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P.G.D.M. - Colleges, Courses, Fees & Scope

487 P.G.D.M. Colleges in 6 Countries Offering 6076 Courses

P.G.D.M. is one of the top degrees that students want to study abroad from India. Not only the course curriculum of P.G.D.M. is good & in alignment to the latest trends in the markets, the P.G.D.M. degree from abroad, also gives the students a good chance of working and settling abroad. The work permit & laws although differs from country to country but at a broader level, P.G.D.M. has a very good scope in future.
Top departments that students want to study in P.G.D.M. are Advertising, Business Engineering, Business Administration, Education and Culinary Arts. Some of the top universities for studying P.G.D.M. from abroad are - Harvard University, Trinity College Dublin, National University Of Singapore, University Of Melbourne, University Of Auckland. The average tuition fee for the first year for studying P.G.D.M. from abroad averages at around $16049. Applications to some of the universities & colleges are free but to some, they are paid. The average application fee for applying to colleges abroad stand at $89.
Details about top universities for studying P.G.D.M. abroad – One of the most famous university is Harvard University. The Harvard University is located in cambridge,United States. provides 8 courses under their P.G.D.M. program. The courses are Master Of Business Administration, Doctor Of Business Administration - Strategy & Master Of Public Administration + Master Of Business Administration - International Development. Next comes the Trinity College Dublin which is located at dublin, Ireland. Trinity College Dublin provides 9 courses under their P.G.D.M. program. The courses are Master Of Science - Healthcare Infection Management, Master Of Science - Economics & Master Of Science - Development Practice.Next comes the National University Of Singapore which is located at singapore, Singapore. National University Of Singapore provides 13 courses under their P.G.D.M. program. The courses are Master Of Business Administration + Master In Public Administration, Master Of Business Administration - Strategy And Organisation & Master Of Business Administration. Connect with AdmitKard Experts to know more about studying P.G.D.M. in abroad.

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cambridge, United States
8 Course Available
Master Of Business Administration

2 Yr

$46340 / Year



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dublin, Ireland
9 Course Available
Master Of Science - Healthcare Infection Management

1 Yr

$17965 / Year


Sep, Jul, Nov

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singapore, Singapore
13 Course Available
Master Of Business Administration + Master In Public Administration

1 Yr

$62000 / Year



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parkville, Australia
42 Course Available
Master Of International Business

2 Yr

$44032 / Year


Feb, Jul

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auckland, New Zealand
20 Course Available
Master Of Planning

1 Yr

$32392 / Year


Mar, Jul

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auckland, New Zealand
46 Course Available
Graduate Diploma In Business Studies

1 Yr

$26380 / Year


Feb, Jul

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cambridge, United Kingdom
1 Course Available
Masters In Finance

1 Yr

$25700 / Year



palmerston-north, New Zealand
23 Course Available
Postgraduate Diploma - Logistics + Supply Chain Management

1 Yr

$24100 / Year


Feb, Jul

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singapore, Singapore
7 Course Available
Fellows Master Of Business Administration

2 Yr

$20000 / Year


Jul, Sep

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stanford, United States
6 Course Available
Master Of Arts - Education + Master Of Business Administration

2 Yr

$66540 / Year



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brisbane-cbd, Australia
1 Course Available
Master Of Business - Advertising

2 Yr

$40064 / Year


Feb, Jul

st-lucia, Australia
15 Course Available
Graduate Certificate - Business

0 Yr 6 M

$37800 / Year


Feb, Jul

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dunedin, New Zealand
83 Course Available
Master Of Business

1 Yr

$27600 / Year


Feb, Jul

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singapore, Singapore
9 Course Available
Ie - Smu Master Of Business Administration

1 Yr

$74900 / Year


May, Sep, Dec

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canberra, Australia
28 Course Available
Master Of Environmental Management And Development

2 Yr

$32256 / Year


Feb, Jul

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Post in Management is a program related to management, which focuses on creating professionals and business leaders in the market and paving the way to build sustainability and professionalism. The course is focussed on developing skills and nurturing qualities essential for enhancing the business environment today. The curriculum focuses on changing the methodology of studies to a more practical, business-oriented, and practical . Students go on to pursue good career growth in private, public, and non-governmental organizations. Students go on to become executives, analysts, and portfolio managers after the completion of the course. Degree from a recognized also helps in getting admitted to the renowned universities around the world for higher studies.  


PGDM program is a professional course focussing on the business and executive roles to be pursued in the companies around the world. The course is built in a way to fulfil the demands of the market by providing them with professionals who can take up responsible managerial positions after the completion of their course.

Exams Required

For pursuing PGDM courses abroad, categories of entrance exams is required. The first category includes the testing of aptitude, for which and are the ideal exams. The second category focuses on the English language competence of the candidate, for which and scores are accepted by different business schools around the world. 



IELTS- 6.5

Course Details

PGDM degree is similar to the MBA programs, except that the former follows a practical approach in the overall development of the management skills of the individual. The PGDM curriculum focuses on taking up case studies during the course of the degree and hence helps the students prepare for the real-life scenarios in their professional career ahead. in Management can focus on a niche like HR, while also gaining traction for the new age courses like that in Strategic Management as offered in colleges in New Zealand, to normal executive finance degrees. 

Salary Details

Since PGDM is a professional program having a great range of acceptability around the professions of the world, the salary is dependant on the profile of the job the candidate has taken up. For the young ones entering the field without any prior experience, the average salary be in the range of Rs. 3-4 Lakhs per annum, the mid and high-level professionals can have CTC worth 20 Lakhs and above.

