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About Australia

Today, Australia is the third most popular international student destination in the world. The country attracts around 300,000 international students every year, and the number has taken a sharp jump in 2018 and 2019. Further, universities and colleges in Australia are very diverse and well-equipped with world-class facilities and quality education which have benefitted not just the country, but the world. Australia is home to 43 universities which comprises 40 Australian universities, two international universities, and one private specialty university. 

The country has, somewhat, a special allure and has always been drawing talented students like a magnet. Studying in an Australian environment allows for invaluable academic, professional, and personal growth, and opens up an infinite number of career opportunities after graduation. Australian Universities also provide innumerable opportunities in many areas of technology and research, also benefitting from generous funding and offering support to international Ph.D. students. Even undergraduates and postgraduates have the opportunity to attend a Bachelor's and Master's program that involves research.

Apart from studies, University campuses in Australia have a life of their own, and they are like small student towns and encouraging students to socialize, interact, and make friends. Australia also has a multicultural environment, and Australian universities support cultural diversity and in this respect, organize various social and cultural activities.

Top Universities in Australia

The university or college that one chooses to go to can have a significant impact on the rest of one's life that's why it is better to have some research about the universities and their rankings. 

Fortunately, 37 of the world's best universities in the 2019 edition of the QS World University Rankings are in Australia, including 15 in the global top 250. The institutions at the very top of the ranking are well known for their higher education opportunities. According to the QS World University Rankings 2019, following are the top 15 universities in Australia:

  1. Australian National University
  2. University of Melbourne
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of New South Wales
  5. University of Queensland
  6. Monash University
  7. University of Western Australia
  8. University of Adelaide 
  9. University of Technology, Sydney
  10. University of Newcastle
  11. University of Wollongong
  12. Queensland University of Technology
  13. Curtin University
  14. Macquarie University
  15. RMIT University

Popular Courses in Australia

Universities located in Australia have a strong reputation worldwide. The Australian education system is known to be a strong proponent of internationalization and provides diverse programs which become a prime reason for its popularity among international students. The most popular majors in Australia are as follows:

  • Business and Management
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Law 
  • Education
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Environmental Science
  • Psychology

Living Expenses and Part-time Jobs

The prime reason for Australia being popular among Indian (International) students is due to the exceptional quality of education and also because of stay-back and immigration features. It offers some of the best undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the world, but also potentially high living costs one needs to be aware of. 

The Australian Government specifies AU$20,290 as the minimum amount required to cover living costs for one year. This figure excludes tuition fees or the cost of travel to and from the country. The average tuition fee for international undergraduate students is AU$30,840 per annum, whereas, for international postgraduate students, the average tuition fee is AU$31,596.

Generally, the cheaper the cost the further away from the city you will be, the more people you'll be living with, or the more rundown the accommodation will be. Expenses also vary depending on the city in which one chooses to study, with Sydney being more expensive, while Adelaide and Canberra are generally less costly.

International students in Australia are allowed to work up to 40 hours a fortnight during the university semester study periods and full-time during the vacation period. Following are the most popular part-time jobs that a student can take up at Australian universities:

  • Hospitality (working in cinemas, restaurants, bars, hotels, takeaway food stores, and sporting venues)
  • Tourism Management
  • Tutor
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Sales and Telemarketing
  • Administration or Clerical jobs
  • Retail


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About Queensland

Queensland , the heart of Australia is one of the best places on the continent holding a large population backed up  breathtaking tourist sites and spots. The state has a varied composition in terms of geographical, climatic and demographic aspects. The place is named after Queen Victoria in honour of her act to seperate it as a colony from New South Wales. The capital city Brisbane is of utter significance as it is the epicentre of various destinations. The place is an example of quintessential Australian lifestyle.

Attractions are present in the entire and that's why it qualifies to be an appropriate tourist destination. Beaches, cafe culture and dining facilities are remarkable.The tropical climate proves to be an attractive point. The place is bestowed with places like Great Barrier Reef, stunning beaches, Whitsunday islands and South Bank museums.

The state is a home to all the major industries across the globe focusing primarily on farms,fishing and forestry, manufacturing and retail, hospitality, tourism and support. The Queensland government extends support on both starting a new business and expanding the existing one.

Top Universities in Queensland

The state is home to large number of universities providing education at a good pace , but if we talk about top or best it can be summed up only to these 4 or 5 universities as they bring the overall personality development component in an individual's educational journey.

