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sydney, Australia
Rank : #10
Duration -  
3 years
1 year Fee -  
Band 6.5
Intake -  
city-campus, Australia
Rank : #15
Duration -  
2 years
1 year Fee -  
Band 6.5
Intake -  
Duration -  
2 years
1 year Fee -  
Band 6.5
Intake -  
Feb, Jul
burnswick, Australia
Rank : #15
Duration -  
2 years
1 year Fee -  
Band 6
Intake -  
Feb, Jul
Duration -  
4 years
1 year Fee -  
Band 6.5
Intake -  
Feb, Jul
south-bank, Australia
Rank : #30
Duration -  
3 years
1 year Fee -  
Band 6
Intake -  
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About Australia

Today, Australia is the third most popular international student destination in the world. The country attracts around 300,000 international students every year, and the number has taken a sharp jump in 2018 and 2019. Further, universities and colleges in Australia are very diverse and well-equipped with world-class facilities and quality education which have benefitted not just the country, but the world. Australia is home to 43 universities which comprises 40 Australian universities, two international universities, and one private specialty university. 

The country has, somewhat, a special allure and has always been drawing talented students like a magnet. Studying in an Australian environment allows for invaluable academic, professional, and personal growth, and opens up an infinite number of career opportunities after graduation. Australian Universities also provide innumerable opportunities in many areas of technology and research, also benefitting from generous funding and offering support to international Ph.D. students. Even undergraduates and postgraduates have the opportunity to attend a Bachelor's and Master's program that involves research.

Apart from studies, University campuses in Australia have a life of their own, and they are like small student towns and encouraging students to socialize, interact, and make friends. Australia also has a multicultural environment, and Australian universities support cultural diversity and in this respect, organize various social and cultural activities.

Top Universities in Australia

The university or college that one chooses to go to can have a significant impact on the rest of one's life that's why it is better to have some research about the universities and their rankings. 

Fortunately, 37 of the world's best universities in the 2019 edition of the QS World University Rankings are in Australia, including 15 in the global top 250. The institutions at the very top of the ranking are well known for their higher education opportunities. According to the QS World University Rankings 2019, following are the top 15 universities in Australia:

  1. Australian National University
  2. University of Melbourne
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of New South Wales
  5. University of Queensland
  6. Monash University
  7. University of Western Australia
  8. University of Adelaide 
  9. University of Technology, Sydney
  10. University of Newcastle
  11. University of Wollongong
  12. Queensland University of Technology
  13. Curtin University
  14. Macquarie University
  15. RMIT University

Popular Courses in Australia

Universities located in Australia have a strong reputation worldwide. The Australian education system is known to be a strong proponent of internationalization and provides diverse programs which become a prime reason for its popularity among international students. The most popular majors in Australia are as follows:

  • Business and Management
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Law 
  • Education
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Environmental Science
  • Psychology

Living Expenses and Part-time Jobs

The prime reason for Australia being popular among Indian (International) students is due to the exceptional quality of education and also because of stay-back and immigration features. It offers some of the best undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the world, but also potentially high living costs one needs to be aware of. 

The Australian Government specifies AU$20,290 as the minimum amount required to cover living costs for one year. This figure excludes tuition fees or the cost of travel to and from the country. The average tuition fee for international undergraduate students is AU$30,840 per annum, whereas, for international postgraduate students, the average tuition fee is AU$31,596.

Generally, the cheaper the cost the further away from the city you will be, the more people you'll be living with, or the more rundown the accommodation will be. Expenses also vary depending on the city in which one chooses to study, with Sydney being more expensive, while Adelaide and Canberra are generally less costly.

International students in Australia are allowed to work up to 40 hours a fortnight during the university semester study periods and full-time during the vacation period. Following are the most popular part-time jobs that a student can take up at Australian universities:

  • Hospitality (working in cinemas, restaurants, bars, hotels, takeaway food stores, and sporting venues)
  • Tourism Management
  • Tutor
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Sales and Telemarketing
  • Administration or Clerical jobs
  • Retail


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The fashion industry is a broad industry; we have so many examples seen in India itself. Many students go abroad to study fashion courses like fashion technology, fashion designing, fashion journalism or communication etc. Basically, the term taken to study abroad in Fashion is designing so we will be discussing it majorly in the following. There are various kind of people needed for making a brand popular, fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi Mukherji are some of the top designers of India and their fashion brand is class apart with stunner clothes they design. London is known as the heart of fashion world, it is a great opportunity if one gets a chance to study fashion designing there. Along with the major studies you also come across this vibrant city which is filled with art, music and theatre.

