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The University Of Nebraska - Lincoln Facts

The University Of Nebraska - Lincoln is a public research University. The University was established on February 15, 1869.

  • The University motto is " Literis Dedicata et Omnibus Artibus" (Latin). In english it translates as "Dedicated to Letters and All the Arts".
  • At present, the university 25,820 hold students. Of these, are 20,830 undergraduates and 4,990 postgraduates.
  • The University mascot is Herbie Husker Lil' Red.
  • The University has 8 buildings distributed within their 2 campuses. The University has over 100 classrooms and research halls.
  • The college sports teams is also stong. They have also reached the semi-finals round.

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1st year total fees:
Rs. 1,543,989.30
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1st year total fees:
Rs. 1,543,989.30
Exams Accepted:
1st year total fees:
Rs. 1,543,989.30
Exams Accepted:
1st year total fees:
Rs. 1,543,989.30
Exams Accepted:
1st year total fees:
Rs. 1,543,989.30
Exams Accepted:

About The University Of Nebraska - Lincoln

In 1869, the University of Nebraska was established after passing an act of the Nebraska state
legislature two years after the State of Nebraska was admitted into the U.S. The law passed in 1869
creating the university stated its mission: "The object of such institution shall be to afford to the
inhabitants of the state the means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various branches of
literature, science, and the arts." The school had received an initial land grant of about 130,000
acres (53,000 ha) and construction of the campus began with the building of University Hall in its first
year. The University of Nebraska offered its first two degrees to its first graduating class, by
1873. Until about 20 years of its founding the school remained small and suffered from a shortage of
funds , when later its high school programs were taken over by a new state education system. From
1890 to 1895 enrollment increased from 384 to about 1,500. By this time, a law school and a
graduate school were also created, making it the first ever school west of the Mississippi to establish
a graduate school. By 1897, the school was 15th in the nation in total enrollment.
In the early 20th century, the school struggled to find its identity as both a pragmatic, frontier
establishment and an academic, intellectual institution. It also established a competitive spirit in the
form of a debate team, a football team (first called the Cornhuskers in 1901), and the arrival of
fraternities and sororities. During 1913 to 1914, a fierce debate raged over whether to keep the
University in downtown Lincoln or to move it out of town. There was no solution from the debate until
a statewide referendum sided with the downtown plan. After purchasing the property downtown, the
school experienced a building boom, both on the new property and on the farming campus. The
school would not experience another boom until the late 1940s, when the sudden arrival of
thousands of soldiers returning from the war seeking for education forced the school for further
expansion and construct.
Nebraska was inducted as a member of the Association of American Universities, an organization of
research universities in 1908.Nebraska in the recent years had been at or near the bottom of the
AAU's statistical criteria for members, a ranking attributed in part to the university's energetic
agricultural research which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and is not included in
the AAU's rankings because it is not awarded by peer-reviewed grants; and because
Nebraska's medical school is a separate institution whose research funding is not under UNL's
Nebraska had successfully regained its AAU membership after a 2000 challenge. This title provided
Nebraska with an advantage when the Big Ten was looking to expand in 2010, as all of its members
at that time were AAU members. Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman said. "I doubt that our
application would've been accepted had we not been a member of the [AAU]." In 2011 however,
after an extended effort to retain its membership and a close, contentious vote, Nebraska became
the only institution to be removed from the AAU membership by a vote of the membership (a few
other institutions had voluntarily resigned.)
In 2017, an adjunct instructor was documented by a student as the instructor expressed a political
opinion about the student's activist activities. State lawmakers demanded that the university hold the
instructor accountable and the university subsequently fired her, a move the AAUP contends was a
violation of her academic freedom. In June 2018, the AAUP voted to censure the University for
violation of Academic Freedom.

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