  • The University Of Queensland - A public university with a very high research output and a global reputation for bringing positive change. It has three campuses and supports inclusive and diverse community learning.
  • University Of Southern Queensland- A multicultural university representing students from 90 countries providing best research culture. It believes in giving world-class research with high-impact solutions.
  • Griffith University- A leading university in Queensland with innovative courses and a great employability track record. It is ranked as among of the young universities across the globe.
  • Bond University- It is the first private university of Australia with extensive partnership to world - leaders in the market. The learning facilities and infrastructure are up to the point.
  • Central Queensland University- The largest university in Queensland with location in every mainland state. The place offers degrees as well as certificate courses ranging from vocational education to undergraduate studies.

The colleges in Queensland are as follows:

  • QUT Gardens Point Campus
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Endeavour College Of Natural Health
  • James Cook University
  • University Of Sunshine Coast

Popular Courses in Queensland

Queensland is a state offering multiple options to students at graduate and postgraduate level in order to facilitate better education mechanism and provide a stable future. The place has institutions providing best degree courses, graduate,undergraduate  and postgraduate courses.

Studying abroad is preferred only when the place has certain best institutions to study in with best courses in order to achieve best results. Queensland and Brisbane also provide certain other well acceptable courses with a great scope of success.

  • Urban Development -  Queensland University Of Technology gives this opportunity to gain experience in this highly practical area from the emerging sectors of industry.
  • Business- An area focussing on development of business skills in order to enhance the acceptability of talent in the market.
  •  Information Technology - A hands-on experience in the field of information technology is guaranteed with a successful career perspective.
  • Design- Development of innovative abilities to design and bring the best of creativity by practical experience.
  •  Digital Communication - Exploring the world of digitalisation by grabbing the necessary skills.
  •  Social Work - A learning of the essential social,ethical and legal practices across the globe in order to make society a better place.
  •  Business Process Management - A detailed learning of enterprise solutions , systems and architecture.
  •  Health,Safety and Environment - Advanced knowledge and specialised skills to undergo environment advisory roles .

Living Expenses and Part-Time Jobs in Queensland

Living abroad leads to lot of difficulties, especially as a student you need to take care of various aspects. One such aspect to be looked upon is the amount of living expenses incurred to sustain in Queensland for a better reasonable living. Queensland for students is relatively flexible when it comes to prices and facilities.

A question that needs to be answered is that Why Queensland should be chosen to stay? The answer lies in its benefits which make it a preferable place over others:

  • Only state in Australia with 6 international airports
  • Stable economy
  • Modern Infrastructural facilities
  • A vibrant cosmopolitan environment

The cost varies from place to place but given below is the general range of prices in Queensland.

  • Hostel -  Rs. 17300-29000 p/m ,
  • On campus- Rs. 17300- 54000 p/m,
  • Rental - Rs.31700- 84500 p/m.
  • Groceries and eating out -  Rs. (154oo- 53800 )p/m
  • Gas & Electricity - Rs.(6700- 27000) p/m 
  • Phone & internet -  Rs.(3900- 10600) p/m
  • Public Transport- Rs.(2880-10600)p/m

Part Time Jobs are available in order to maintain a financial balance between studies and other expenses. The domains in which part-time jobs are provided are as follows:

  • Sales Representative
  • Retail Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Administration Assistant
  • Service Desk Analyst

When we club these all expenses an average rate of living in Queensland can land up to Rs. 38 lakh for a year. Brisbane although is most expensive city in Australia due to the tourist attractions present in it. The graph of expenses is very much dependant on the place .


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Piyush values education and has studied from the top institutes of IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden and Tsinghua University in China. Post completing his MBA, he has worked with the world's # 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group and focused on building sales and marketing vertical for top MNCs and Indian business houses.
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With the increase in musculoskeletal problems due to the rigorous lifestyle of humans, the demand for Physiotherapist has also increased. It helps improve movement dysfunction, and functions of the human body. Hence, one must have thorough knowledge of the human anatomy and the intricacies of bones, muscles and nerves.

Excellent interpersonal skills which may include being empathetic, having patience and being able to understand people, are also required as one also needs to deal with the family members and relatives of the sick.

Course highlights

Master of Physiotherapy is a Postgraduate Academic Degree after bachelor’s awarded for a course or program in the field of Physical Therapy, more popularly known as Physiotherapy. It is also known as M.P.T. which is an abbreviated form of the Master of Physiotherapy degree. Some Institutes also abbreviate it as 'M.Th.' which also stands for Master of Physiotherapy. The duration of M.P.T. is 2 years. Physical Therapy programs provide practical learning experience which enables knowledge gain, skill and the required behavior expected from an expert Physiotherapist. The course curriculum is based on case studies and clinical practice so as to encourage students in critical thinking.