UG/PG degrees 

  • BA (Hons) In Fashion Design ( 3 years )
  • EBFD ( European’s Bachelor’s degree in fashion styling and communication ) for 3 years
  • Bachelor’s In Fashion (Design Technology) for 3 years
  • Masters In Fashion Design ( 1 year )
  • Masters in Digital Fashion Communication ( 2 years )
  • Masters in Fashion Business ( 1 year )
  • Diploma in Fashion Design ( short course )
  • Diploma in Fashion Product Design ( 1 year )
  • Diploma of Applied Fashion Designing and Merchandising
  • BA (Hons) in Fashion Communication and Promotion
  • BA ( Hons ) in Fashion Designing ( Nottingham University )
  • Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Communication
  • Diploma in Fashion New Media
  • Masters in Fashion Communication and Styling
  • Masters in Fashion Communication and Management

Exams required

Normally to study abroad, the student is needed to produce their IELTS score or TOEFL score. These are language test and are very important if one wishes to study abroad as it checks the language proficiency of the student.  

Course details

Fashion designing is to design clothes in the most creative and comfortable way. Designing of various kinds of clothes change with the latest fashion trends, trends change in months or days, designers keep themselves updated with that. Designs are influenced with the cultural, social attitudes and are varied over time and place. Fashion designing also has a concept to comprehend where the designers need to know that with fashion there is comfort, it is then customers are attracted. Modern fashion designs are divided into two parts – haute couture and ready to wear. The haute couture collection is reserved for certain customers and is custom sized to fit them exactly. In order to qualify as an haute couture house, a designer has to be part of the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture and show a new collection twice a year presenting at least 35 different outfits each time. Ready to wear are the standard size which are on sale for the larger public, it is available at affordable prices for the middle-class society.

Salary details

The pay scale of the graduate’s who have taken a job after the degree of  is around $104,400 which is quite a good salary. It can range from $92,000 to $ 150,000 for the geologists and it has become one of the hotspot for the graduates.

Top Universities

  • Polimoda, France
  • Royal College of Art
  • Marangoni Fashion Institute
  • Ravensbourne University
  • Columbus College of Art and Design
  • Robert Gordon University


After doing bachelors degree in Fashion the graduates can opt for either a master’s degree or take up any job. Fashion has lot of opportunities and evergreen stream to pursue career.

Top Colleges for Fashion

  • Central Saint Martin
  • London School of Fashion
  • Kingston University
  • Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts
  • Parsons School of Design
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Bunka Fashion College

Course details Level wise



Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees


Undergraduate - 3 to 4 years, Postgraduate - 1 to 2 years


Bachelor of Science or Arts (Undergraduate), Master of Arts or Science (Postgraduate)


  • Bachelor’s Degree (must have completed class 12th with either the CBSE (All-India SSC) or CISCE (ISC) board, minimum IELTS score of 6.5 to 7 is required)
  • Master’s Degree (passed a Bachelor, IELTS or TOEFL, Recommendation letter and SOPs).

Admission Process

  • Identifying country, universities and the course of your interest

  • Request universities for Application forms

  • Taking various required tests

  • Arranging and preparing Essays and recommendation letters

  • Completing and Sending Application forms along with required documents

  • Reporting various test scores to the universities

Average Salary

It can range from $20,000 to $ 10,50,000


Top Universities Level wise

There are many Universities that offer both the courses in . Students can choose their type of university after studying all the details about it. Currently the most opted country to continue this course are UK, Canada, USA, Australia, etc.







