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Monash University

Victoria, Australia
Estd. 1958
Rank: #8
public University
241 Courses Available

Facts about Monash University

  • It has been ranked 80th internationally according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017-2018.
  • It has also been ranked 21st in the world’s most International Universities in 2017 by the Times Higher Education.
  • It is the largest university in Australia and among the most highly regarded in the world. It has three campuses at South Africa, Australia, and Malaysia. 
  • Monash University has more than 73,800 international students from 170 countries. It attracts international students due to its wide range of departments which are one of the best in the whole country.
  • It also has an extensive network of more than 320,000 alumni around the world. The luminous alumni of the University continue to make their presence felt in most of the various fields. 

Monash University Highlights

Established in


QS Ranking


Total international students


Size of Campus

110 acres



Valuation (yearly)

INR. 10 – 15 lakhs

No. of campuses


Acceptance rate

5% - 10%



Wellington Rd, Clayton VIC 3800, Australia

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Scholarship at Monash University(6 Available)
Monash International Scholarship For Excellence
Scholarship AmountRs 496,400.00
Course ApplicableEngineering
Monash International Merit Scholarship(UG)
Scholarship AmountRs 496,400.00
Course ApplicableBusiness and Management
Monash International Merit Scholarship(PG)
Scholarship AmountRs 496,400.00
Course ApplicableBusiness and Management
STG International Service Group Scholarship(Monash University)
Scholarship AmountRs 397,120.00
Course ApplicableComputer Science and IT, Engineering, Business and Management
Engineering International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship(Monash University)
Scholarship AmountRs 248,200.00
Course ApplicableBusiness and Management
Engineering International Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarship AmountRs 248,200.00
Course ApplicableComputer Science and IT

Admission Process

How to Apply?

The application process for admission depends on the country of origin of the applicant. The application process demarcates among international, domestic, indigenous, and research applicants. 

Applying via VTAC (for semester one entries) :

  • The application process begins early August and ends late September. After this deadline, the fees rise for the subsequently new applications.
  • The applicant can go directly to the VTAC website and create an account. After creating an account, the applicant will provide a VTAC ID and PIN for logging in later. 
  • After logging in, the applicant has to open the course application to fill in the details. The educational history of the applicant is required to be filled in. The secondary studies details are asked in the first section. The second section asks about the post-secondary studies details from the applicant. Details of admission tests have to be filled in as well.
  • After confirming the educational history details, the applicant must choose their course preferences. Up to eight courses can be selected using the drop-down menus. Students have to fill in details like course codes, codes for course fees, codes for full time or part-time options, codes of multiple qualifications, and so on. 
  • Applicants will be provided with an option to elect a nominee who will access their account in their absence. 
  • Applicants will be further asked statistical questions regarding their parent’s educational qualifications, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity, physical impairments, and so on. Some answers might be used for a SEAS application.
  • The applicants are encouraged to review the application before submitting to ensure no mistakes. The fees are to be paid before the deadline dates or the applications are disqualified. 
  • Changes to the application can be made via the user account.

 Applying via MONASH (for mid-year entries):

  • The application process ends by mid-June each year. 
  • The applicant has to create an account on the website, log in, and fill in the details as and when required. 

International applicants:

An international applicant can either use the MONASH website to apply for semester one or Mid-Sem entries, or they can use the VCAT website for their semester one entry (VCAT is only applicable for international students pursuing an Australian year 12 in Australia or overseas, International Baccalaureate in Australia or NZ or NCEA in NZ). The process for the same has been described above.

Research applicants :

Research applicants must need an official invitation before applying for a research degree. The message can be provided by a supervisor and/or after the completion of an expression of interest by the applicant. Each department has its due procedure for procuring an invitation. 

List of Documents required for Monash University

Undergraduate Documents

Undergraduate Certificates (10+2)  Supplements

High School Transcripts

Proof of English Proficiency

SAT, Act, UC Maths Placement Score


Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Statement of Purpose (SOP)


Postgraduate Documents

10th Grade Transcripts and Certificate

12th Grade Transcripts and Certificate

Bachelors Transcripts and Degree

Work Experience Documents

Financial Documents


Visa Forms



Research applicants

 Research Documents

Supplementary information form (for indigenous applicants)

Documentation supporting GET courses: an undergraduate degree and English language proficiency test results.

Overseas documentations like results and qualifications

Documentation supporting the claim of scholarships

A personal statement for VTAC

Documentation supporting a change of name, address, or citizenship, if any.

Documentation supporting SEAS consideration.

