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Federation University

Victoria, Australia
Estd. 1870
Rank: #37
public University
83 Courses Available

About Federation University

Federation University came into being by the amalgamation of the University of Ballarat and the Gippsland Campus of Monash University. The Federation University was developed in 1870, making it the 4th oldest (150 years old) institution in Australia. The university emphasises disseminating essential skills and aptitude to the students making, them productive citizens. Federation University is regional Victoria's largest educational institution, alongside departing knowledge majorly in fields of Science, Engineering, IT& Software. 

Federation University Campus

Federation University has an enormous campus in Victoria's region. It has campus areas in Ballarat, Berwick, Gippsland, Brisbane, and Wimmera. Furthermore, there are three more campuses in Ballarat, making the campus spread across 110 hectares. The campus provides easy access to study with 1300 staff in the university. To top it off, the SBM campus of Ballarat provides students with modern teaching facilities in a historical environment tracing back to 1870. On the campus, there are numerous libraries with tons of books and literature. 

Federation University Rankings

Federation University has secured many ranks that are as follows: 

  • As per the Times Higher Education University Rankings 2021, the Federation University is ranked between 801-1000
  • Moreover, Federation University received a ranking of 1238th in best global Universities by US News & World Report 2021. 
  • Along with these, Federation University is ranked within the top 20% of Australian universities in humanities for its quality teaching and practical knowledge. 
  • Federation University was also ranked 1st in teaching quality and enrollment of first-generation students by the good universities guide. 
  • Furthermore, Federation University is ranked 31st (out of 40) in Australia and 1526th globally. 

Federation University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Federation University is 66%, reflecting that a little effort can get you admission to the university. The Federation University focuses on accepting students based on the admission requirements instead of competition between students. Moreover, the university is quite serious about language tests and ask applicants to meet the minimum score for admission. 

Federation University Students

Federation University has more than 20,000+ students in total. Among them, 11,000+ students are undergraduates, 5000+ are postgraduates, 300+ are in higher degrees and 5000+ in further education (TAFE) courses. Moreover, International students constitute 40% of the total students in the university. 

Federation university Faculty

The overall faculty members are 1300+ in all the campuses working full-time. Among these, 600-700 faculty are working in the academic domains of the university. The staff is well-experienced and committed to providing excellent knowledge and supporting students. Furthermore, Federation University has divided the faculty for leadership, academia, and administration work. 

Federation University Achievements and Rewards

The Federation University is well-known in Australia, owing to its oldest architecture and marvellous knowledge. The University and its alumni have won numerous rewards. Moreover, Federation University has received various 1st ranks in different domains. The Good University Guide 2022 has rated the university number one in Australia for quality teaching, full-time employment, student support and skill development. Moreover, one of the Alumni of the University (Jacqueline Dark) has received enormous awards for her acting skills.

Federation University Scholarships

Federation University provides various scholarships to international students, acknowledging their talents and ambitions. All the scholarships are provided to the students for all the years of the course (3 or 4 years). Moreover, the university offers Australian awards (A prestigious scholarship funded by the Government) to international students. International students are also given grants based on the criteria and their excellent performances. 

The following are the scholarships and grants provided by Federation University to help international students:

  • Global Inventor Scholarships: Federation University offers scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarships equal 20% of the annual tuition fees for the duration of the program. 
  • Global Excellence Scholarships: The scholarship is equivalent to 25% of the annual tuition fees and, the university offers it to UG & PG students with a distinction. 
  • Accommodation Support Scholarship: This scholarship provides aid to students who decide to live on-campus. All international students are given this scholarship irrespective of any criteria/requirement. 
  • 2021 Foundation Scholarships: It is a financial aid awarded to domestic and international students. There is a criterion for the scholarship for all the students opting for it. 

Facts about Federation University

  • Federation University is the fourth oldest University in Australia history traces back to 1870. 
  • Originally started developing in the Victorian gold rush and got its current name after the amalgamation. 
  • The Federation University contributes more than $230 million in the GDP of Australia. 
  • The Federation University also has some onshore and offshore partners. 
  • The Gippsland campus former name was Gippsland Monash University. But it was changed and became part of Federation University in 2014.

Federation University Highlights

Established in


Australian universities in humanities Ranking


Type of University


Total International Students


Size of Campus 132


more than 890


USD 1.1500 billion

No.of Campuses


Acceptance Rate


Address University Dr, Mount Helen VIC 3350, Australia

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How to Apply in Federation University

Applying to Federation University has become easy due to its online application portals. There are different ways to apply for admission to the university, like online mode and directly to the university. However, international students from India, Nepal and Pakistan have to apply through an agent due to unavailable resources for direct application. You can find the online application portal on the university website itself. Moreover, the deadlines for courses in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs differ. Thus, you should apply, keeping this in mind. 