Top Universities For PGDM

  • London Business
  • Harvard University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Oxford
  • London of Economics and Political

Top Colleges For PGDM by Location

  • The Wharton , Philadelphia, United States
  • MIT Sloan of Management, Cambridge, United States
  • HEC Paris, France
  • The Kellog of Management, Evanston, United States
  • INSEAD, Singapore

PGDM Course Details

Course Detail 



Post Program


2 Years (Mostly)


Degree Course


  • 10+2 level of education
  • Secondary or high qualification/ foundation course/Acceptable High Certificate
  • High Proficiency Certificate
  • English proficiency score

Admission Process

Students need to apply to the respective universities they are interested in on their portal. After having submitted their scorecards and the documents required, an obligatory exam conducted by the universities (in some cases) has to be attempted. After clearing the exam, the candidate can get admitted to the in accordance with the country and norms. 

Course Fee

The average per PGDM costs 2-3 lakhs (India) and 19-20 lakhs (abroad)

Average Salary

The average salary for a PGDM student (fresher) is in the range of Rs. 3-4 Lacs per annum.

Top Recruiters

  • Government Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Start-Ups
  • Finance Firms
  • Corporations

Position Offered

  • Banker
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Auditing Professional
  • Business Manager
  • Operations Manager

PGDM- Top Universities

Universities offering programs in management post-graduation are located mostly in the United States, with countries like France, UK and Singapore following the league. The for PGDM programs abroad around Rs. 19-20 Lakhs depending on the as well as the location. The details on the location, and universities can be found in the following table:




University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB T6G 2R3, Canada

Region: Canada


Rs. 20.75 lakhs 

The University of British Columbia

, Canada

Region: Canada


Rs. 12.88 Lakhs

University of Greenwich

London, UK

Region: UK


Rs. 17.61 lakhs

Technical University of Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Region: Germany


Rs. 7.04 lakhs

PGDM -Requirements and Eligibility

Most of the universities around the world offer PGDM courses with a minimum of 60 per cent in the graduation course of the candidate. High requirements are also in the range of 60-65 per cent along with a valid or score. Along with this, a number of universities abroad conduct their own entrance to facilitate admission on the basis of the merit of the candidate. The documents required in general for pursuing a PGDM course in a foreign is as follows:

  • English Proficiency Certificate
  • Degree (Minimum 60 per cent)
  • High Certificate
  • or score (80 and 6.5 respectively)
  • : In the range of 45-50.

PGDM-Admission Procedure

Generally, students get options in order to pursue the program. The first is to fill up the form (available on their website). The second option is to send the copied of the documents in order to be accepted by the respective . The admission of the universities are available on the website. Most admissions take place in the and , while winters too are very much in demand. The students need to have the following necessary documents along in general:

  • High Proficiency Certificate
  • Class Xth and XIIth
  • Graduation Degree from a recognized
  • Letter of Recommendation (, required for certain universities)
  • Visa Certificate
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Financial Account Information

PGDM- Course and Syllabus Details

PGDM, being a professional program is a very popular course among the students of today's generation. The program focuses on the practical aspects of management, which helps the students do well in their professional career ahead in life. The subject also has theoretical portions, which is by various case studies to provide a genuine insight into the subject matter. While most of the PGDM courses are of 20 months, some also be 24 months long, ranging up to 4 semesters.


Topics Covered


Principles of Management

Certain initial principles

Introduction to the candidate about the basics of management

Financial Accounting

Accounting along with finances

Practical concepts are focussed upon

Human Resource Management

Focus on the overall recruiting process

A better insight into human resources as a subject matter.

Managerial Economics and Strategy

Focus on Economics involved while managing the available resources

Theoretical approach with practical applications

Business Environment

Focus on Business Development

Involves strategic learning of business environment in the market.

PGDM- Fees and University Wise Course Fees

PGDM as a professional course helps students gain an edge over the environment in the market. The for the course range between Rs. 3-4 Lakhs per in the domestic universities while it is Rs. 19-20 Lakhs in a foreign . This keeps on varying with locations and universities. The following list can be seen for more detail:


Tuition Fees

Other Expenses

University of Alberta


Rs. 20.75 Lakhs

Rs. 3.5 Lakhs

The University of British Columbia


Rs. 12.88 Lakhs

Rs. 3.6 Lakhs

University of Greenwich


Rs. 17.61 lakhs

Rs. 4.7 Lakhs

PGDM - Career Scope

Any career depends on the knowledge acquired in graduation or post-graduation. PGDM is a professional course bringing into light better prospects across the world. The industries around the world widely seek for professional individuals with management or executive skills. Banking, Non-Governmental and Retail Sectors accept individuals with PGDM course. Many professionals work in companies like J.P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley with a PGDM degree. While freshers can also start their career with a paid internship to gain some practical experience, the experienced individuals seek can get direct managerial positions in reputed finance firms. Along with this, different businesses also seek for individuals working as an HR recruiter or analyst with a PGDM specialization. The top recruiter of PGDM students are as follows:

  • Government Organisations- Financial Analyst and Operational Manager
  • Management Firms : HR Recruiter
  • Finance Related Firms : Portfolio Managers, Bolt Operator and Trading Professional.

PGDM- Jobs & Salary Scope

The corporate sector employs PGDM professionals with a package of Rs. 4-6 Lakhs per annum. With more professional experience, the package too keeps on increasing. 

Position Offered

Average Salary

Portfolio Manager


HR Manager


Operational Manager


About the Author
Piyush Bhartiya
Study Abroad Expert & Co-Founder @ AdmitKard
Piyush values education and has studied from the top institutes of IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden and Tsinghua University in China. Post completing his MBA, he has worked with the world's # 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group and focused on building sales and marketing vertical for top MNCs and Indian business houses.