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Ontario, Canada
Estd. 1967
Rank: #136
public University
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About Lambton College

Lambton College founded in 1969, is an excellent academic institution situated in Ontario, Canada. The College is driven and motivated by a mission that encourages intellectual development and progress while welcoming changes for the better. The College has consistently been upgrading its facilities to include both in-person and virtual student services that will make the life of students on campus peaceful and stress-free.

Lambton College stands tall as an institute focussed on innovation, and its academic programs provide students with a unique learning experience. These innovations include hybrid learning models that strive to offer a flexible and customizable course for the students wishing to pursue post-secondary education. No matter what your goals for the future are, you are bound to find a program model that will match your career requirements and interests.

Lambton College ensures that you are equipped with a well-rounded college experience and helps you become a skilled professional in your field.

Lambton College Campus

Lambton College has been consistently undergoing growth and changes in its campus, making it a modern and fantastic campus to study. It has a huge campus size of nearly 1,40,000 sq. ft, including state-of-the-art facilities in the form of a 15,000 sq. ft. double gymnasium, 34,000 sq. ft., Centre of Energy and Bio Industrial Technologies facility, and a 7000 sq. ft training space. The main campus houses several student facilities and activity centers such as the Suncor Sustainability Centre, the Lambton College Residence and Event Centre, the Sustainable Smart Home, the Skilled Trades Training Centre, and The NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre. There are five campuses, of which two are situated in China.

Lambton College Rankings

Lambton College stands tall as a world leader in academics and research, and their rankings prove the same.

  • #1 Research College in Ontario
  • #2 Research College in Canada
  • #116 in Canada
  • #2083 in North America
  • #8533 in the World

Lambton College Acceptance Rate

Lambton College is a public College that strives to achieve equality, diversity and create a network of the brightest research minds in the World. As such, the College has an acceptance rate of nearly 80%. However, securing admission is still no cakewalk as it will require applicants to prove their academic merit, showcase their personality, and show their interest in pursuing research. To ensure that all applicants have a fair chance at securing admission into the University, Lambton College opens its doors for applications three times a year and thus making it one of the best universities in Canada.

Lambton College Students

Lambton College houses over 3500 International students from 26 different countries and has over 10,000 students in total who are pursuing a graduate or diploma course either on-campus or online. Students who are keen on pursuing research can flock to this college and contribute towards uncovering the next biggest innovation in their field while receiving a world-class education. As such, the campus is a quilt formed by the ideas of different students, and together they provide all students with an ambient atmosphere to learn and grow.

Lambton College Faculty

Lambton College strives to ensure that its students are equipped with all the resources required to build a glamorous career. The faculty at Lambton College is dedicated to the same cause and makes consistent efforts to maximize the amount of learning within the classroom walls and provide insightful mentorship outside the classroom. Many laboratories are utilized to give students a better understanding of the concepts.

Lambton College Achievements and Rewards

Lambton College has long been renowned as the first choice College for pursuing research, and the innovative solutions developed at the College have got it universal recognition and accolades. The College is a six-time recipient of the Applied Research and Innovation Excellence Award. It is also regarded as a purveyor of world-class education, practicer of impactful research activity on enterprises that help the local community. The administrative panel of the College has also received awards for excellence in leadership. Lambton College has consistently been at the top of its game in this area. They are recognized on a national and global level for their technologies, projects, products, and processes.

Lambton College Scholarships

Lambton College emphasizes the importance of providing equitable opportunities to all worthy candidates and equipping them with opportunities based on their merit. The College offers various scholarships and bursaries to ease the financial limitations of students. These scholarships have been structured to cover most of the expenses that an average student may incur while studying at Lambton University. The Scholarships are offered based on academic performance, need for financial aid, practical skills, internships, work ethic, plans, community involvement, volunteerism, and perseverance to overcome barriers.

Eligible candidates receive the following grants as part of their scholarship:

  • CAD 1,500 towards their first term tuition costs
  • CAD 1,500 per term of study to cover tuition costs from the second term.
  • For a two-year program, a net amount of CAD 3,000 is offered.

Lambton College Highlights

Established in 


QS Ranking


Total International Students


Size of Campus

1,40,000 square feet




CAD 300 Million

Number of Campuses

5 (3 in Canada + 2 in China)

Acceptance Rate




1457 London Rd, Sarnia,

Ontario N7S 6K4 

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How to Apply to Lambton University?

As Lambton College stands tall as a premier institute of research, innovation, and modern technology, it attracts international students from all parts of the World. Students who wish to apply and enroll in a course offered by Lambton College can start applying through the online application portal. The college recognizes that many eligible candidates apply to the University. As such, Lambton College opens its doors for applications three times a year, i.e., Fall Intake (November 1 to February 28), Winter Intake (March 1 to June 30), and Summer Intake (July 1 - October 31). However, students who aim to enrol in a program of their choice must start drafting their application as soon as possible. This is primarily because the number of seats per program is fixed and limited. 