Eligibility for Master of Physiotherapy

Eligibility for Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) course is 50 % marks in BPT with completion of 6 months internship. Apart from this one also needs to clear the entrance test to get admission. Those candidates who have interest in research work and want to excel in the field with new innovations are very much eligible for this course.

Admission process

Admission into top colleges for pursuing Master of Physiotherapy requires some criteria to be fulfilled. These include, a student must secure 50% marks in BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) and should complete 6 months of internship to get admission into the MPT course in any college. The course is generally of two years, and the students are admitted after paying the required sum of fees in the college.

Syllabus and course description

The Master of Physiotherapy course is of 2 years, and in order to pursue it, a student must have completed his/her Bachelor of Physiotherapy course with 50% marks.

Within the course of 2 years, a student pursuing MPT gets his/her degree. There are many specializations within this field. Some of the Master of Physiotherapy Specializations includes- Orthopedics, Neurology, Cardio respiratory, Sports, Pediatric Neurology, Hand Rehabilitation, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Community Physiotherapy.

Top Colleges

Here we will look at top colleges to pursue Master of Physiotherapy for countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand ad UK and also look into latest admission alerts into these colleges.

Hopeful candidates who wish to begin a vocation in Physiotherapy abroad have loads of alternatives. Countries like USA, Australia, and Canada are in levels of popularity for competitors with graduation in Physiotherapy. Loads of individuals favor Physiotherapy as it treats sickness without utilizing medications and medical procedure and this is the principle motivation behind why Physiotherapy has increased wide acknowledgment and significance which prompt the expansion in openings for work for Physiotherapist.

Some of the best countries to pursue a course in Bachelor of Physiotherapy are:


Some of the best Masters Programs are-

  • University of Pittsburgh- MS in physical therapy as well as doctoral programs in physical therapy and bioengineering are provided to students.
  • College of Health Sciences at the University of Delaware- The department of physical therapy (Ranked top institution for physical therapy by the US News & World report.)
  • The University of South California- Department of physical therapy and bio mineralogy- neurological Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Pediatric Physical Therapy are some of its renowned courses.
  • The Washington University, St. Louis- Provides Physical Therapy Program that includes both masters and doctoral programs.

The salary of a physiotherapist ranges from $40,000-$100,000 per annum and that in the gulf ranges from $30,000-$72,000 per annum. On an average, a fresher can earn up to 56,200 USD per annum, and with a few years of experience up to 113,340 USD per annum.

There is always an opportunity in USA to advance your career. A competent, skillful, and knowledgeable physiotherapist can even rise up to managerial or supervisory positions. Some physiotherapists in the U.S. opt for teaching positions, and even go for Ph.D.


This profession is much sought-after in the world. Same is the case with Canada. To become a physiotherapist formal training is required. The physiotherapists in Canada require a master’s degree in physiotherapy from an accredited institution within Canada.

Clearance of a physiotherapy national exam is also necessary. A master’s degree program has replaced the undergraduate degree program as the minimum entry-level because the Canadian population is more sophisticated in their physiotherapy services demands. Graduates from accredited physiotherapy programs with master’s degree must have undergone numerous courses. The entry-level requirements are usually different for those who study outside Canada and they must undertake PCE (Physiotherapy Competency Exam) certification, a product of Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators which is a body for evaluating the qualifications of international physiotherapy graduates.

Before registering for a master’s course in physiotherapy, prospective postgraduates must ensure that the institutions have accreditation and some of the accredited universities are-

  • Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS: School of Physiotherapy
  • McGill University: School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • McMaster University: School of Rehabilitation Science
  • Queen’s University: School of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • University of Alberta: Rehabilitation Medicine
  • University of British Columbia: School of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • University of Manitoba: School of Medical Rehabilitation
  • Université Laval: Maîtrise en physiothérapie (M. Pht.)
  • Université Laval: Baccalauréat en physiothérapie (B. Pht.)
  • Université de Montréal: École de réadaptation
  • Université d’Ottawa: School of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • University of Saskatchewan: School of Physical Therapy
  • Université de Sherbrooke: Département de réadaptation
  • University of Toronto: Department of Physical Therapy
  • University of Western Ontario: Faculty of Health Sciences

Physiotherapy is the fifth most popular profession in the country and is therefore regulated with 50% of the workforce having private clinics.

