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490 Education Colleges in 6 Countries Offering 27705 Courses

Top universities for studying Education from abroad are - University Of Oxford, Trinity College Dublin, University Of Melbourne, University Of Auckland, National University Of Singapore.
The average tuition fee for the first year for studying Education from abroad averages at around $15171.
Applications to some of the universities & colleges are free but to some, they are paid. The average application fee for applying to colleges abroad stand at $87.
Details about top universities for studying Education abroad – One of the most famous university is University Of Oxford. The University Of Oxford is located in oxford, United Kingdom. University Of Oxford provides 3 courses under their Education program. The courses are Master Of Science - Mathematical Finance, Bachelor Of Arts - Computer Science & Master Of Science - Education - Child Development And Education. Next comes the Trinity College Dublin which is located at dublin, Ireland. Trinity College Dublin provides 11 courses under their Education program. The courses areMaster In Education, Master Of Fine Arts - Stage Design & Master Of Philosophy - Music Composition. Next comes the University Of Melbourne which is located at parkville, Australia. University Of Melbourne provides 81 courses under their Education program. The courses are Bachelor Of Arts - Criminology, Bachelor Of Arts - Ancient World Studies & Bachelor Of Arts - English And Theatre Studies. Connect with AdmitKard Experts to know more about studying Education in abroad.
Top degrees that students want to study in Education are B.S (Bachelor of Science), M.S. (Master of Science), M.F.A.D. (Master of Fashion and Apparel Design), I.M.A.M (Integrated Masters of Applied Management), M.J.M.C. + P.G.P. (Master of Journalism and Mass Communication + Post Graduate Program).
The work permit & laws although differs from country to country but at a broader level, Education has a very good scope in future. Education is one of the top AOSs that students want to study abroad from India. Not only the course curriculum of Education is good & in alignment to the latest trends in the markets, the Education from abroad, also gives the students a good chance of working and settling abroad.

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oxford, United Kingdom
3 Course Available
Master Of Science - Mathematical Finance

2 Yr 6 M

$35324 / Year



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dublin, Ireland
11 Course Available
Master In Education

1 Yr

$9755 / Year


Sep, Jul, Nov

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parkville, Australia
81 Course Available
Bachelor Of Arts - Criminology

3 Yr

$32512 / Year



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auckland, New Zealand
143 Course Available
Bachelor Of Arts - Criminology

3 Yr

$33688 / Year


Mar, Jul

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singapore, Singapore
18 Course Available
Master Of Music

2 Yr

$27700 / Year



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cambridge, United States
29 Course Available
Master Of Education - Teacher Education

1 Yr

$46340 / Year



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stanford, United States
70 Course Available
Master Of Arts - Education + Master Of Business Administration

2 Yr

$66540 / Year



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cambridge, United Kingdom
24 Course Available
Bachelor Of Arts - Modern And Medieval Languages - Honours

3 Yr

$19197 / Year



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gatton, Australia
1 Course Available
Bachelor Of Mathematics In Applied Mathematics

3 Yr

$41232 / Year


Feb, Jul

auckland, New Zealand
100 Course Available
Bachelor Of Arts - Economics

3 Yr

$28520 / Year


Feb, Jul

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singapore, Singapore
20 Course Available
Bachelor Of Science - Mathematical Sciences

2 Yr

$17450 / Year


Aug, Jul

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st-lucia, Australia
18 Course Available
B Education - Primary - Honours

4 Yr

$30672 / Year



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wellington, New Zealand
5 Course Available
Graduate Diploma In Fine Arts

1 Yr

$29890 / Year



View 4 More Similar Courses
palmerston-north, New Zealand
37 Course Available
Graduate Diploma In Teaching - Primary

1 Yr

$33400 / Year



View 36 More Similar Courses
cork, Ireland
1 Course Available
Master Of Science - Mathematical Modelling And Self-Learning Systems

1 Yr

$18000 / Year


Sep, Jul, Nov


The field of education enables a person to educate others. It will make you capable enough to handle a classroom and provide knowledge to those who aspire to learn. You will be able to influence people of all age levels, getting a chance to change their lives for the better. By studying in the field of education, you achieve, not only the respect of an educator, but you also get to act as a counselor, parent, friend, and confident.

