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Country: United Kingdom Area Of Study: Law 
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About Law

Law is a protocol that defines the regulating actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties. Students are attracted to this course as there are various jobs and opportunities available in this department. Law is a course that offers placement in the judiciaries. Law Degrees are highly regarded as they give the ability to reason, to analyze and negotiate, and communicate with people around them. A good law school can provide the necessary education and opportunities that lead to an exciting and challenging career as a lawyer, solicitor or barrister. The High paying ranks in the field of Business, banking, politics and government are also covered in this field. In the global economy of today, an international law degree is extremely beneficial for a great career in law. Different Countries provide different ways to pursue law as a stream of study. In U.S.A we can study a JD (Judicial Degree) and then progress to an LLM (Masters of Law) as a graduate. In the UK, Australia and New Zealand, we can pursue an LLB (Bachelor of Law).

Degrees in the field of Law

There are several courses offered to students from this popular field of studies such as JD, LLB, J.S.D, L.L.M., Bachelors in Arts (Law), MPhil and many more in minors are also offered to the student so they can learn extra things.

JD (Juris Doctor)

Also known as Doctor of Jurisprudence degree is a course which is a graduate professional degree and one of the Doctor Law degrees. It is mainly earned in countries like the U.S.A, Australia and Canada. It is a 3-year duration master's program which provides the opportunity to pursue a legal education in a collegial and student-centred environment. It's a degree that in most common law jurisdiction is the primary professional preparation for lawyers. To authorize to practice law in the courts of a given state, the majority of individuals hold a J.D. degree. The Jobs in this sector are various such as Judges, Judges’ Associate and others in the judicial sector, Barristers and Public Prosecutors, Lawyers in Law firms, In-house and corporate lawyers, Lawyers in the community sector, Government lawyers, Policy analysts and advisers in government, Merchant bankers, Entrepreneurs and many more.


The Bachelors of Laws is an Undergraduate degree in law (first professional degree in law, depending on jurisdiction). It is generally a 3 years duration bachelors program which enables the student who holds the degree level qualification to complete a law degree in 3 years. To practice law, it is necessary to have a legal education. The course's structure provides knowledge of the legal system and legal principles and to cultivate a capacity for legal research. The student pursue this course in order have a strong base and thorough knowledge on legal studies because after this course the students opt for a career or they want to pursue a master degree but whatever they do they need to have good bachelor’s degree on law which is L.L.B. The career options and jobs are various in this field such as in Litigation, Judiciary, Academics, civil services. The course covers a huge genre of subjects such as jurisprudence, contracts, Legal Methods, Litigation Advocacy, Family Law, Administrative Law, Law Of Taxation, Law of Evidence and many more.


The Doctor of Juridical Science, also called Doctor of Laws, is the research doctorate in law which is equivalent to the more commonly awarded research doctorate in law. It is a 2 years duration master's program which is one of the foremost professional degree programs which are sought by the students from across the world who want to become a researcher in the legal studies. To study this degree is limited as this degree is open to a small number of well-qualified students who hold a JD or L.L.B. Students in the program pursue a course of advanced and developed form substantive expertise in one or more fields of law. The degree requires two semesters of residency and it is necessary for the individuals admitted to the program to demonstrate substantial potential for being able to write a thesis of publishable quality which can prove to be a significant scholarly contribution to the concerned field.


The L.L.M. is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. Law students from across the world frequently pursue the course in order to gain expertise in a specialized field of law. It has various opportunities as the law firms prefer candidates with an L.L.M. degree as it indicates that a lawyer has acquired, specialized legal training and is qualified to work in a multinational legal environment. The Jobs offered in this field are many such as Advocates, Attorney General, Public Prosecutor, Notary, Sub-Magistrate, Legal Experts, Law Teacher, Law officer, Legal Assistants, Legal Counsel, legal Head and many more.

Top Countries to study law

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. China

Top Universities to study Law

Some of the best law colleges in the world to provide quality education in law and covers most of the degree in law are

1. Stanford Law School

2. London School of Economics

3. Melbourne Law School

4. University of Chicago

5. Harvard Law School

These colleges attract thousands of students from all across the world to come here and pursue law as these colleges are home to research and innovating new ideas to help society. These colleges provide internships to the students who get to work on real cases which help them to understand the context more clearly. Getting a degree from one of these colleges a student can get a job easily or they can pursue to research in their field of interest. Many scholarship programs are offered to the students that act as financial aid to the students. The students cross the toughest exams just to get admission in these colleges and to secure their future.

About United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or simply UK, is one of the most popular study destination for higher studies. Being home to globally top ranking universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, University of Birmingham and the Durham University. UK has a myriad of universities and colleges, both public and private in nature and execution.

Here is a list of some of the many esteemed universities and colleges in UK.

  • Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
  • Aston University, Birmingham
  • Bangor University
  • University of Bath
  • University of Bedfordshire, Luton and Bedford
  • University of Birmingham
  • Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln
  • University of Bradford
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Buckingham
  • University of Cambridge
  • Cardiff University
  • Cranfield University
  • University of Derby
  • University of Dundee
  • Durham University
  • University of East London

Some of the most sought after courses in UK are listed below-

  • Science and Engineering
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Business and Management
  • Finance and Commerce
  • Economics and Accountancy
  • Education and Teaching
  • Nursing and Healthcare

For all students interested to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom of Britain, must aim at the leading universities and colleges. It is suggested that scholarships and grants be applied for, in order to reap complete benefits of education.

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