Masters at Monash University

There are seven courses available in masters which are popularly called as MS and the fees range is around 18L to 21L. They offer excellent courses in finance, data science, information technology, management, information systems, and many other subjects. The course range is often ranging from 1.5 years to 2 years. There are many certificate courses available at the university. Students who want to pursue courses in various streams provided by the university can obtain it part-time.

Bachelors in Monash University

There are 16 courses available in bachelors and the fees range is around 14L to 21L. The courses are wide-ranged right from IT, finance, medicine, engineering, architectural design, aerospace engineering, etc. They also offer excellent diploma courses and associate degree courses.
Many students opt for bachelors after choosing this college. It gives them a good opportunity for practical work and internships.

MBA in Monash University

There are five courses available in the MBA and the fees range is around 18L to 22L. The courses range from 12 months to 24 months. The subjects student do an MBA in business economics, accounting, and executive MBA. This university is famous for these courses worldwide. The university has good tie-ups with companies for campus placements.

Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Hospitality and Tourism
Professional Studies
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management05/Nov, 08/Apr05/Nov, 08/Apr
Computer Science and IT05/Nov, 08/Apr05/Nov, 08/Apr
Education05/Nov, 08/Apr05/Nov
Engineering01.Apr05/Nov, 08/Apr
Fine Arts05/Nov, 08/Apr05/Nov, 08/Apr
Hospitality and Tourism05/Nov, 08/Apr-
Law-05/Nov, 08/Apr
Mathematics05/Nov, 08/Apr05/Nov
Medicine05/Nov, 08/Apr05/Nov, 08/Apr
Professional Studies05/Nov-
Science05/Nov, 08/Apr05/Nov
Social Science05/Nov, 08/Apr05/Nov, 08/Apr
Life at Monash University

Student Life

Life at Monash University

Student life at Monash University is vibrant and joyful. A variety of services, clubs, societies, sports teams, and much more awaits any student dreaming of a college education worth the trouble. 

Student services:

  • The university provides health services, financial aid, career options, and much more to its students. 
  • Study skills resources for students to brush up their knowledge in a wide range of subjects. 
  • Sports activities at Monash entail Aquatics, yoga classes, social sports like basketball, indoor soccer, badminton, and more. The university is keen on ensuring the overall development of each of its students. 
  • The student association plays a vital role in the lives of all students. The three campuses in Australia, Malaysia, and South Africa have associations like MSA, MAPS, MONSU, MPSU, ISS, SRS, MUPA, MUSA, and so on. These associations help raise the voices and concerns of the students making the university a safe and comfortable place to be. 
  • The various clubs and societies provide the students with plenty of scope for extracurricular activities which showcase their talents and passions. The clubs are categorized into academic, cultural, particular interest and spiritual clubs. Each club has its target audience. 

International Students:

The three campuses all over the world ensure plenty of international students each term. What attracts students to the main campus at Melbourne is the scenic beauty of the city with a wide range of opportunities provided by the university. The student crowd is diverse and inclusive. The campuses offer English courses for students with English language difficulties. There are the following English programs- Monash English, Monash English Bridging, Introductory Academic Program, and English Connect. The Services and Support finder helps international students. A variety of videos, podcasts, and more help the students gain insight into accommodation, grammar, writing, and more.

Accommodations in Monash University

Facilities alternative incorporates condos with a couple of bedrooms. The hostel rooms are well equipped with WIFI and other facilities. Facilities involve Electric Stove, Fridge, Elevator, Laundry and so on.  

Monash University On-campus accommodation

  • Clayton accommodation- Clayton campus provides two types of residence options: Clayton Residential Village and Clayton Urban Community. The residential village has six halls of residence, Deakin, Roberts, Farrer, Richardson, Howlitt and Normandy Halls along with South East Flats.
  • The Halls have a weekly cost of $246.40 for standard rooms.
  • The standard rooms with washbasins in the Normandy House cost $251.65 per week.
  • Southeast flats have the rates $235.20 and $249.90 for its standard rooms. 

The Clayton Urban Community has six halls of its own as well. The Briggs, Turner, Campbell, Logan, Holman and Jackomos Halls offer accommodations around $294.00 per week.  

  • Peninsula accommodation- peninsula campus offers accommodations in the form of Peninsula Residence Village ($235.20-$296.80 weekly) and Peninsula Studio Apartments ($294.00 per week). 

