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Estd. 1966
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About University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh was officially opened in 1583. The roles of principal and professor were officially decided in 1620. After the establishment of the University of Edinburgh, there were various courses offered in different years which are such as the faculty of law is founded in 1707. Faculty of Arts is founded in 1708. The faculty of medicine is founded in 1726. The University’s graduating hall, McEwan Hall was started in 1897. Moreover, the University merged with Edinburgh College of Art was merged with this university in 2011. The University act by Scotland grants the University of Edinburgh full control for its affairs in the year 1858.

University of Edinburgh: Campus

The University of Edinburgh has five campuses along with the college of medicine and veterinary medicine, the School of molecular genetic, population Health Science, and the Institute of genetics and cancer. These five campuses are Western General Hospital, Little France, Easter Bush, The University Central Area (George Square), The King's Buildings.

There are some other affiliated campuses are there in the University of Edinburg which are the School of Informatics, the School of Mathematics, the School of Physics and Astronomy, the School of Chemistry, School of Engineering. The university has some research centers with are linked with researchers of other colleges and schools.

University of Southampton: Rankings

The University of Edinburgh is famous and one of the top universities located in Scotland. The university provides an advanced level of education to the students and achieved a high ranking in various fields. There are some important ranks the University of Edinburgh owns and are as follows:

QS World University Ranking(Education)


UK Ranking(Education)


QS World University Ranking(Sport-related subjects)


UK Ranking(Sport-related subjects)


UK Ranking, 2021(Sports Science)


THE World University Ranking for Education


University of Edinburg: Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of the University of Edinburgh is 42%- 50% and is moderately easy to get into this university. The acceptance rate in this university for post-graduation programs is around 48% this means if 100 students are applying for this university, 48 students get a chance to study at the University of Edinburgh. The acceptance rate for undergraduate programs is 46% which means 46 students out of 100 students get a successful admission to the university. 

University of Edinburgh: Students

The University of Edinburgh offers has 20 Academic School that offers 300 undergraduate programs, 350 postgraduate programs, and 150research-based programs. The University has 35732 students total for UG and PG courses in different courses of art and design, education, health, science, engineering, and much more. The University has 10000 + international students in various schools of undergraduate and postgraduate.

University of Edinburgh: Faculty

The number of faculty members in the University of Edinburgh is about 5000+ in which 2000+ members are the educational staff and approximately 2500+ members are working in administration. The teacher-student ratio in this university 1:17. The teachers and faculty members are highly educated and completed their studies from a well-known University and qualified enough to teach the students. Teachers encourage students for their academics and life.

University of Edinburgh: Achievements and Rewards

The University of Eden has a lot of awards and got various types of achievements especially in the year 2021. The university got awards which are as follows:

Excellence in External Engagement, Most EffectivCommunity-Building Initiative, Contribution to Positive Research Culture, Contribution to Student Experience. 

University of Edinburgh: Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh provides multiple types of scholarships to students who are willing to get an education and are financially unstable. The university itself provides multiple scholarships and various scholarships and loans are offered by alumni that are already graduated and postgraduate from the university. The University scholarships are open for both the students who are the local residential and international students.  Some scholarships that are offered by this university are as follows:

  • Ph.D. scholarships- This scholarship is provided to the students who are researchers here.
  • Tuition fee alumni scholarships- This scholarship is provided to both national and international students by the rich alumni who are graduated from here.
  • UK government loans- If you are a resident of the UK you can apply for this loan and ask for financial support. This loan depends on the program and eligibility.
  • Edinburgh Global Scholarships- The University of Edinburgh offers various internships which Edinburgh Global Scholarship is one of them, that is for international students.
  • College of Science and Engineering- The college has offered various scholarships which they provide through the university funds.
  • Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships- Under this scholarship, University provides 20,00,000Rs/ student.

Highlights about University of Edinburgh

College Type


Year of Establishment


QS Ranking


No. of Students


Acceptance Rate

40% – 50%

Number of Campuses


Class Size

22 Students (Average)


Pound Sterling 392 million

Official Website


Old College South Bridge Edinburgh

EH8 9YL, Edinburgh

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How to Apply to the University of Edinburgh

Every year the University of Edinburgh gets 10000 + international students applications and 60000 + total applications in which only a  few got selected and get a chance to study in this

University. There are some steps to apply and get admission to this university which are as follows:

  • Step 1: Check the dates for application.
  • Step 2: Select the area of study.
  • Step 3: Register and enter a password.
  • Step 4: Enter your name and nationality.
  • Step 5: Enter the required details
  • Step 6: Upload the required documents.
  • Step 7: Wait for the reply from the University.
  • Step 8: Accept the offer and pay the tuition fee.


The University of Edinburgh offers various types of courses every year under several categories such as UG, PG, and Ph.D. The courses are open and the university welcomes International and National Students. 