The following are the steps for applying at the Federation University:

  • Firstly, log in to the website and gather all the information about the process.
  • The second step has to be filling up the application form by choosing the program.
  • Then check the academic entry requirements and English language requirements as per the course chosen. 
  • After preparing the application, submitting the form is the next step in the admission procedure.
  • You can apply in three ways, through an agent, directly to Federation university or through VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre). 
  • After submission, cut-offs are made available to the students by the university based on which the application will be accepted or rejected. 
  • Later, provide all the documents for the pre-visa screening and accept the offer letter by the Federation University.


Federation University has its specific eligibility criteria for international students. Fortunately, the criteria are pretty easy to meet for the students. However, the eligibility criteria differ for all the courses like undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD. Besides this, Federation University also asks for minimum language tests that differ for all the programs.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduates 

Mention below are the eligibility requirements for undergraduates :

  • The university demands a higher secondary school certificate (12th class) with a minimum score of 60% and, the institution assess them as per the Australian Year 12. 
  • Some courses also require students to have specific subjects in their 12th class. 
  • The Federation University also demands additional procedures for a few courses like interviews, auditions, etc.
  • Students who have additional qualifications like a diploma after the 12th class are considered for admissions with advanced credit. 
  • English language tests score of IELTS 6.0 should be met to be eligible for admission to the university. 

Eligibility Requirements for Postgraduates 

Mention below are the eligibility requirements for post graduation :

  • The applicant should have completed a bachelor's degree from Australian University or an equivalent institution overseas.
  • Students have to submit the transcript of their bachelor’s completion certificate to the University.
  •  Some work experience is needed to get admission to specific courses. 
  • Moreover, after the acceptance letter, students have to attend a virtual tour done by the Federation University. 

Eligibility Requirements for PhD.

Mention below are the eligibility requirements for PhD. :

  • The first criteria for getting admission in a PhD course is to complete an undergraduate program with an additional honours degree(graded as first/second division) with a thesis or a dissertation in the end.
  • Applicant should complete masters program with a research degree with a dissertation in the last year.
  • Applicants who have completed their postgraduation by coursework should have honours equivalence. 

Admission requirements for Federation University

Federation University asks the applicants to submit a few documents for verification and admission procedure. The details of those documents are below:

List of documents required for UG

Requirements for Admission



Scores between 6.0-7.0

Work Experience

Asked in few courses

Personal Essays

Not required

Official Transcripts


PTE scores

Scores between 50-60


Not required

Copy of Passport


Statement of purpose


Financial statement documents


GMAT Scores

Not required

Evidence of Citizenship


List of documents required for PG

Requirements for Admission



Required between 60.-7.0

Work Experience

Asked in some courses or when applying for advanced degree

Personal Essays


Official Transcripts


PTE scores




Copy of Passport


Statement of purpose


Financial statement documents


GMAT Scores

Asked for doing higher courses

Evidence of Citizenship


Masters in Federation University

The Federation University offers 50+ master courses in 12 fields for domestic and international students. Along with this, it provides some certificate courses with postgraduate programs. The minimum tuition fee for international students to get admission in postgraduate courses is $26,000 or 20 lakhs/year. The maximum cost is $35,000 or 26.5 lakhs/year. To get admission to a masters course, the applicant has to get a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS, 60.0 in TOEFL, and 50.0 in PTE. The university focuses on fields of Engineering, health, mathematical science, cyber security, and technology. 

Bachelor in Federation University

Moreover, Federation University offers 60+ courses in 6 fields for national and international students. It provides some certificate courses in the bachelor's program as well. The minimum tuition fee for bachelor courses is $18,000 or 13.5 lakh/year. Furthermore, the maximum tuition fee for an undergraduate program is $32,000 or 24.5 lakhs/year. The popular undergraduate courses in Federation University are Business, Arts, Technology, Physical Sciences, Health, and, Psychology. 

MBA in Federation University

MBA refers to Master of Business Administration and, a student can pursue it after doing an undergraduate program. Federation University provides MBA courses in two fields of Health Service Management and International Business. The average fee of an MBA course at Federation University is $20,000 or 15.5 lakh/year. Federation University offers MBA courses that challenge the student way of thinking, decision making, and management style. 

Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management10/Dec, 15/Apr10/Dec, 15/Apr
Computer Science and IT10/Dec, 15/Apr10/Dec, 15/Apr
Education10/Dec, 15/Apr10.dec
Engineering10/Dec, 15/Apr10/Dec, 15/Apr
Fine Arts10/Dec, 15/Apr10/Dec, 15/Apr
Law-10/Dec, 15/Apr
Science10/Dec, 15/Apr10/Dec, 15/Apr
Social Science10/Dec, 15/Apr10/Dec, 15/Apr
Sports-10/Dec, 15/Apr
Life at Federation University

Student Life

Federation University has a thriving student life. It provides students with an opportunity to explore themselves and their potentials. Look below to get an idea about the student life at the University.

