speech
  • Creative Writing
these are to uplift the level of creativity among the students by focusing on certain skills such as speech and writing, which are essentials for the corporate world
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
these subject are science-related and are further divided into different fields in science to inculcate scientific aptitude among students by providing elaborated knowledge about the chosen stream


BA- Fees University Wise Course Fee

University Name Location Fees (for first year)
Harvard college Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 37.3 lakh
university of Alberta Edmonton AB Canada 17.1 lakhs
university college London London, UK 35 lakhs

University of Oxford

Oxford, UK 42.98 lakh

BA- Career Scope

BA is one of the most fundamental degrees and provides the students with a strong base which enables them to work in a wide spectrum of corporate fields. it provides valuable job skills, which pave the way for exponential growth and a bright future for the students.

  • The job option after BA automatically increases because the course does not focus on a single topic,but covers a substantial amount of essential job attributes.
  • After pursuing BA (especially in political science), students can go for civil services i.e. IAS and IPS and devote themselves to the betterment of the country.
  • BA graduates can also pursue legislative law and social service.
  • marketing and journalism are also one of the most popular choices among BA graduates. 

BA - Job and Salary Scope

BA graduates can get a decent earning salary. generally, the merit score, previous experience and the skill set of the student play a pivotal role in job placement. Following are certain job profiles that the students can take up after BA:

  • BPO (business process outsourcing): customer care executive
  • Govt. jobs(civil services) : IPS and IFS officers
  • Online businesses: content writers
  • Management: business manners, project coordinators

The average per year package earned by a BA graduate is approximately 3.5 to 4 lakhs, can this can vary from company to company and by the workload of the job. Following are the salaries of some major posts that can be taken after BA:

Position Offered Average Salary
customer care executive Rs.20,000
office manager/clerk Rs. 15,000
content writer Rs.30,000


Study Abroad Expert & Co-Founder @ AdmitKard

Piyush values education and has studied from the top institutes of IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden and Tsinghua University in China. Post completing his MBA, he has worked with the world's # 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group and focused on building sales and marketing vertical for top MNCs and Indian business houses.
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MA (Master of Arts)


MA which is also known as the degree programme in Arts for the students those who want to pursue this wide range of course. This degree is often selected by the students who has already done their bachelors in Arts before. To advance and to learn more deeply in a particular specified field this course is been selected. MA itself is a wide range of more than 100+ different divergent specific course such as Anthropology, Museology, Liberal Arts & Studies, music, content writing, dancing, theatre, media casting, graphic design, History, Languages, Philosophy and many more. It is a wide programme which is taught globally with the best-advanced techniques and highly rated in the market as career prospects.


It is a master's specified programme which continues from 1-3 yrs. Depending upon the course is been selected by the students. The Arts students are highly enthusiastic for studying this course after pursuing bachelors degree and to build themselves a good successful individual in the market.

Exams Required

Based on the requirement of the university portal, several IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/ GPA/ CAE and possible self video recording based on a particular task assigned for the candidates including interviews are been taken for the selection process.

However, to study abroad Language Proficiency exams are being conducted with various setup scores. Higher the rank of the college, higher will be cutoffs for the entrance exams. Following is the average list of exams and scores for acceptance rate by the countries are


Minimum Score



TOEFL (Online)


TOEFL (By Paper)



3.00 minimum


68-70 or higher


At least 169

Course Details

MA is a specialized degree course in which there is a wide range of career scope right from working in United Nations till Cinematography and Graphic design. Basically, the duration of the course ranges from the 1-3 yrs. There are lots of specializations in this course such as MA in Linguistics & Arts, MA in Creative Writing, MA in Liberal arts and studies, MA in public governance, MA in National and Translational Studies, MA in Psychology and many more. This course will enhance students to be an analyst in various fields and hence to work in most famous companies too.

Salary Details

A good range of salary is been provided for the person after earning this specialized degree. The salary will totally depend upon the amount you have the experience and your potential strength.

The Walt Disney will offer from $46,781 to $135,328 per year while the person in United Nations can earn around $47,861 to $139,966. The average salary for the person working in Fox Star can earn from 5 lacs to maximum 51 lacs (INR). The average salary for working in other recruited sectors can be around $60k to $70k. For writers and authors, it can lead to earn of $62k

There is a wide range of excellency Universities providing best courses for MA. Different universities follow the curriculum with their own set of mode to reach maximum growth for the students. After pursuing this degree the students get a great career opportunity, so accordingly they train students in the practical fieldwork.

As per the QS World Ranking, the list of top 10 universities for MA are

  1. Stanford University
  2. Princeton University
  3. Harvard University
  4. Yale University
  5. University of Chicago
  6. Johns Hopkins University
  7. University of California
  8. Columbia University
  9. University of Toronto
  10. Cornell University 

Top Universities by Location

There are many universities by location providing the best academic course in the field of Arts such as USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Hongkong, Malaysia etc. The labs are well developed with excellent faculties along with the well-maintained student: teachers ratio so that the output is achieved higher by the students through several latest mode of studies.