For UG Students

The eligibility criteria for an undergraduate student is given below:

  • For undergraduate programs in Arts, Humanities, and social science candidates must have 75% in 12.
  • For an undergraduate program in medicine and veterinary medicine, the candidate must have 80% overall and 85% in 3 main subjects of 12.
  • For international students, the English proficiency test is compulsory. 
  • For international students from recognized tests like IELTS, TOEFL is a must. 
  • For Undergraduate program in Science and Engineering candidate must have 75% in English in class 12th and 80% overall marks.

For PG Students

The University of Edinburgh has some postgraduate programs also such as MS in Computer Science, MS in data science,e MS in business analytics, MSc in management, MSc in Economics, MSc in marketing and MPhil architecture, and many more.

The eligibility criteria for an undergraduate student is given below:

  • The student must have a 3-4 year graduation degree along with the higher secondary certificate for any certificate which is equivalent to higher secondary.
  • The International candidate must have passed the IELTS exam with 6.5 marks
  • For some specific courses, candidates must have passed GRE and GMAT exams.
  • The candidate must have passed the English proficiency test with a good School.

For ph.D Students

  • The candidate must have a 4-year graduation degree for ph.D and a post-graduation degree for the research. 
  • International candidates must have passed the English proficiency test and IELTS. 
  • All Ph.D. students must have to pass the interview on Skype before the final admission.

Admission Requirements at University Of Edinburgh

List of document required for UG

Requirements for Admission


English Proficiency Test Scores


Completed Application Form


Work Experience

Not required

Personal Essays

Not required

Official Transcripts



Not required

Copy of Passport


Statement of purpose


Financial statement documents


Evidence of Citizenship


Letter of Reference

Not Mandatory

List of Document required for PG

Requirement for Admission








Academic transcripts


Resumes and CVs


Recommendation letters


Statement of purpose letters


Financial statements


Masters in University of Edinburgh

.The University has multiple Masters' programs for students and has several scholarships for them also making students financially stable for their studies and making their minds tension-free. Some of the most famous Masters’s programs for the University of Edinburgh are given as Master of Surgery(1 year-21 month)Rs 22.15 L - 36.31 L, M.ArchRs 24.28 L - 25.39 L (1 year-2 year), M.A. (1 year)Rs₹ 25.39 L.

Bachelors in University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh provides various bachelor programs for both National and international students and selects more than 30000 students per year for undergraduate programs. Some of the famous graduate courses of this university are given as BBA(28 Courses)(4 years) Pound 20.95 K - 22 K, B.Sc.(27 Courses)(4-5 years)Pound 22 K - 28.95 K, B.E. / B.Tech(22 Courses)(4-5 years)Pound 27.55 K - 30.4 K.

MBA in University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has a full-time and part-time MBA and PGDM course which is of duration 12 months. The course cost around pounds 23k- 31.35k for a year. The University provides a full-time MBA exchange program is also for international students. The university offers two types of MBA, an MBA for residential students and an MBA for international exchange students.

Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Professional Studies
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management30/Jun30/Jun
Computer Science and IT30/Jun30/Jun
Fine Arts30/Jun30/Jun
Professional Studies30/Jun-
Social Science30/Jun30/Jun
Life at University Of Edinburgh

Life at the University of Edinburgh

  • The student life of the students of Edinburgh University is wonderful and students enjoy much on the campus. 
  • The university organizes cultural events and celebrity nights for the entertainment of students.
  • Events by universities such as Art fairs, Science fairs, debate competitions, drama competitions, and events like this motivate students and relaxed their mood in their hectic schedule of study and work.
  • The university organizes some sports competitions also such as volleyball, basketball, and hockey competitions for the students for their physical strength and mental stability.
  • The students of the University feel at ease and comfort with the teachers and the campus life and enjoy much in the huge library, cafeteria, and student section.

Accommodation at University Of Edinburgh

When moving to a new city and starting a new life students and their families are always under pressure that what kind of accommodation will they get and will it be comfortable and Secure for them or not. 

The University of Edinburgh provides comfortable and satisfactory accommodation to the students which are studying here whether they are national or international.

On-Campus Accommodation

  • The university has comfortable and Secure accommodation for students which has CCTV security 24/7.
  • They have some accommodation houses for students which are Ascham Court, Beaverbank, Baird House. 
  • Rooms have furniture which is required for students such as Table, Chair, Cupboard, and laptop desk.
  • The water supply to the houses is 24/7.
  • The rooms have attached a kitchen which students need to share.
  • The rooms cost between £5000- 7000/month.