  • Firstly, you must choose a program you are interested in and a field you are passionate about.
  • The next step is to fill out the application form carefully and accurately. Remember that the personal details mentioned in the application form must match the details on your passport.
  • Once you have filled the application form, you will be required to pay the tuition fees and application processing fees through the portal.
  • In most cases, you will also have to have all your academic and personal documents verified before you can proceed to the next step of the process.
  • You will then have to submit your acceptance letter and apply for a student visa.
  • Once all these steps have been completed, you can pursue and enrol yourself in the course of your choice.

Lambton College Eligibility

Students who wish to secure admission to Lambton College have to meet various eligibility criteria. These criteria deal with several aspects such as pre-requisite courses, academic merit, English proficiency, interest in research, etc. Here are a list of the eligibility requirements for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level courses:

Eligibility for UG

  • An overall average of  60% in high school is required by candidates seeking admission.
  • Students who are transferring from other institutes must have a good standing in their current institute.
  • Candidates will also be required to submit their academic documents at the time of admission either as physical copies or electronically scanned copies.

Eligibility for PG

  • Completed a Bachelor's degree at an accredited college with an overall average of B or above.
  • International applicants whose mother tongue is non-English will be required to submit scores of English Proficiency Tests in the form of IELTS and TOEFL scores.
  • Students must submit a completed application form with a non-refundable application fee.
  • Letters of Intent, Letters of Recommendation, and all relevant documents must be submitted at the time of application.
  • Students must incline to contribute to the development of the neighbouring and surrounding community and be passionate about research.

Eligibility for PhD

  • Applicants must hold a masters degree with a minimum overall average of B+ (75%) from a recognized College and must have included two mathematics courses with B+ grades.
  • Students must also be willing to pursue in-depth research in the field of their choice and come up with innovative solutions to problems.
  • The English Test score requirement can be waived off if the applicant has at least two years of study at an institute where the medium of teaching is English.
  • Students must submit a detailed and well-drafted statement of purpose and have all the relevant documents and test scores at the time of application.

Admission requirements for Lambton College

List of Documents Required for UG

Undergraduate Course


12th Grade

Attested transcript and mark sheet with a minimum overall average of 65%. 


Required (69/120 | 6/9)

Id Proof and Supporting Documents

Submit at time of admission

Other Documents

Student Visa Certificate

Competitive Exam Scores


Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Letter of Recommendation (LoR)

Academic References

6 Passport size photos

Financial Proof to Cover Expenses


 List of Documents Required for PG

Postgraduate Course


Completed Application Form

Required with non-refundable application fee

Previous Post-secondary study

Complete official transcript of 10th, 12th and Bachelor’s degree

Other Documents

Complete resume detailing skills, experiences, community involvement and interests

Proof of Work Experience

Proof of Financial Assets to Cover Expenses

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Visa Forms

Work Experience


500 - 800 word statement of desire


Minimum of 3 Letters of Recommendation




Required for non-native speakers

Masters in Lambton University

Master’s programs at Lambton University have great value in the job market due to the application and research focus encouraged at the college. Lambton University has a list of over 90 study programs that are divided into eight separate fields of study. These courses are offered in the form of diplomas, certificates, and degree programs. The various fields covered by these courses include Computer Science and IT, Engineering and Technology, Business and Management, Journalism, Art and Design, Law, and Humanities, Applied Science, Health Sector, etc.

The average cost of studying master's at Lambton University is around INR 8.24 Lakhs. 

Bachelors in Lambton University

Lambton University offers a plethora of Bachelor’s level programs that focus on providing students with a flexible and modern syllabus and curriculum. These courses are offered either on-campus, offline, or as a hybrid of both modes of teaching. The most popular Bachelor’s courses are offered in domains such as Business, Architectural Science, Science, Communication and Design, Arts, Engineering, and Community Services, etc.

The average cost of studying Bachelor’s at Lambton University is between INR 15 - 21.4 Lakhs. 

MBA in Lambton University

MBA courses offered at Lambton University are the perfect kickstarter for a stellar career in the world of Business Management. Students who are eager to expand their knowledge of management and learn valuable skills can pursue this degree at Lambton University. Here, they will be offered real-world application-oriented learning of business management skills so that they can grow to become successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. The curriculum also has a specific focus on developing the knowledge and abilities necessary to manage human, physical, and financial resources in order to meet the strategic goals of an organization.

The average cost of studying MBA  at Lambton University is around NR 8.21 Lakhs. 

Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Hospitality and Tourism
Professional Studies
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management30.june30.june
Computer Science and IT30.june14/Aug, 17/Nov, 14/Apr
Education-14/Aug, 17/Nov, 14/Apr
Engineering30.june14/Aug, 17/Nov, 14/Apr
Fine Arts30.june14/Aug, 17/Nov, 14/Apr
Hospitality and Tourism30.june14/Aug, 17/Nov, 14/Apr
Professional Studies-14/Aug, 17/Nov, 14/Apr
Science03.Apr14/Aug, 17/Nov, 14/Apr
Social Science-14/Aug, 17/Nov, 14/Apr
Life at Lambton College

Life at Lambton University

  • The Campus of Lambton College has been developed so that students feel comfortable and right at home when learning with their peers.
  • Students who study here have access to amiable faculty who are always willing to guide and mentor students and thus making the campus a perfect learning environment.
  • Lambton College has state-of-the-art facilities to enable students to pursue and conduct high-level and in-depth research in their fields.
  • Several restaurants, cafes, and student activity centres help students gain a well-rounded college experience.
  • Several clubs and associations conduct regular events that make the campus vibrant and exuberant.

Accommodation at Lambton University

Lambton College provides students with a peaceful, beautiful, residential atmosphere to all the students. There are accommodation options present on campus, although students can choose off-campus accommodation. As such, accommodation at Lambton College provides students with the best facilities to stay comfortably and meet new people hailing from different cultures and having different cultures and ideologies.

Lambton College on Campus Accommodation

  • There are several residential houses on campus that take in around 280 students per year.
  • The hostel accommodation includes a large courtyard and a student lounge.
  • Each room has two beds, study tables, TV, Wi-Fi, Refrigerator, Microwave, Laundry, etc.
  • Students will first have to fill in the accommodation and residence application form.
  • The application form must have a digital photo attached.
  • CAD 250 will have to be paid at the time of application, and a CAD 200 will have to be paid once a room has been allotted as a deposit.

Lambton College off Campus Accommodation

  • Off-campus accommodations are also available in the city of Ontario that provides affordable and comfortable residence options.
  • In Ontario, the cost of living is around 1,131 - 1,936 USD/month.
  • Paid Guest rental places cost about CAD 27/night.
  • There are several counsellors at Lambton College who will help you find the perfect off-campus accommodation that matches your requirements.

Key Attractions

Lambton College has a vibrant campus that is filled with several key attractions. Students from all over the globe flock to Lambton College to experience the learning atmosphere provided on campus. Here is a list of the top attractions one can find on campus:

  • The College host a grand event every year for all the students in March
  • The event is perhaps one of the largest fests for the year and has food, prizes, interactive activities, etc.
  • Lambton College is home to people hailing from over 25 countries of the World, and as such, the campus has a cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere.
  • The courses are offered in various fields such as technology, business, and International trades, health, and community services.

Career at Lambton University

Lambton College offers various degree and diploma programs focused on research and innovation. Students who graduate from the College get incredible career opportunities and can prosper as leaders in their field due to the training, guidance, and knowledge imparted by the University. The skills that students develop at the institute help them evolve as professionals and develop lateral thinking abilities.

Jobs after studying at Lambton University

Lambton College places a premium on honing research skills that translate into experience and knowledge when students search for jobs in their field upon graduation. There is a separate Employment Ontario Program funded by the government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. This program seeks to match all eligible graduates with jobs, internships, or placements at companies that suit their interests and skills. The extent of research pursued by the student is a direct indicator of the kind of job and internship opportunities that come their way.

Placements at Lambton University

Placements are an integral part of graduating from Lambton University. The institute boasts of consistently maintaining a near-perfect placement percentage. As such, almost every full-time student has a job in their hand upon graduating, provided they have completed their research and course. In fact, Lambton College encourages students to seek jobs that match their skills by allowing them to gain relevant work experience that can be counted for academic credits. The college also provides secondary career options to unemployed students by training them in specific skills that will help them land a job or internship offer. This program has helped the College push its overall placement percentage beyond 80% in recent years.

Lambton College Notable Alumni

  • Judy Foote, Lieutenant Governor
  • Michael McGinnis, Politician
  • Rex Isaac, Politician
  • Cory Laidler, Politician

Colleges related to Lambton College

The colleges under the Lambton College are:

  • School of Technology & Trades
  • School of Business & International Education
  • School of Health, Community Services & Creative Design
  • School of Fire Sciences
  • School of Information Technology
Living Costs
Accomodation775 cad/month
Food250 cad/month
Entertainment175 cad/month
Utility171 cad/month
Travel66 cad/month
Miscellaneous150 cad/month
Coke/Soda1 cad/month
McDonalds8 cad/month
Contact Details
ADDRESS1457 London Road,Sarina, ON,N7S6K4
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