UG/PG degrees

An Education degree is a helps a candidate to learn teaching and training techniques so that they can help students get intellectual and practical knowledge. An individual can opt to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in education which aims at making the individual efficient at Classroom management and teaching. A bachelor’s degree can be taken up after completing high school while a master’s degree is available after completing a bachelor’s degree. One can also opt for B.Sc in Education, which is awarded to candidates who have 3-4 years of study in science.

Exams required

All colleges abroad usually ask for English language proficiency (e.g. a TOEFL/IELTS certificate for English speaking country colleges) or any other language test (according to the country you apply). Apart from these exams there can also be a demand for other tests by the university or you may have to go for interviews which you must pass in order to get admitted to a particular degree.

Course details

The number of years taken to achieve an education graduation certificate may vary from one to five years, depending upon where you apply.  The number of years also depends upon the university that you intend to join. There are also various levels in this field, which is different in different countries.

Salary details

A doctor who has completed his Bachelor’s usually gets an average yearly pay of $35,00 to $99,000. An individual with higher educational qualification gets a comparatively high pay. The pay also goes up with the experience of the person. An experienced individual is highly demanded by universities all around the world.

Top Colleges

  • Ted University
  • NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
  • INTO University of South Florida
  • University of North Carolina
  • Flinders University


An individual after achieving his bachelor’s degree in education can opt for a job or can move forward for higher studies. Getting a master’s degree certainly enhances his/her resume, and also increases job opportunities. Universities have a high demand for experienced candidates who have also done specialization in a certain subject.

Top Colleges for Education by UG/PG


  • Ted University
  • NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences- Rengerselaan 8, 8917 DD Leeuwarden, Netherlands
  • University of North Carolina-601 S College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403, USA


  • INTO University of South Florida-4202 East Fowler Avenue #FAQO 100, Tampa, FL 33620, United States
  • Flinders University- Sturt Rd, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia

Course details


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees


Undergraduate - 1 to 5 years, Postgraduate – 1.5 to 2 years


Bachelor of Education, Master of Education, Specialization


●        Bachelor’s Degree: Must have attained a 10+2 pass certificate with a minimum score of 50% in any stream in either ICSE or CBSE or any other equivalent examination, with an IELTS score of 6.5.

●        Master’s Degree: Must have completed an undergraduate course, with a minimum aggregate score of 55%, and should have a minimum IELTS score of 6.5.

Admission Process

●        Select the University/College which is ideal for you.

●        Check for the application form in the chosen college site, and fill it carefully. In case you do not find any application form, request the University for an Application Form. You may have to fill in more than one form, depending upon which university you are applying in.

●        Almost all colleges require you to give an entrance exam, conducted by the university in which you apply or conducted by the college country.

●        Take the IELTS and TOEFL tests.

●        Arrange all the required documents and recommendation letters and send the University, along with the application form.

Course Fee

The average fee ranges from 9,000 USD to 19,000 USD

Average Salary

The average salary ranges from $35,000 to $99,000

Top recruiters

The National University of Educational Research and Training, National University of Educational Planning and Administration, Educomp Solutions, Everonn Education

Position offered

Community Education Officer, Education consultant, Principal, Corporate Trainer, Teacher, lecturer, Enumerators, Biostatistician


Top Universities

There are many Universities that offer courses in the field of Education. Students can choose their type of university after studying all the details about it. You should go through the college website and prospectus (if available) and check whether the faculty is an ideal one for you. Listed below are a few of the colleges from where you can choose to pursue your course.




Ted University

Kultur Mahallesi, Ziya Gokalp Cd.47-48, 06420 Cankaya/Ankara, Turkey


NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Rengerselaan 8, 8917 DD leeuwarden, Netherlands


INTO University of South Florida

4202 East Fowler Avenue #FAQO 100, Tampa, FL 33620, United States


University of North Carolina

601 S College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403, USA


Flinders University

Sturt Rd, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia



Requirements & Eligibility

Getting admitted to a Top University is tedious, but it is not impossible. It is advised to take help from an advisor, who will keep track of the deadlines and will also help you with getting all the necessary documents in time.