Off-Campus accommodation

  • There are various off-campus accommodations for students that day can rent alone or can share with someone.
  • There are two types of accommodation single room or double room. 
  • The single room cost around £1000- £1200 and for double room is £600-£700.
  • The off-campus room is also fully secure and has an attached kitchen for the students.
  • The electricity supply and water supply are 24/7 in every room.
  • A guard is always there for students to take care of them and for their security.

Key attraction

Edinburgh is a beautiful city of Scotland which has various places where students can go and spend their time and get some relaxation and can entertain. There are some places near the University of Edinburgh where students usually go on weekends and in their free time from movies, events, and fun learning new things.

Some fun places near the University of Edinburgh are given below:

  • Old Town Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle- Old town Edinburgh  Castle is a beautiful place with beautiful staircases and hidden passageways that have a stunning collection of crown jewels and is a national war museum.


  • Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey- The place is referred to as Holyrood place which was built in 1678 when James 1 and James 4  were married.
  • Stroll the Royal Mile-It is the streets linking Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. It is a historical landmark and a beautiful place to visit for people.
  • Climb to Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Crags- It is about it 820 feet and is a 64 acre Hollywood Park. It is an ancient cultivation park that has a beautiful terrace and has a series of 151 ft, Cliff adjacent to Arthur's Seat.
  • Set Sail for Royal Yacht Britannia- It is one of the Britisher’s most popular attractions and is famous all around the world. It is a 60-year-old Yacht that belongs to the royal family.

Careers at the University of Edinburgh

The career of the students who are studying at Edinburgh University is all well after completing their education. University has contact with multiple companies which are ready to pay high amount salary to the students graduated or postgraduate from this university as it is one of the best universities known in the world. The university organizes job fairs and workshops for the students where the multinational and high-level companies came and give a chance to students to show their abilities and capacities. Based on the talent of students, companies select the student and students can choose their required and lovable jobs.

Jobs after studying at the University of Edinburgh

After completing education at this University students can get higher-paid jobs. Some of the best job opportunities that students get after completion are human resources, accounting, marketing, advertising, investment banking, management consultancy, teaching, public sector hospitality, and travel Management. Students have hundreds of job opportunities after completion of their courses from this university as students who as this university or a talented and have sufficient knowledge and skills which a company requires in their employee.

Placements at University the University of Edinburgh

While giving the last year exams most of the student got to hire for many companies with good salary. University invites several respected and popular companies to the university for their students. Employers want more than a degree holder they want someone who has sufficient knowledge, skills, and attributes which are required for their company and to fulfill their requirements. The student of Edinburgh University has almost every skill which is required for this modern world and which is the requirement of most of the companies. After six months of graduating 96.5% of students got employment in good companies with a salary of between £20,000-£32,000.

University of Edinburgh: Notable Alumni

  • Robert Adam- neoclassical architect
  • J. M. Barrie- novelist and playwright
  • James Barry- surgeon
  • David Hume- philosopher
  • Joseph Black- physicist and chemist
  • Robert Brown- a botanist, discovered Brownian motion
  • Thomas Carlyle- historian and satirist

Colleges related to University of Edinburgh

There are various schools and colleges affiliated and ready to go with the University of Edinburgh. Some of them are as follows:

  • Business School.
  • School of Divinity.
  • School of Economics.
  • Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Moray House School of Education and Sport.
  • School of Health in Social Science.
  • School of History, Classics, and Archaeology.
  • School of Law.
Living Costs
Accomodation543 gbp/month
Food150 gbp/month
Entertainment100 gbp/month
Utility143 gbp/month
Travel54 gbp/month
Miscellaneous50 gbp/month
Coke/Soda1 gbp/month
McDonalds5 gbp/month
Colleges at University Of Edinburgh
Edinburgh College of Art

The arts college is situated in Scotland

School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

The college has overall approach to language, culture, etc.

School of Biological Sciences

The school has courses in science and biology.

School of Mathematics

The college offers programs and research in mathematics.

School of Divinity

The college has various degree programs in Scotland

Business School

The Business school holds a long and prestigious history of teaching and research.

School of Health in Social Science

The college undertakes health studies and is situated in Scotland.

School of Social and Politial Science

The college has teaching and research into politics, international relations

School of Engineering

The school of engineering is one of the most reputed and highly ranked colleges at the Edinburg University.

The Moray House School of Education

The college is known for post graduate programs.

School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

The college is in Scotland.

School of Chemistry

The school is a research school in Scotland.

School of Physics and Astronomy

This is the physics department of University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

School of Economics

The college has various programs in Economics in Scotland

School of Law

It is a law school situated in Scotland

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
School of Informatics

This college is situated in Scotland.

School of History, Classics and Archaeology

The college islocated in Scotland.

Edinburgh Medical School

The college offers medical courses and is in Scotland

School of GeoSciences

Founded in 2002 the college is located in Scotland.

School of Engineering
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Business School
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Contact Details
ADDRESSOld College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL, UK
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