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Country: Canada Area Of Study: Social Science 

21 Universities having 405 Social Science courses found in Ontario

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Campus - quebec, Canada
University Rank - #3
Address - 845 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3A 0G4, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - calgary, Canada
University Rank - #7
Address - 2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - toronto, Canada
University Rank - #8
Address - 4350 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 4X5, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - toronto, Canada
University Rank - #10
Address - 4700 Keele St, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - halifax, Canada
University Rank - #16
Address - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - winnipeg, Canada
University Rank - #17
Address - 66 Chancellors Cir, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - toronto, Canada
University Rank - #19
Address - 1125 Woodchoppers Ln, Toronto, ON, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - ottawa, Canada
University Rank - #21
Address - 1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - saint-john, Canada
University Rank - #24
Address - 230 Elizabeth Ave, St. John's, NL A1C 5S7, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - toronto, Canada
University Rank - #25
Address - 350 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 2K3, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
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About Social Science

The subject of social science is concerned with the society and the relationship among the individuals within the society. It deals with the history, geography, political relationship, public relationships, economy etc. It deals with academic disciplines rather than the scientific disciplines. As the term suggests Social Science means the science of society. It is a branch of science which deals with the functioning, problems of the society as a whole. It is quite different from natural science where the theory is formulated on the basis of perception and observation whereas social science has its theory formulated by observing real-life situations.

The area of social science includes the following areas

  • Anthropology
  • Area studies
  • Business studies
  • Civics
  • Communication studies
  • Criminology
  • Demography
  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Environmental studies
  • Gender Studies
  • History
  • Geography
  • Industrial relations
  • Information science
  • Law
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social work
  • Sustainable development

There are plenty more of disciplines that comprise social science. The study of human, communication, production, distribution, consumption of wealth, the standard of living, human geography, physical geography, history-ancient, medieval or modern, law, linguistics, political science and so on. The area of social science seems endless, there are several branches which make it a subject of interest and exploration. It is not restricted to a certain limit, its area is wide and vivid. The students from this field always have a challenging career and have a great future prospect. This branch of science is all about the social aspects of society.

Other than these disciplines, following are some additional applied or interdisciplinary area related to social science,

  • Archaeology
  • Area studies
  • Behavioral Science
  • Computational social science
  • Demography
  • International studies
  • Legal management
  • Library science
  • Marketing

Career in the field of Social Science

Almost every university in the world provides degree courses in the field of social science. The bachelor degree of social science is a major degree in the field which has various disciplines. Apart from this, the bachelor of arts, Bachelor of Science, bachelor of economics degree are also the preferred degrees in the field of social sciences. Following are the degrees in the field of social science:-

  • BA (social science)
  • MA (social science )
  • BBA
  • LLB
  • LLM
  • MSc
  • BSc
  • B.Com
  • BBS
  • Hotel management
  • Advertising
  • Business Management
  • Bachelor degree in Economics (Microeconomics, Macro Economics)
  • BA(Linguistics)
  • Media
  • Travel and tourism course

The degrees in the field of social science are the opportunity to learn the basics knowledge of social science. The students can choose any degree of their interests and can go ahead in their career. The students should not only research about the degree programs as well the best universities around the world which provides the best education along with the best guidance from the expert faculties.

Top universities in the field of social science

The best universities in the field of social science are from UK, USA, Canada, Singapore etc. These institutions are the dream of every student who wants to study abroad. They should know about the curriculum and the eligibility criteria for admission in these universities. They should be proficient in the English language and should have a passing certificate in English proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, SAT. Given is the list of the universities for social science across the world:-

  1. University of Oxford, UK
  2. Harvard University, UK
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
  4. Stanford University, USA
  5. Princeton University, USA
  6. Cardiff metropolitan university, UK
  7. University of Buckingham, UK
  8. Durham University, UK
  9. UMass Lowell
  10. Massey University, New Zealand
  11. University of Chicago, Chicago
  12. Columbia University, New York
  13. University of California, California
  14. Yale University, Connecticut
  15. University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

The universities mentioned above are the best institutions which provide an environment well suited for learning social science. And the fee structure is also different in every institute, the students should check out the eligibility criteria, fee structure and place of accommodation beforehand.

If a student wants to pursue his/her bachelor abroad, there is a basic procedure that makes the work simpler. The students have to follow a process for applying for the degree. First of all, the should gather all the documents related to the application. These are the statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, students CV, admission essay, students visa, education loan-related information. Following are the key points that have to be kept in mind while applying for a degree abroad :

  • Shortlist the options available to you. The students should first of all do some research on which university to choose and how much will it cost. Check if you are eligible for applying or not.
  • Do a thorough research while selecting the college and try to work on your communication skills in the meantime.
  • Prepare for GRE or TOEFL or IELTS whichever is a requirement in the university selected. These proficiency tests are mandatory at the time of application.
  • Generate the GRE mark sheet after passing the exam.
  • Prepare an updated resume that will be used while applying.
  • The students need to acquire a letter of recommendation from the institution where he/she has completed his/her graduate degree.
  • Apply online for the universities where you want to go. And upload all the necessary documents asked for.
  • Write a statement of purpose(SOP) stating the reasons for application and the purpose of joining the course.
  • Go through all the procedures to complete the application process.
  • Send the copy of applications along with the documents to complete the process.

A proper way of applications can enhance more chance of getting the admission in the colleges. The students should be very careful while applying for masters, the proficiency in English and proper knowledge of the subject can make it easier to get the admission in such universities.

Job Opportunities in the field of social science

The students who have completed their degrees in social science have higher earning prospects in their future. Many organizations hire students who have completed their graduation degree and have a great set of skills such as analytical ability, communication skills, data collection, statistics, problem-solving ability. The students get settled after completing their degree abroad and some of them start their own business, consultancy, and non-profit organizations. Some of the students start the research work in the universities as well as in some private companies. Some of the following job opportunities in the field of social science are:-

  • Accountancy
  • Advertising/marketing
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Business management
  • Economics
  • Local government
  • Management Consultancy
  • Market research
  • Media
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Retail and sales
  • Teaching and lecturing
  • Tourism
  • Town planning
  • Analyst
About Ontario

Ontario is located in east-central Canada and is one of the 13 provinces of Canada. It is Canada's most populous province, resulting in 40% of the country’s population and more international students than any other province. Ontario holds one of the most top-notch universities in Canada such as University of Toronto, McMaster University, the University of Waterloo, Western University and Queen’s University.

The top 6 institutions in Canada, out of 10 are situated in Ontario and it has most of the entries with 11 institutions ranked accordingly. There are ample amount of employment opportunities in Ontario and it hosts many of Canada’s most productive cities, and 50% of the country’s finance, tech and knowledge-intensive employees. Not all universities in Canada offer postgraduate courses, although in Ontario there are many universities which do.

Ontario has been constantly stable with the job growth despite other provinces that have a varied employment rate. Studying in Ontario also offers a great pathway to get a job in any place in Canada and the USA. Manufacturing, finance, banking, tourism and IT are some of the big contributors to Ontario’s economy. The city is very lively with a rich culture, aesthetic lifestyle and great food, making it a home for many international students.

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