Academic Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine

  • Interested students must have completed 10+2 in either CBSE or ICSE board in any stream
  • For CBSE board: CGPA of 9.6 with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for or to the specialization chosen by you.
  • For CISCE board: Overall grade of at least 90%, with grades of at least 95% in three subjects (including any relevant to the course applied for or to the specialization chosen) and 85% in the other two subjects.

Masters Degree in Medicine
The student must have passed a Bachelor’s Degree with a good score.


English proficiency test score such as IELTS or TOEFL depending on the university.

Work Experience

Work experience is not asked for studying a bachelor in education, but a teaching experience may be asked for, for studying masters by some colleges/universities.

Other Requirements

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Student Visa
  • Statement of Purpose
  • CV

Admission Procedure

Taking admission abroad is certainly a difficult task but there are a few things that you can do to make things easier. It is advised to take help from an advisor. An advisor shall help you with the admission procedure and also keep track of all the deadlines. Deadlines are very important as missing these dates can lead to the termination of the application.

Entrance exams

An individual is also expected to attain a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS or TOEFL.

How to apply

  • Carefully select the ideal college for you
  • Download the application form, or request the same from the university, if it is not available in their site.
  • Take the required tests
  • You have to apply for a student visa, which, in certain cases, you can, only after the university selects you.
  • Prepare all the required documents and recommendation letters and send it to the desired University, along with the application form.


You can get various deadlines from the college site. If you have an educational advisor, then he shall also guide you.  You should be careful and must keep track of the deadlines, as missing these dates can cause trouble. There are three entries for a particular degree in a college or university i.e. spring entry, winter entry and summer entry.

Course & Syllabus Details Level wise

Starting with the undergraduate courses for both the subjects, certain basic courses are available in many universities around the globe but different regions provide specify courses as well. A Master’s degree preferably includes a kind of specialization on the stream chosen during the undergraduate course. Given below is a summary of the syllabus that is usually taught in the colleges.


Topics Covered

Why this is Covered?

Bachelor’s Degree

Basics in Education, Learner and Learning, Schooling, Socialization, and Identity

Teaches the students about teacher-education relation. It also enlightens students about basic about a good teacher.

Master’s Degree

Philosophical Foundations of Education –I, Philosophical Foundations of Education –II, Psychological Foundations of Education-I, Psychological Foundations of Education –II, Sociological Foundations of Education-I, Sociological Foundations of Education-II, Methodology of Educational Research & Educational Statistics-I

, Methodology of Educational Research & Educational Statistics –II

, Information and Communication Technology in Education - (Course V is Practical base)

, Educational Data Analysis through Statistical packages (Course X is Practical base) Comparative Education – I, Comparative Education – II, Curriculum Studies-I, Curriculum Studies-II, Special Papers, Special Papers, Dissertation / Special Paper, Dissertation / Special Paper

In master’s students usually, study about their specialization in depth.

Course Fee

The average tuition fee for studying medicine abroad ranges from 9,000 USD to 19,000 USD. Apart from the tuition fee, there are additional expenses, such as cost of living, cost of stationery, books, etc.


Tuition Fees(USD)/year

Other Expenses(USD)/month

Ted University



NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences



INTO University of South Florida



University of North Carolina



Flinders University



Career Scope

The career scope after getting a degree in education is quite wide. Universities, around the world, are always in search of individuals with qualifications in education have a specialization in a particular field. Usually, all universities and colleges check for some experience in teaching before they accept the person. Career areas available for an individual who has finished his graduation in education are:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Community and voluntary organizations

Future Ahead

There will always be a requirement for teachers. The employment of teachers has increased by 13% in the past ten years, and it is expected that the percentage will keep growing. The teachers not only educate their students, but they also train the students to work as a group, when it is needed, to work solo, when required and to work punctually helping everyone around them.

Jobs & Salary Scope

You must always keep yourself updated about the job positions that are available after you complete your graduation. You must always check on which job position will be right for you, and in which area, you can excel. The average salary for a person who has attained graduation in the field of education ranges from $35,000 to $99,000. Listed below are a few of the job positions that you can opt for.


Average Salary (Per Year)(in $)

Community Education Officer


Education consultant




Corporate Trainer










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