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About Fleming College

The Fleming College is named after famous inventor Sir Sanford Fleming. This public college of Applied Arts and Technology was established in 1967. Fleming College provides quality education across all its campuses. Located in Ontario, Canada, Fleming College offers more than 130 full-time programs. The College is a powerful educational institute that is affiliated with CCAA and ACCC. 

Fleming College: Campus

Fleming College has four spacious campuses. Sutherland campus, Cobourg campus, Haliburton campus, and Frost campus are the four campuses that constitute the institute. The main campus, which is located in Peterborough, is Sutherland. The Sutherland Campus is in the heart of downtown Peterborough. The Frost Campus is nestled between lakes and greenery, while the Haliburton Campus is located near Head Lake.

Fleming College Rankings

Mention below are some of the rankings for Fleming College : 

  • In the Country Rankings of the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions, Fleming College ranked 104th.
  • In the World ranking, it placed 7689th in the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions
  • In the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions for 2021, the college received a score of 4017, 6492, and 6650 in the metrics of impact, openness, and excellence, respectively 
  • Its continental rank in the aforementioned rankings was 1769 in 2021.

Fleming College Acceptance Rate

Fleming College has an acceptance rate of around 40 - 50 % showing that the University is picky in the admission process. However, the acceptance rate for different courses and the country in the institution varies. But, if the applicant meets all the entry requirements, eligibility criteria and English proficiency, then getting admission to the University is simple.

Fleming College Students

Fleming College has continued to promote accessible education ever since its inception in 1967. It currently has over 6,800 full-time students studying on all its campuses. Moreover, it has more than 10,000 part-time students. Additionally, Fleming College boasts of a large alumni network of 80,000 students. The student population of the college is a colourful mix of students of various ethnicities and nationalities.

Fleming College Faculty

Fleming College has a repertoire of prestigious faculty members. These faculty members are experts in their fields and pass on their knowledge to the students of the college. Many faculty members of the college have demonstrated their excellence. One example of this is Michael Fortune of Haliburton School of Life and Art won the John and Barbara Mather Award for Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. Another example is Amy Maycock who created a virtual law firm for the students of the paralegal program.

Fleming College Achievements and Awards

Following are some of the Awards and Achievement gained by Fleming college :

  • In 2021, The Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM) accredited Fleming College's Food and Nutrition Management program. 
  • Jessica Steinhauser of Fleming College won the Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee Award in 2016 for her work in contemporary arts. 
  • Fleming College has an attractive student engagement platform called 'Fleming Mobile' that connects students and has many resources.

Fleming-CollegeFleming College Scholarships

Fleming College offers its students many scholarships and awards. Students can apply to these scholarships that reward students who are academically inclined. 

  • Bank of Montreal Student Bursary - It awards students a sum of $550. Set up by the Bank of Montreal, this is for domestic students who are enrolled in full-time courses.
  • Fleming College foundation General Bursary - It awards the chosen students a reward of $700. The eligible candidates must be a domestic full-time student enrolled in any program in Fleming College.
  • General Motors of Canada General Student Bursary: This bursary is awarded to a domestic full-time student who displays academic excellence. The award is worth $1,000.
  • Gord Bailey Student Award: The Gord Bailey Student Award worth $500 is awarded to a full-time student of the Resources Drilling program. 
  • Joe Johnson Equipment Award: It is awarded to a full-time student of the Heavy equipment - Motive Power Techniques program. A sum of $500 is given to a student who has a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Fleming College Highlights  

QS Ranking


Annual student population

Over 16,800


Public College of Applied Arts and Technology


More than 80,000 students

Acceptance rate 

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Size of Campus 



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Total international students

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599 Brealey Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 7B1, Canada

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How to apply to Fleming College?

The admission procedure of Fleming College is not complicated at all. The process is simple and easy.

  • The first step is choosing a program. The student must ensure that he meets the general and academic requirements of the program. He must keep in mind the deadlines for applying to the program.
  • Next, he must start the application form carefully entering all the details. International students must use the Ontario College portal for international students.
  • Then it is time for paying the application fees and submitting the relevant documents like the transcript.
  • After submitting the application, the student must track it and accept the offer once he receives the acceptance letter.


A student must check if he meets all the eligibility requirements of a course. These requirements may be academic or general. 

For Diploma courses

  • For Grade 12/ OSSD, no minimum cut-off has been mentioned.
  • The student must hold a Higher Secondary Certificate with decent marks.
  • Certain courses may require subjects like English, Maths, Physics, etc, in Grade 12.
  • International students must demonstrate proficiency in English. TOEFL/IELTS scores are accepted by the college.

For Advanced Diploma courses

  • For Grade 12/ OSSD, no minimum cut-off has been mentioned.
  • The student must hold a Higher Secondary Certificate with decent marks.
  • Certain courses may require subjects like English, Maths, Physics, etc in Grade 12.
  • International students must demonstrate proficiency in English. TOEFL/IELTS scores are accepted by the college. 

For Graduate Certificate Courses

  • For Grade 12/ OSSD, no minimum cut-off has been mentioned.
  • The student must hold a Higher Secondary Certificate with decent marks.
  • Undergraduate degree or diploma in relevant discipline.
  • International students must demonstrate proficiency in English. TOEFL/IELTS scores are accepted by the college. 


Admission Requirements for Fleming College  

List of documents required for Certificate programs 

For Certificate programs

Official transcripts (Grade 12 and after)

Proof of language proficiency 

Statement of Purpose

Letter of Recommendation

Other supporting documents

List of document required for Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs 

For Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs

Official transcripts (Grade 12 and after)

Proof of language proficiency 

Statement of Purpose

Letter of Recommendation

Other supporting documents

Certificate courses in Fleming College

Fleming College provides many certificate programs that are carefully designed to help students succeed. Certificate courses enable students to upgrade their skills and acquire knowledge. This gives them an edge over the others. 