To apply to many universities, one may want to consider fulfill the desired prerequisites for different schools like- Recognized bachelor's degree in any field (120 credits), Minimum of 70 volunteer hours or work experience with people with disabilities, Some of the following courses are also common prerequisites for physical therapy programs: Psychology; Statistics; Human Anatomy and Morphology; Mammalian Physiology; Literary Study; Effective Writing; “social science” or “humanities” course. E.g.- at Queen’s some of the desired prerequisites include- Philosophy, Music, History, Economics, and Religion. Therefore, one must always check the prerequisites of different schools before taking up the course.


Canadian university graduates with academic backgrounds in Kinesiology, Health Sciences and Human Kinetics run after Australian university, graduate-entry physiotherapy degrees as Australia is the world leader in the physiotherapy field.

Five of Australian universities have a graduate-entry physiotherapy programs usually labeled as Master of Physiotherapy Studies or Doctor of Physiotherapy degrees. Similar to USA physiotherapy is physical therapy.

There are few (Doctor of Physiotherapy/Master of Physiotherapy) programs available for the students and therefore the entry is competitive.

Some of the world-renowned Universities in Australia are-

  • Australian Catholic University: School of Physiotherapy
  • Bond University
  • Charles Sturt University (Albury-Wodonga)
  • Curtin University of Technology: School of Physiotherapy
  • Griffith University: School of Physiotherapy & Exercise Science
  • James Cook University: Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences
  • La Trobe University: School of Physiotherapy
  • Macquarie University: Sydney Australia – Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • Mon ash University: Department of Physiotherapy
  • University of Canberra: School of Health Sciences
  • University of Melbourne: School of Physiotherapy
  • University of Notre Dame Australia: School of Physiotherapy
  • University of Newcastle: School of Health Sciences
  • University of Queensland: Department of Physiotherapy
  • University of South Australia: School of Health Sciences
  • University of Sydney: School of Physiotherapy
  • University of Western Australia: Centre for Musculoskeletal Studies

4. UK

If we are talking about Education then UK can’t be left behind. The UK student life is outstanding with beautiful campuses and hustling vibes. With all the facilities provided one can engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality education.

  • Robert Gordon University
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Bradford
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Liverpool
  • Cardiff University
  • Plymouth University
  • Coventry University
  • University of Worcester

5. New Zealand

The Master of Physiotherapy (MPhty) program providing specialties in the following areas (Neurorehabilitation, Occupational Health Physiotherapy or Sports Physiotherapy) aims to advance clinical reasoning and patient management skills providing one of the prerequisites necessary to achieve specialization. The one-semester research component comprises of- the design and implementation of a small research project, a case series, a data-based clinical review, a systematic or critical review under the supervision of a member of staff etc.

Alternatively, two papers can be undertaken from the approved schedule and a thesis so that the student can obtain a research master's (MPhty). The School of Physiotherapy has a strong postgraduate research programme currently supporting numerous masters’ research students working on topics ranging from neurological disorders to anatomical studies.

Registered physiotherapists are eligible for this course. International students must obtain Special Purpose Scope of Practice from the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand before arriving in New Zealand.

For the endorsed Master's, distance based students must be practicing physiotherapy whilst undertaking the clinical paper in Year 2 of the programme and should note that some papers involve attending residential blocks in Dunedin and phoning in on audio conferences. The students for the On-campus programs would be based at the School of Physiotherapy, Dunedin.

Latest Admission Alert

Generally in Australia which is home to best colleges this course has an early closing date to submit applications by the 31st May of every year for domestic applicants and 31st March every year for international applicants. Domestic applicants must apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

For top colleges in UK the course starts generally in the month of September which means the admission will start generally in the month of March and April. The Candidates are required to submit their applications before the ending date of the admission.

Students can get information about all the admission related important dates by consulting a mentor or visiting the site of AdmitKard.

Career prospects

The field of Physiotherapy is a major field of employment in Australia, Canada, US, UK and New Zealand and as such it increases the scope of practicing Physiotherapy abroad.

Employment Areas generally includes Defence Medical Establishments, Educational Institutions, Fitness Centers, Health Institutions, Hospitals, Orthopedic Departments, Physiotherapy Equipment Manufacturers, Private Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers for The Handicapped, Sports Training Facilities, Schools for the Mentally Retarded and Physically Disabled Children with jobs like- Chief Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Lecturer, Research Assistant, Researcher, Sports Physio Rehabilitator, Self Employed Private Physiotherapist and Therapy Manager etc.

Study Abroad Expert & Co-Founder @ AdmitKard

Piyush values education and has studied from the top institutes of IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden and Tsinghua University in China. Post completing his MBA, he has worked with the world's # 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group and focused on building sales and marketing vertical for top MNCs and Indian business houses.