Purdue University

Indiana, United States
Estd. 1869
Rank: #32
public University
374 Courses Available

Facts about Purdue University

  • Purdue University is situated in West Lafayette, Indiana. It is a public research University.

  • The college of science, technology and agriculture was established in his name. The college's first class was taken on September 16th, 19874.

  • The college has about 6 instructors and 39 students. At present the college has, in total, 43,411 students.

  • The college mascot is Boilermaker Special Purdue Pete. It has been given the nickname "Boilermakers".

  • Its motto is "Education,Research,Service". It also has 3 grants, namely, Land-grant, Sea-grant and Space-grant.

Purdue University Highlights

Established in


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Total International Students

Approximately 10000

Size of Campus

2602 acres



No. of campuses


Acceptance rate





610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, United States


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Admission Procedure

How to apply

  • Log on to the Purdue university’s website and find the best course of your choice.

  • Check the entry requirements thoroughly. Some programs require special qualifications to apply.

  • Undergraduate applications require at least a test score for the particular application requirement.

  • For postgraduate, you must have completed an undergraduate degree at the minimum.

  • Depending on your country of citizenship, you may be required to apply through a registered university’s education agent.

  • Once you have found the program you wish to study, from the program’s home page click ‘apply online’ which will take you to our easy to use online International Application System.

  • Enter the asked details and scores, and submit your application.

  • Choose your degree. See that you are eligible for the course and also check the fees.

  • Prepare all the required documents. Take the IELTS test.

  •  Fill in the application form. While filling, be careful to give the correct and precise information.

  •  Search for scholarships. You can get a scholarship at the college, as well as in your home country.

  • Pay the application fee. Also remember to print the receipt.

  • Apply for a visa. Students can apply for a student visa.

List of documents required for undergraduates

Undergraduate documents

10th-grade transcripts and certificate

12th-grade transcripts and certificate


TOEFL or IELTS score

SAT, GRE or ACT scores

Letter of Recommendation(LOR)

Statement of Purpose(SOP)

List of documents required for postgraduates

Postgraduate documents

10th grade transcripts and certificate

12th grade transcripts and certificate


Work Experience

TOEFL or IELTS score

Undergraduate transcript and degree

Visa Forms



Bachelors in Purdue University

There are about 120 undergraduate courses offered by Purdue University. There are highly selective courses like liberal arts, agriculture, engineering, and pharmacy. Approximately 32000 students get enrolled for their bachelor's degree with criteria of obtaining 3.8 or above GPA every semester.

Masters in Purdue University

There are approximately 100 graduate courses through which medicine, health sciences, agriculture and engineering are amongst the major domain. Approximately 28% of the graduate students graduate every year from the Purdue University. As for the scholarships there are certain criteria which is available on the university’s website.

Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Hospitality and Tourism
Professional Studies
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management30.june30.june
Computer Science and IT30.june30.june
Fine Arts30.june30.june
Hospitality and Tourism-30.june
Medicine11/Jan, 07/Jan30.june
Professional Studies11/Jan, 07/Jan-
Social Science30.june30.june
Life at Purdue University

Student life

Life at Purdue University

Student life at Purdue is very pleasant. The college has a very friendly environment and hence the students find it easy to settle and get adapted to their new surroundings. The cozy and warn residents that the college provides also help the students. They are taught to not only spend their time studying but to also make time for some extra-curricular activities. They see that their security level is up to the mark and also has regular checkups. Purdue University saw 8,562 students from 126 different countries from around the world.

Accommodation at Purdue University

Purdue University has a very pleasant environment and warm surroundings to let students experience and explore. There is high security provided for the safety of the students. Also, the university provides grounds for students to encourage a healthy life. Almost one-third of the university students live in the University residences.

Purdue University On-campus accommodation

  • There are 11,844 spaces available for undergraduate students, graduate students, and student families.

  • The University has 17 separate halls. They are:-Cary Quadrangle, Earhart Hall, First Street Towers, Harrison Hall, Hawkins Hall, Hillenbrand Hall, Hilltop Apartments, Honors College and Residences, McCutcheon Hall, Owen Hall, Purdue Village, Shreve Hall, Tarkington Hall, Third Street Suites, Wiley Hall, and the 5 Windsor Halls.