  • Graduate Certificate course in International Business Management 
  • Graduate Certificate course in Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate course in Urban Forestry
  • Graduate Certificate course in Wireless Information Networking
  • Food and Service Worker Certificate


Diploma in Fleming College

Diploma courses in Fleming College are full of knowledge and deep insights. The diploma courses prepare students to work as smart professionals in their chosen domain.

  • Visual and Creative Arts Diploma
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Business - Human Resources
  • Diploma in Conservation Biology
  • Paramedic Diploma

Advanced Diploma in Fleming College

Advanced Diploma courses in Fleming College groom students through theoretical and practical knowledge. Pursuing an advanced diploma course is a great way for a student to broaden their horizon.

  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care
  • Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Fish and Wildlife Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy
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Life at Fleming College

Life at Fleming College

Fleming College welcomes all its students with open arms. The college values diversity and fosters a sense of community. Students can become a part of several student clubs and organizations on campus. They can use the Fleming Mobile platform to better interact with their peers. Facilities for almost everything are present on campus, whether athletics or recreation. 

Accommodation at Fleming College

Fleming College has support for both on-campus and off-campus accommodation. Students can stay on campus or stay outside the campus depending on their budget and needs.

Fleming College: On-campus accommodation

On-campus accommodation is only available for two campuses of Fleming College. Sutherland and Frost Campus have student accommodation facilities available.

  • Sutherland Residence Village (Peterborough) - Simple, safe, and convenient same gender and mixed campus residence with fully furnished suites, kitchen, study rooms, accessible parking, Wi-Fi and air conditioning, etc. The cost of living for two semesters in the Sutherland Residence Village is $7,600 for two semesters.
  • Frost Residence (Lindsay) - Safe and fully equipped suites with a kitchen, and other facilities like Wifi, parking, on-campus security, study rooms, barbecue area, air conditioning, and laundry facilities. The cost of living for two semesters in the Frost Residence is $7,100 for two semesters.

Fleming College: Off-campus accommodation 

Fleming College has some off-campus housing resources that help students find off-campus accommodation. 

  • Places4Students has apartments, shared rentals, and houses starting from $550 CAD.
  •  Apartments, shared rentals, and houses starting from $600 CAD
  • Facebook Marketplace can also be used to find off-campus accommodation however the cost of housing varies.
  • Ontario Aboriginal Housing services can be used to find accommodation too. The cost of accommodation varies.


Key Attractions

There are many tourist attractions in Peterborough, Canada. Students can visit these spots to unwind and have some fun. 

  • Peterborough Museum and Archives - Previously known as the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archive, the Peterborough Museum and Archives is a museum in Peterborough, Canada. It was established in 1897 and houses more than 33,000 archives. 
  • The Canadian Canoe Museum - The Canadian Canoe Museum is a museum devoted to canoes. The canoe museum's purpose is to conserve and convey the canoe's culture and history.
  • Riverview Park and Zoo - The Riverview Park and Zoo was set up in 1935. It has various animal exhibits, a disc golf course, a mini-train ride, and an exhibit of a fighter jet.
  • Art Gallery of Peterborough - Established in 1934, the Art Gallery of Peterborough, Canada is free for all art galleries. It is a not-for-profit entity that has more than 1,300 art pieces.
  • Trent Severn Waterway (National Historic site of Canada) - The Trent Severn Waterway is a National Historic Site of Canada. This is a 386 km long canal that is one of the best canal systems in the world.

Career at Fleming College

Fleming College aims to provide the best services to its students. Once a student graduates from Fleming College, he becomes a part of the massive alumni network of 80,000 students. The students of Fleming College are prepared to work in the industry. In the 2018 -19 report of the Key Performance Indicators of Fleming College, the employer satisfaction rate was 90.19% and the graduate satisfaction rate was 81.8%.

Jobs after studying at Fleming College

Students can work in various roles and various organizations after completing their education at Fleming College. In the 2018 -19 report of the Key Performance Indicators of Fleming College, the graduate employment rate was 88.6%. This demonstrates that students of the college were able to find employment easily.

Placements at Fleming College

Fleming College supports its students in many ways to find employment. It has many placement tools that assist students in finding a job that suits them the best. The career resources help students and graduates find part-time, full-time, and summer jobs by exposing them to employment and volunteer opportunities as well as providing information. Online job postings, mock interviews, Linkedin advising, and on-campus recruitment are some of the placement tools that Fleming College offers.

Fleming College Notable Alumni 

  • Murray Hall : Founder of Halltech Environmental Inc. and Halltech Aquatic Research
  • Lorrie Baird : Associate Executive Director of Kawartha Child Care services
  • Robert Jameson : CEO and President of Canadian Instrumentation Services
  • Tracey Randall : General Manager of Musicfest Peterborough
  • Philip Heard : Businessman
  • Ryan Bullock : President of 'The Burger's Priest' 

Colleges related to Fleming College

Fleming College has many tie-ups with local and international institutes. These are educational pathways that make help students continue their education. Some of the institutes that have a tie up with Fleming College are given below.

  • Trent University.
  • Griffith University
  • Hartpury University
  • Robert Gordon University
Living Costs
Accomodation775 cad/month
Food250 cad/month
Entertainment175 cad/month
Utility170 cad/month
Travel60 cad/month
Miscellaneous150 cad/month
Coke/Soda1 cad/month
McDonalds9 cad/month
Contact Details
ADDRESS1005 Elgin St W Cobourg, Ontario K9A 5J4
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