1st Year Total Fees

Rs 35.63 Lakhs

Royal College of Art


1st Year Total Fees

Rs 41.37 Lakhs

Marangoni Fashion Institute


1st Year Total Fees

Rs 22.44 Lakhs

London School of Fashion


1st Year Total Fees

Rs 48.61 Lakhs

Kingston University


1st Year Total Fees

Rs 21.09 Lakhs


Requirements & Eligibility Level wise

To study in a top university, the student needs to fulfill some criteria. They should meet all the requirements so as to continue education from their desired college. The table shows some of the important criteria.


Academic Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree 

  • Interested students must have completed class 12th with either the CBSE (All-India SSC) or CISCE (ISC) board
  • For CBSE board: CGPA of 9.6 with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for
  • For CISCE board: Overall grade of at least 90%, with grades of at least 95% in three subjects (including any relevant to the course applied for) and 85% in the other two subjects.

Masters Degree 

  • Student must have passed a Bachelor of Science in with a minimum of 50% marks.


  • English proficiency test score such as IELTS or TOEFL depending on the university.

Work Experience

  • Well most of universities don’t ask for Work experience. But it totally depends on the admission process of the university as masters degree sometime needs work experience.


  • Letter of recommendation
  • State of Purposes


Admission Procedure Level wise

Taking admission to a top university or college can be a tiresome task. It is advised to the students that they should consult a advisor to get admission. Deadlines are one of the most important aspect to take admission as missing these dates can leads to cancellation of the application of the students. 

Entrance exams 

  • Appear for entrance exams such as IELTS or TOEFL to get admission. The student should also seek exams required other that this as according to the need of University.

How To apply 

  • Identifying country, universities and the course of your interest
  • Request universities for Application forms
  • Taking various required tests
  • Arranging and preparing Essays and recommendation letters
  • Completing and Sending Application forms along with required documents
  • Reporting various test scores to the universities


  • For summer start programs (Feb 21, 2019)
  • For fall-start Programs (May 7, 2019)
  • For Spring-start Programs (Sept 7, 2019)


Course & Syllabus Details



Topics Covered

Why this is Covered



Fabrics and Raw materials

Tools and Materials

Clothing Designing

Product Making

Pattern making by hand


Surface ornamentation

History of fashion designing.

In order to build a clear concept among the student, so they can get a job or continue to research in their particular field.


Fees, Average Fees



Tuition Fees(INR)

Other Expenses(INR)


32 Lakhs

4 Lakhs

Royal College of Art

42 Lakhs

10 Lakhs

Marangoni Fashion Institute

7 lakhs

5 lakhs

London School of Fashion

19 lakhs

6 lakhs

Kingston University

35 lakhs

3 lakh


Career Scope

There is a huge career scope in the Fashion industry. Art directors are in charge of the visuals i.e. images in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie and television productions. They create the overall design of a project and direct others who develop artwork and layouts.

Scope and Employment in Fashion


  • Floral Designers

Floral designers, also called florists, cut and set up live, dried, and silk flowers and greenery to make decorative displays. They also help customers pick and choose flowers, containers, ribbons, and other accessories.

  • Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers design, create, adjust, repair, appraise and sell jewelry.

  • Models

Models pose for artists, photographers, and other clients to help advertise a variety of products, including clothing, cosmetics, food, and appliances. Models also work as fitting models, enabling the fashion designer to achieve the best fit for new styles.

Employment Sector

  • Fashion Journalist
  • Fashion Assistant
  • Fashion Marketing Manager
  • Fashion Editor
  • Fashion Photographer

Jobs and Salary Scope

The annual salaries of fashion designers are usual as other jobs but as you excel in your creativity your pay increases. The designers always have a choice to work under an existing brand of clothes/shoes/accessories etc or set up their own label. In the case of Fashion communication, you have the role of fashion and media communication like marketing, public relations, journalism in the fashion industry.



Fashion Illustrator 


Fashion Stylist 


Fashion Coordinator 


Fashion Consultant 


Fashion Merchandiser



Study Abroad Expert & Co-Founder @ AdmitKard

Rachit believes in the power of education and has studied from the top institutes of IIIT Allahabad, IIM Calcutta, and Francois Rabelias in France. He has worked as Software Developer with Microsoft and Adobe. Post his MBA, he worked with the world's # 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group across multiple geographies US, South-East Asia and Europe.