Based on the QS World Ranking, the top 12 universities by the location along with the excellent population of students offering the best course in MA are

  1. Stanford University, USA(World University Rank #4)
  2. Harvard University, USA (World University Rank #7)
  3. Johns Hopkins University, USA (World University Rank #38)
  4. National University of Singapore, Singapore (World University Rank #25)
  5. University of Hongkong, Hongkong (World University Rank #35)
  6. Australian National University, Australia (World University Rank #50)
  7. University of Adelaide, Australia (World University Rank #120)
  8. University of Heidelberg, Germany (World University Rank #44)
  9. University of Freiburg, Germany (World University Rank #86)
  10. McGill University, Canada (World University Rank #42)
  11. University of Auckland, New Zealand (World University Rank #179)
  12. Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Uk (World University Rank #501)

Course Details

Being a Masters in Arts, there is various eligibility academic process which is been described by the particular university online. Along with gaining a degree, a career prospect opens wide for the students too.

Following is the overview list of course and its specifications required by the students




Postgraduate level Programme


1-      3 years


Degree Course


  • Bachelor’s (4 yrs.) Degree Certificates & Transcripts
  • 10+2 level Certificates
  • English Proficiency Test Score
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation


Admission Process

Students can apply online on the university portal website or can send the application through physical mode prescribed by the given deadline

Course Fees

  • USA - $28k to $57k
  • Canada - $8k to $53k
  • Australia - $30 to $37k
  • Germany – Mostly free education / In some college Euro 3000
  • New Zealand - $29k to $34k
  • UK – GBP 12k to GBP 18k

Average Salary

Based on the recruiters you get the offer, the average salary may range from $40k to $139000

Top Recruiters

  • United Nations
  • Disney
  • Fox Star studios
  • Marvel
  • Govt. Agencies
  • Sports Association

Positions Offered

  • Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Animator
  • Choreographer
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Resource Manager
  • Foreign Advisory
  • Policy Advisor
  • Security Advisor

MA Top Universities

As the wide number of colleges delivers this course in a specified way with popular ranked colleges along with the variable fees.

Hence, as per the QS Ranking, the top under universities with rank 501 with the location and fees are

World Rank

University Name




Stanford University

Stanford, USA



Princeton University




Harvard University




Yale University




University of Chicago

Chicago, USA



Johns Hopkins University




University of California




Columbia University




University of Toronto




Cornell University




Duke University




University of Michigan




University of Washington




University of Melbourne




University of British Columbia




McGill University




University of Heidelberg


EURO 3000


Australian National University




University of Queensland




University of New South Wales




Monash University




University of Freiburg


EURO 3000


University of Tubingen


EURO 3000


Free University of Berlin




University of Adelaide




University of Alberta




University of Ottawa




University of Cologne




University of Manheim




University Of Auckland

New Zealand



University of Canberra




Griffith University




University of Otago

New Zealand



La Trobe University




Curtin University




Auckland University of Technology

Auckland, New Zealand



University of Canterbury

New Zealand

NZ $30,700


Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts


GBP 16700

MA- Requirements and Eligibility

Based on the University and location a candidate choose, the requirements changes accordingly; Most of the colleges doesn’t take entrance exams for the admission, but some of them such as Stanford University for their requirements takes still images of 1024 * 768 @ 72DPI and audio/ Videos prescribed by them for around 10 minutes for the course of Documentary, Film, etc.

However, it is mandatory for the candidates to achieve 60-75% minimum in their bachelor's degree to achieve top colleges abroad and English Proficiency Test. Depending upon the colleges, there might be some who takes other entrance exams too.

The general documents required by the candidates for fulfilling the admission in MA abroad are

  1. 4 years Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Academic Transcripts
  5. Degree Certificates
  6. English Language Proficiency Certificate
  7. Acceptable Secondary and Higher Secondary Exam Certificate
  8. Curriculum Vitae

MA Admission and Procedure

There are various modes through which students can take admission. One is by opening the university portal website online and fulfilling all the requirements and needs as per the given date of the deadline while the other is to contact with the officers recognized by that university who will help as a guide to fulfil all the necessity needs for the process of admission.

Failing onto deadline can lead to cancellation of admission. There are various scholarships availed for students who need financial assistance. The students can avail up to 100% scholarship by applying as an early bid candidate. All the list of applications can either be sent online or through the physical mode of transfer to the recognized university office.

The general documents which include are

  1. Statement of Purpose
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Transcript certificates
  4. Financial account information
  5. English Proficiency Exam Certificate
  6. VISA Certificate

MA- Course and Syllabus details

MA is a specialized degree course which can be earned only after pursuing bachelors degree in Arts through a recognized University. Depending upon the course you choose to study, this degree has a tenure period of 1-3 yrs. Respectively followed by the PhD course if a candidate wishes to pursue. It gives the knowledge completely about all the forms of arts such as Anthropology, Dance, Music, Film Editor, Creative Writing, Museology, Environmental studies, Art History, Humanities and many more. By achieving this degree students can thereby work in top recruited companies with a good salary package and even they can open their own market place too. However, pursuing the doctrine course will give you the best opportunity to earn too.


