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Updated on - February 8th 2020 by Piyush Bhartiya

About Alberta

Alberta is one of Canada’s most populous, prominent, and prosperous provinces. It has the fourth-largest population in Canada, and Calgary is its largest city. With an economy that depends on exports, petroleum, technology, and agriculture, Alberta clocked a per-capita-GDP higher than the USA, Norway, and Switzerland. Crude oil is one of its main business and has lots of potentials for opportunities. Alberta also excels in agriculture and exports many of its raw materials all over the world. With such statistics in its favor, Alberta might be one of the most promising lands to international students.

Alberta's geography is quite interesting as it is surrounded by deserts, mountains and has perriers which makes the place quite impressive and gives many opportunities for weekend getaways and physical activities like hiking and trekking. There are many tourist destinations which are situated at Alberta such as Drumheller, Banff, Canmore, Sylvan Lake, Jasper, and Lake Louise. These are great places for students to relax and explore. The weather of Alberta is somewhere between humid and hot; the winters are not as severe areas they are in the other parts of the country. 

Top Universities in Alberta

Alberta is host to a massive 12 universities, private and public. There are many Christian colleges in Alberta as well. The universities in Alberta offer exceptional education and also adequate exposure and initiates overall development of its students. It is home to some of the most renowned universities which offer courses in various disciplines and have an excellent academic. 

  •  The University of Alberta - Its central educational hub of Alberta that contributes to about 5% of the province’s economy. The institute has regularly been regarded as one of the 100 best universities in the world, and as one of the five best in Canada, with its English Literature and Language program among the top-30 worldwide. It imparts studies in the fields of native studies, law, pharmacy, education, engineering and a lot more. In addition to its academic courses, it is renowned for its research facilities as well.
  • The University of Athabasca - It is another essential university focuses on distance learning. It offers various online courses in different subjects and disciplines and his highly beneficial for those students who are working alongside studying. It is one of the leading academic and research university in the state of Alberta.
  • University of Lethbridge - It is another top-notch comprehensive academic university which has also partnered up with Alberta to provide vocational and bachelor’s degrees. The university also has a second campus in Calgary.
  • University of Calgary - The University offers more than 200 programs. With 13 faculties, digital libraries, and highly developed research institutes, the University of Calgary has found a place among top universities with its quality teaching and education. It has a 490-acre campus that houses many research centers.  

Popular Courses in Alberta

  • Literature Courses are also top-rated among students in Alberta. Canadian Literature in itself is quite vast, and due to the demographics, Canada is one of the best places to study literature and get the gist of it in its entirety. The University of Alberta is especially famous for its comprehensive literature courses which make students well-versed with history and critical application of theories on the literary texts.
  • Cosmetology Studies is another top-rated course in which one can find many students in Alberta pursuing. Students are trained in providing beauty and health services to the customers by the top professionals of the field. And there are also many other branches of this field which a student can choose according to their interests. 
  • Energy and Petroleum Studies is another top-rated and lucrative course which one can study in Alberta. Due to its economy, which is primarily based on crude oil and petroleum and related products, this course trains students in its management and also provides them with a vast scope of working there as well.
  • Commerce Courses are also popular in Alberta because it is a commercial center in itself and offers commerce graduates excellent working experience and job opportunities. One can learn a lot in classrooms and even more in the workplace. Management courses are equally high rated in Alberta, and a graduate can find many opportunities to excel in the field. 

Living Expenses and Part-time Jobs in Alberta

As compared to other places in Canada, housing, transport, entertainments, and taxes are relatively lower in Alberta, which makes it a very affordable place to live in. Coupled with its free and flourishing economy and its efficient educational system and its immigration-friendly environment, Alberta is one of the brightest spots on the map. The cost of living with various expenditure may include:

  • Accommodation, depending on whether one is living in a single room or a sharing basis can cost around $800–$1,050 per month.
  • Food in Alberta is quite cheap, and a monthly expense can be around $250 for three meals a day.
  • If one spends on entertainment, there are not much taxes, and a lavish expenditure will not warrant an average of $155 per month.
  • Alberta also has many opportunities for internships and part-time jobs which can help students live comfortably as on-campus jobs are also available. 
  • Alberta has a very student-friendly education system. Students can avail many scholarships, and even without scholarships, many institutes in Alberta do not require students to pay for their education. 
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