Canada Student Visa Interview - Complete Details

PBPiyush Bhartiya
Updated OnJan 30, 2023
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Canada Student Visa Interview

As we already know that Canada is one of the most famous and best city for higher education. And there are many students who go to Canada for their studies and other work. As per the rule, each and every student needs a student visa as permission to study or work there in Canada. As a formality to get Canada Student Visa, candidates need to go through the interview. 

Canada Student Visa Interview Questions

To get Canada Student Visa students to need to qualify Canada student visa interview which consists of easy questions but it should be answered in a proper and decent way. Students sometimes can get rejected for the interview too. One of the most important things that should be kept in mind is fluency. 

Q.1. How are you doing today? 

Ans. In such questions, candidates need to answer briefly about how they are and how they feel. These are some of the daily life today. 

Q.2. Have you been to Canada before?

Ans. This student needs to give an answer in yes or no format. If your answer is yes then you need to mention your experience, pros, and cons. 

Q.3. Why did you choose Canada?

Ans. In such questions, students need to mention there past studies and give a reason for choosing Canada. You need to mention the merits and demerits of Canada and also you need to mention why u didn't choose your country 

Q.4. Why did you choose that particular college/University? 

Ans. In this students need to mention the reason behind choosing that particular college or university. You can also highlight the advantages of a particular college or university. 

Q.5. Have you applied for any other college? 

Ans. In such questions also students need to answer in yes or no format only. If your answer is no, then you need to state the reason. 

Q.6. Which program will you be joining and why? 

Ans. The candidate needs to mention the reason for choosing a particular subject. You also need to state the advantages of that particular program. 

Q.7. Who's going to cover your expenses in Canada?

Ans. The candidate should mention their expenses and how it's going to bear it whether it's parents or banks. Such questions also verify your bank details etc. 

Q.8. Where did you study in India? 

Ans. The name of the college or institution should be mentioned. 

Q.9. What does your father/mother do? 

Ans. The candidate’s occupation should be mentioned. 

Q.10. Are you traveling with someone or alone? 

Ans. Such questions should be answered in short forms. 

Q.11. Do you have any friends/relatives in Canada? 

Ans. Should be answered in Yes or No format. The interviewer can add some more questions. 

Q.12. Where you will be staying in Canada?

Ans. In such questions, students need to share their plans for staying and other plans. They can also give their address and mention whether it is a temporary or permanent residence. 

Q.13. Where do u stay in India? 

Ans. In this question, you need to answer briefly about your residence and other things. 

Q.14. Do you plan to work in Canada? 

Ans. In this question, candidates need to answer in yes or no format. If yes, then mention the reason why you will love to work there. 

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Tips to clear Visa Interview 

As I mentioned above that many times students get rejected for interviews. So they should not take this lightly and rather focus on the tips that are given below. 

The few tips for clearing Student Visa interview is as follows:

  • First of all, the students need to submit the application on time. 
  • Students need to have good fluency in English and so they should keep practicing English often. 
  • All the documents should be ready
  • Students should visualize themselves getting a visa
  • You should be well prepared for what to do in visa interview 
  • You should be ready with your explanation 
  • You should mention about ties to your home country. 
  • You should talk about your family and status
  • You should prepare your mind for coming back home after graduation
  • And most importantly, you should stay positive. 


✅ Is there an interview for Canada Student Visa? 

Ans: Basically there are no interviews for a study visa. But an interview may be required if the visa officer wants to. A medical examination is compulsory for the student visa. 

✅ Does Canada Student Visa gets Cancelled? 

Ans: Yes, sometimes Canada Student Visa may get canceled. If the visa officer is not satisfied and finds you a potential immigrant, then it can be rejected. 

✅ How many funds are required for Canada Student Visa? 

Ans: There are different amount of people belonging to different places. It presents Rs. 55000 is required every year to stay. 

✅ How long is a Canadian Student Visa? 

Ans: A Canada Student Visa is valid for the period of your study program plus an additional 90 days. These 90 days is to prepare yourself to leave Canada or to apply to extend your stay. 

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