Monash University Off-campus accommodations

  • Mannix college-a residential college in association with Monash University to provide off-campus residence to the university students. Students can apply for this accommodation through the college website. 
  • Homestay- this option allows students to reside with an Australian family and enjoy a safe, supportive environment. The homes are usually one hour away from the Melbourne campus. The average cost of accommodation is $378 per week plus $350 as a placement fee. 
  • Students can apply by submitting an application form with contact details, emergency contact details. Then the students must pay their fees, and lastly, the student must provide the arrival details to the college by email. 
  • City campuses- apartment-style living preferred by most students has all necessary facilities and many options- 
  • Urbanest Melbourne Central- 10 minutes walk to the Melbourne campus with a weekly rent of $335-$419 per person. 
  • Urbanest Swanston St.- 10 minutes walk to the Melbourne campus with a weekly rent of $339-$429 per person.
  • Journal student living- 15 minutes walk to the Melbourne campus or 5 minutes walk to Melbourne Central train station with a weekly rent of $329-$469 per person. 
  • Scape Student Accommodation- 5 minutes walk to Melbourne station for Caulfield campus with a weekly rent of $439-$559 per person.
  • Albert house- 15 minutes walk to the Melbourne campus. 

Key attractions

Australia is a famous destination for students. They get a lot of exposure in terms of people, travel, culture, etc.

  • For art enthusiasts- Melbourne houses the Melbourne International Arts Festival and the Melbourne International comedy festival each year. The federation square is a must-visit as events are held there regularly.
  • For casual lounging- various cafes and restaurants have opened all around the city. All these places are youth hubs and provide incredible service every time. 
  • Eureka Tower- the tower, built as a tribute to the Eureka rebellion of Australia, is the highest tower in the city.  
  • Melbourne Aquarium is a great place to be with its wide glasses giving the glimpse of the sea world. The Sealife Melbourne Aquarium attracts a massive crowd for a reason- and the goal is certainly worth it with over 2000 different creatures. 
  • The campus at Malaysia is flooded by attractions near it- the Petronas Twin Towers, Sepang International Circuit and the Central Market being only three of the many. 

Career at Monash University

Jobs after studying in Monash University

There are several good streams in which the students can get a job in Australia after graduating from Monash; the university also gives numerous placements in the following fields

  • Education
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Information Technology

Placement at Monash University

The placement rate at Monash is 88% which is a high percent at an average. Many companies prefer students from this university for their practical skills and experience from the internships.

Monash University Notable Alumni

  • Daniel Andrews – Premier of Victoria
  • Josh Freydenberg – Treasurer of Australia
  • Tim Flannery – scientist
  • Ian MacFarlane – economist
  • Vance Joy - songwriter

Colleges related to Monash University

  • Normanby House
  • Mannix College
Living Costs
Accomodation1291 aud/month
Food300 aud/month
Entertainment200 aud/month
Utility182 aud/month
Travel140 aud/month
Miscellaneous200 aud/month
Coke/Soda3 aud/month
McDonalds10 aud/month
Colleges at Monash University
Richardson Hall (Clayton)

Richardson Hall (Clayton) founded in 1972, is among the newest residential area in Monash University. 

Briggs Hall (Clayton)

Briggs Hall (Clayton) is a part of Monash University where the students reside for their academic session.


Turner Hall

Turner Hall was built in 1853 and designated as historic landmark in the year 1996.

Roberts Hall (Clayton)

Roberts Hall (Clayton) is a residential service named after Robert Blackwood.

Campbell Hall

Campbell Hall at Monash University is a co-ed school located at Los Angeles.

Caulfield Residential (International Mews)

Caulfield Residential (International News) is a residential hall at Monash University which offers all necessary facilities to the students. 

Deakin Hall (Clayton)

Deakin Hall (Clayton) is located in Melbourne, Australia.

South East Flats (Clayton)

South East Flats (Clayton) had a mascot as eagle and colours orange and blue.

Berwick Residential

Berwick Residential is a technical support unit of Monash University.

Farrer Hall (Clayton)

Farrer Hall (Clayton) is located at Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.

Jackomos Hall (Clayton)

Jackomos Hall (Clayton) is a residential part of Monash University as well as Australian Government rental scheme.

Logan Hall

Logan Hall is named after the famous professor Malcolm Ian Logan.

South Africa Residential

South Africa Residential is a residential unit of Monash University which was established in 1958.

Howitt Hall (Clayton)

Howitt Hall (Clayton) is the residential service at Monash University where students are provided with panoramic views of the campus of the Monash University.

Normanby House (Clayton)

Normanby House (Clayton) is a residential hall at Monash University which offers all necessary facilities to the students. 

Holman Hall

Holman Hall is a 6-storey residential building at Monash University which offers all necessary facilities to the students. 

Peninsula Residential

Peninsula Residential is a small residential location near Monash University.

Contact Details
ADDRESS900 Dandenong Rd, Caulfield East VIC 3145, Australia
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