Life at Federation University

  • Federation University organise Fed's got talent every year to create an environment of creativity and fun on campus. Here, any student can perform or show their talent and later win awards based on it. 
  • Federation University Student Union also conduct a postgraduate Association Survey every year to know about the experiences of undergraduate and improve those. 
  • The University has also launched an online scavenge hunt since the pandemic. The motto behind the game is to include everybody in teamwork and maintain a wave of fun and engagement throughout besides theoretical knowledge.
  • Federation University Campus also has a university lounge area where every student can meet new people, hang out, and engage in various student groups. 
  • The University also has a health, sport and Aquatic Centre where the students are offered swimming programs, group fitness classes, and personal training. 

Accommodation at Federation University

There are both on-campus and off-campus accommodations available at Federation University. Moreover, the student can also find accommodation in nearby areas of Ballarat. 

Federation University On-Campus Accommodation

  • The on-campus residences in the Federation University provide comfortable and well-furnished rooms with communal areas. 
  • Various on-campus accommodation areas include Ballarat Accommodation, Gippsland, Berwick, and Brisbane Accommodation. 
  • These on-campus housings offer students with fully-furnished rooms, a communal area with a TV lounge and a kitchen. 
  • The cost of staying per room ranges between $180-$300 per month. 
  • Fedliving also offers students with short-term accommodation with flexible costs. These short term housings include living at nights only or weekly. 

Federation University Off-Campus Accommodation

  • Off-campus accommodation is simply available near Federation University.
  • The local communities offer different forms of housings like individual rooms in a share house or renting an apartment with friends. 
  • Off-campus accommodations are available in Ballarat, Berwick, Gippsland, and Brisbane campuses. 
  • Moreover, the average cost of off-campus housing ranges between $100-$200/month

Key Attractions

Mt. Helen is a rapidly growing suburban area of Ballarat, Australia. The City is also known for its well-renowned Federation University and some key attractions. Mt. Helen is also an extraordinary place with regional parks, bird reserves, Best Western Lake, and historic park. Due to its close distance from the Federation University, students can visit these places on weekends with friends. To know some of the places you can check out on the weekend, look below-

  • Sovereign Hill historic Park, Golden Point is a must-visit historical museum. Students can watch underground mines, candle making, gold museums, and gold panning on the premises. 
  • Creswick Market is an ideal place to shop for everything and anything. Here, you can find anything ranging from crafts, arts, live music to some delicious savouries. Moreover, enjoy and relax in the beautiful garden behind this market. 
  • Tuki Trout Farm is a perfect place for students to refresh themselves on their weekends. Here, you can go trout fishing or on a picnic with your friends. 
  • Lydiard Street is one of the places you should not miss. It can amaze students with its wonderful historical buildings and tourists attractions. 
  • Ballarat Bird World is one of the best places for visiting on weekends or vacation breaks. Moreover, the maze and triceraptors are bonuses in this bird reserve. 

Career at University 

Federation University offers career services to enrich students with better information and practical knowledge.

Career at federation University

The career services at the Federation University are free, confidential and available to national and international students. These services offer students an environment where they can clear up their doubts regarding employment opportunities, job profiles, and internships accessible. Moreover, the career and employment team at Federation University prepare students for any work (part-time or professional). As a bonus, the university arranges numerous workshops, student groups, job fairs to offer knowledge to the students about further career opportunities. 

Jobs after studying at Federation University

Federation University offers many jobs to its students related to finance officers, product marketing specialists. Furthermore, to prepare students for work outside the campus, the university conduct job fair, workshops and conferences. The institution also gives the students chance to work in students groups/unions for gaining professional experience. Additionally, there are tons of information available about the jobs on the University website. 

Placements at Federation University

A survey was conducted in 2018 that revealed that 89.5% of undergraduates are employed. Out of this, 72.9% were offered full-time jobs rest were doing part-time jobs at a high payment roll. Along with this, it has 1st ranking in Australia in employability rates at 1% for the students. Moreover, students are also given on-campus placements by different brands and industries.

Federation University Notable Alumni

Some of the well-known alumni from the Federation University are as follows:

Colleges related to Federation University

Some of the famous world-renowned colleges and schools related to the Federation University are:

  • School of Arts.
  • School of Education.
  • School of Health.
  • School of Science, Psychology and Sport.
  • Federation Business School.
  • Federation TAFE
  • Global Professional School.
Living Costs
Accomodation850 aud/month
Food300 aud/month
Entertainment200 aud/month
Utility185 aud/month
Travelnull aud/month
Miscellaneous200 aud/month
Coke/Soda3 aud/month
McDonalds10 aud/month
Colleges at Federation University
School of Arts

School of Arts, Federation University is located in Australia.

Federation Business School

Federation Business School offers accounting, business, and management as the major specializations.

School of Health and Life Sciences

It offers degree programs in psychology, medical science, and human behavior.

School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

They prepare professional of future in the field of medical and health care.

School of Education

School of Education offers associate's degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorates in various subjects.

School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology

Major courses are based on engineering and management.

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ADDRESSUniversity Dr, Mount Helen VIC 3350, Australia
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