  • They also have 12 corporative houses.

  • The men's houses comes with Circle Pines, Fairway, Marwood, Chauncey, and Gemini. The women's houses have in them Ann Tweedale, Glenwood, Twin Pines, Maclure, Stewart, Devonshire, and Shoemaker.

Purdue University Off-campus accommodation

  • Near the campus, there are private residences where students can live while renting their apartments.

  • A wide range of popular restaurants is available across the campus.

  • Renting an apartment is also an option for those who want to explore with no time restrictions.

  • There are online sources available where students can book their apartments or halls.

  • The residents have extra facilities like home-like environments.

Key Attractions

  • The University has more than 900 student society.

  • Every student finds his/her interest in the University.

  • The University also has a very active alumni association.

  • There are programs every years. THe annual events that remain fixed per year are:-events include Boiler Gold Rush, Purdue University Dance Marathon, Spring Fest, and Grand Prix. 

  • One of Purdue's event was defined as-"The Greatest Spectacle in College Racing".

Career at Purdue University

Career is the topmost aspect of the university in order to get the best esume at the placements for students who are going to graduate from Purdue University. Students are requested to submit their rplacement office where they can review or check their respective resumes in order to get them a better job.

Jobs after graduating from Purdue University

There’s an 80% chance of getting a perfect job after graduating from Purdue. It provides job opportunities for the students of liberal arts, agriculture, and engineering with a higher rate of chances in affiliated companies, organizations, and institutes. There are requirements for the students at different organizations to get selected for a particular job.

Placements at Purdue University

The university has maintained most of the placement rate for graduate students at organizations. Also, undergraduate students get to interview for better experiences which are provided exceptionally for their top students. The graduates are placed in the best positions in organizations and companies.

Notable Alumni


  • College of Pharmacy

  • College of liberal arts

  • College of Engineering

  • College of agriculture

  • College of science

  • College of Education

  • College of health and human sciences

  • College of veterinary medicine

  • Purdue Polytechnic institute

  • Krannert school of management

Living Costs
Accomodationnull usd/month
Food400 usd/month
Entertainment300 usd/month
Utilitynull usd/month
Travelnull usd/month
Miscellaneous200 usd/month
Coke/Sodanull usd/month
McDonaldsnull usd/month
Colleges at Purdue University
Exploratory Studies

Exploratory Studies is affiliated with Pursue University and allows a student to explore their interest before applying for Masters.

College of Engineering

The highly ranked College of Engineering provides its students with the necessary skills to hold their heads high in a competitive world. There are numerous major programs and options for choosing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs. Students are guided well in their pursuit of careers. Famous alumni include Neil Armstrong and Lillian Gilbreth.

Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Purdue Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1964 and it offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs in various disciplines.

College of Agriculture

Committed to sustainable development, the College of Agriculture in Purdue University, USA is one of the best in the world. There are more than 30 major courses and many scholarships available for prospective students. The degrees open up the window of various opportunities including research and education.

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts provides students with a very special experience. There are more than 40 different major courses and various scholarships on the basis of merit. The department also provides unique learning opportunities for students. The Liberal Arts Career Centre helps students gain experiences and create their desired careers.

College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine, a major academic division, was established in 1959 at Purdue University.

College of Health and Human Sciences

College of Health and Human Sciences was established in 2010 at Purdue University.

College of Science

The College of Science which has always been an important part of Purdue since 19th century moulds the minds into luminaries and changes the future of the science and technology. There are more than 40 degree programs in the highly ranked departments which have a razor sharp focus on research.


College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy provides good education to both graduate and undergraduate students in the field of pharmaceuticals.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School at Purdue University is dedicated to the graduate courses and studies. 

College of Education

Education is actually the flame that lights up the world and the College of Education is committed to creating educators who will shape the future of the world. There are more than 17 major courses and the rising demand for good teachers ensures that the students get their desired placements.

Krannert School of Management

The education experience here, aims at building a brand out of its pupils. The combination of management skills and STEM background teaches its students to solve the complex problems of the world. If one wants to engage in a special form of business-learning at an elite institution then Krannert is the place to be.


Honors College

The college is situated at West Lafayette, USA and it focuses on leadership, research and scholarship.

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