Topics Covered


MA in Anthropology

  • Culturalism
  • Language of Study
  • Mythology

To understand the Culture, Diversity, Language, Mythology of the particular Country.

MA in Art History & Theory

  • Historic Development of a country
  • Ancient History
  • Geography
  • Origin and Evolution Theory
  • History of Language
  • Proposition of Theories

To develop and evaluate the theory-based articles and research and to study the ancient history of the country.

MA in Child & Family Psychology

  • Child Care
  • Family Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Concentration
  • Problem Solving
  • Mind Reading
  • Planning etc.

To solve the problems, To read and understand Growing age problems with the development of mind, To understand the family-related issues and to develop a healthy life through meditation and concentration

MA in Public Governance

  • Public Issues
  • Right to Freedom
  • Right to Speech
  • Advancement of a country
  • Regulation of Policies
  • Studying Rules and Regulations related to public Interest
  • Advisory Studies

To solve all the public governance issues by learning Right to Live, Freedom and Speech along with to develop the new policies by understanding the circumstances.

MA in Creative Writing

  • Documentary Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Lyrics Writing
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Translator etc.

To write dialogues, scripts so that a proper content is generated   for the song, film, documentaries etc,

MA in Liberal Arts & Studies

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Religious and Ethical Studies
  • History of Arts
  • Journalist

To study the Humanity relations for serving peace and social sciences of the country and various forms of dances, music, etc. to develop a good choreographer, trainer.

MA in Fine & Digital Arts

  • Art Practice
  • Documentary Film
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Communication Studies
  • Networking Studies
  • Graphic Design

To develop media-related communities.

MA in Architecture


To study the miniature sculpting, Building projects with all the latest technologies available.

MA in Museology

  • Museum Education


To study all the contents, history, development of the museum and to look after that.

MA- Fees and University Wise Course Fees

Based on the semesters provided by the universities, to the students of an average 1-3 yrs, the fees vary accordingly with the country-wise and it’s been maximum in the USA followed by Canada and Australia. While many of the universities in Europe doesn’t take the tuition fees i.e. Free of Education they can avail it over there. All the countries are been associated with the scholarships and they provide up to 100% scholarships based on the needs and early bids.

The top University wise average course fees per year based on their currency are

  • USA - $28k to $57k
  • Canada - $8k to $53k
  • Australia - $30 to $37k
  • Germany – Mostly free education / In some college Euro 3000
  • New Zealand - $29k to $34k
  • UK – GBP 12k to GBP 18k


Tuition Fees

Other Expenses

Stanford University



University of Washington



Australian National University


1 lac- 2 lac

University of Alberta


70k to 80k

Auckland University of Technology

NZ $31,160

$1327 per month

MA Career Scope

For the students who pursued an MA has a wide and great career scope globally. However, their experience matters a lot. The candidates will get hired in top recruited companies or stores which itself is famous worldwide throughout its journey. Based on the course they choose they can be joined in several top leading branches right from the Disney to the United Nations. Their reputation will be more and along with it, their life structure will also be changed. If a person wants to pursue a Doctrine degree, they are most welcome to do so to get a highly reputed person.

  • This course has a wide acceptability in various fields such as choreographers
  • Top Graphic designs, Famous brands like Disney, Fox Studios, Star Office, Marvel etc.

They can also join several government agencies too.

They can be Security Advisor, Political Analyst, Archaeologists and many more.

Famous Alumni

  • Brandon Oldenburg
  • Patrick Osborne
  • Uzo Aduba
  • Daniel Bauch

MA- Jobs and Salary Scopes

After completing this course and earning a specialized degree from the university, there are plenty of jobs in various fields and sectors are awaiting for the candidates and the people are just loving their profession to enhance themselves with a good amount of salary too. Based on the specialization the jobs are offered. In most of the cases, students studying in top colleges are directly hired by the top recruiters during their course of study too. Also being an intern, students can enjoy in studying with top recruiters too.

Positions Offered

Top Recruiters

Average Salary

  • Accompanist
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Music Journalist
  • Natural Resource Planner
  • Govt. Organizations
  • Policy Adviser
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Project Head
  • Resource Manager
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Foreign Aid Worker
  • Animator
  • Creative Director
  • Choreographer
  • Tv Broadcaster
  • Advertiser Companies
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Political Analyst
  • United Nations
  • Disney
  • Fox Studios
  • BBC News
  • Star Office
  • Sports Association
  • Marvel Studios
  • Govt. Organization


The average salary with respect to various field can be $45k to $70k. while earning at a top recruiter such as UN and Disney, it can vary up to $1,39,000 too.


Study Abroad Expert & Co-Founder @ AdmitKard

Piyush values education and has studied from the top institutes of IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden and Tsinghua University in China. Post completing his MBA, he has worked with the world's # 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group and focused on building sales and marketing vertical for top MNCs and Indian business houses.