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Country: United Kingdom Area Of Study: Professional Studies 

3 Universities having 62 Professional Studies courses found in England

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Campus - cardiff, United Kingdom
University Rank - #22
Address - Cardiff CF10 3AT, UK
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Campus - dundee, United Kingdom
University Rank - #27
Address - Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4HN, UK
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Campus - london, United Kingdom
University Rank - #43
Address - Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 0HB, UK
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About Professional Studies

Professional Studies is a term used to define academic degrees, or sometimes non-academic degrees for a specific profession. It classifies the academic-based programs into theory as well as practical based learning in the best possible way. The students are trained accordingly in professional degree programs to ensure expected standards and provide the best service in any future profession. Some degrees require undergraduate or postgraduate studies for getting an admission in further technical training. This is due to the fact that these programs provide professional courses that enhance the skills required for employment. Professional Studies may be further classified into Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS), Master of Professional Studies (MPS), or Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS).

Types of Programs

The types of programs in Professional studies are:

Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS)

Bachelor of professional studies is similar to a Bachelor of General studies with a substantial prominence on technical as well as practical training and a lower prominence on liberal arts.  Individuals, who wish to complete their Bachelor’s Degree in a specific field and have an associate’s degree, can opt for a BPS course.

Course and Curriculum

A Bachelor of Professional Studies program is a program that is available in many actions such as accounting, computer information systems, culinary arts, business administration, etc. with career advancement programs in areas such as government, non-profit, commerce, services, and technology. Depending upon the institution, the degree program offers a flexible schedule along with a minimal number of transferable credits and an associate's degree in any technical or professional field.

Job Opportunities

The salary may vary distinctly from one industry to other industry. The most popular countries for graduates with a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree include United States of America, Canada, and Australia. According to Payscale.com, some of the higher-paying jobs for graduates include insurance and financial services and can vary from $60,000 to $80,000 per year.

Master of Professional Studies (MPS)

Professional school programs offer the courses of study that are interdisciplinary and advanced programs that help to prepare students in a specific career path. The Master of Professional Study program is the advanced level of Bachelor of Professional Study exam and focuses much more on practical skills rather than theory or research, for aspiring professionals.

Course and Curriculum

The students are required to complete a Bachelor’s degree along with a compulsory internship in any specific field of study to pursue a Master’s degree. Along with an undergraduate degree, the students are also required to give entrance tests such as Graduate Record Examination to get an admission into the chosen university. The top fields offering a Master’s degree are Information science, applied statistics, Biotechnology, Computer Science, cybersecurity risk management, Human resources, journalism, Business art, and design, etc.

Top Universities

There are a number of universities offering a Master’s degree in a variety of fields. Some of them are:

The city college of New York, USA

Cornell University, USA

The University of Sydney, Australia

University of Southampton, UK

George Washington University College of Professional Studies, USA

University of Southern Queensland, Australia

University of Southampton, UK

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies, USA

Pennsylvania State University Smeal College of Business, USA

Penn State University, USA

Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS)

 The Doctor of Professional Studies is a program based on applied research which can contribute to the advancement of knowledge of the researchers along with the society. The DPS degree provides an opportunity for the growth of an individual as well as the organization by creating an advanced knowledge for professional use. The aim of this program is to provide experienced professionals a chance to explore their own unique area of interest and develop relevant knowledge which is meaningful to their professional capabilities.

 On successful completion of the Doctor of Professional Studies program, graduates are able to:

  • Identify issues and work towards solving them.
  • Develop skills which demonstrate intellectual independence using critical thinking and the required knowledge.
  • Contribute to the advancement of society by integrating empirical, methodological and theoretical knowledge.
  • Gain leadership qualities in their chosen profession.
  • Demonstrate appropriate skills and develop an awareness of ethical dilemmas to explain and present a complex investigation for external examination that can add value to their profession.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to take admission to any university for a Doctorate of Professional Program, the following requirements must be satisfied:

Completion of a bachelor’s degree along with honors or a Master's degree or equivalent.

A minimum of five years of work experience in the chosen field of professional practice.

Any of the four language tests namely TOEFL iBT ®, TOEFL®PBT, IELTS or C1 Advanced.

Written application and an interview.

The doctor of professional studies program is generally divided into two stages and lasts not more than 5 years. The first stage lasts for one year and allows the candidates to research in their respective field. The second stage lasts at least two years and can take up to than three years. This is when the project activity leads to the final report of research conducted in the first stage. The length of the program depends on one institution to the other and the requirements of the faculty which may include work in several fields related to the subject of discipline. The size of any program is identified through its academic credits. Thus, every university specifies a required number of credits which needs to be fulfilled at the end of the academic program by every student.

Any Professional Degree program includes a compulsory research project at the end of the course duration along with the learning and practicing of the chosen degree. Studies involve the analysis and understanding of an independent thesis in addition to a supervised project or a report. The good institutions offering a Professional degree course emphasize more on the practical based study along with the theory, conduct regular seminars to interact with the students and organize workshops related to their fields of study. Although being a Professional Graduate requires a big commitment, it enhances their professional capabilities which help in creating greater knowledge for the community.            



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