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Singapore Student Visa Interview - Complete Details

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read

Singapore Student Visa Interview - Complete Details

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read
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Singapore Student Visa Interview

Singapore, one of the foremost in style destinations among Asian countries for those students Who dream of receiving a high-quality education at a reasonable rate, includes a completely different visa procedure to be followed. whereas obtaining a visa is comparatively straightforward (when compared to the United States), if you're not ready with all the required documents, you may get a rejection. whereas the larger Indian crowd, lesser distance from the native land, and wonderful facilities with top-notch University makes it a perfect destination for higher studies, get yourself aware of the visa method to confirm a swish and untroubled visa expertise.

Singapore has several well-reputed Universities with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) hierarchical among the highest due to their giving of a range of high-quality courses, tutored by the most effective within the field. Tuition prices are terribly cheap. The cost of living is sort of low. Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. Once admission is obtained, the subsequent step is to get a Student Pass or Visa to review in Singapore. The Student Visa is sometimes issued for the complete length of study at the value of 30-50 Singapore bucks

Singapore Student Visa Interview Application Requirements

For a Singapore Student Visa interview Application, you need to submit a number of documents and fulfill certain criteria. For Indian students getting a student visa for Singapore is fairly easy as the entire process is conducted online.

However, for the interview, a student needs to be present in front of an immigration officer to complete the process. You need to fulfill these requirements to get a student pass-

  • After receiving an offer letter from a university in Singapore, students need to apply for a student pass to enter Singapore.
  • The Visa applications are passed through the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.
  • A student needs to apply for a Student Pass at least 2 months before the commencement of the semester.
  • The application needs to be submitted online through the Student’s Pass On-Line Application & Registration (SOLAR) system.
  • Upon registration by the university, a student has to submit eForm 16 by logging into SOLAR. This form is to be printed and submitted to the Student's Pass Unit to complete the formalities.
  • All the required documents have to be submitted alongside the visa application.
  • A candidate also needs to provide proof that they have enough funds to support their education and living expenses.
  • If a candidate’s parents are working or residing in Singapore, they are required to provide NRIC/FIN of the parents.

Tips for students visa interview

  • submit your application. If you're applying to a university within Singapore, visit the  Embassy in your home country to submit the application for a class F-1 student visa. If you're trying to review in Canada, visit the Canadian diplomatic building in your home country to use for a study allow. you'll be able to conjointly apply for a study allow on-line.
  • observe your English as typically as doable. This will assist you to communicate with the officers within the embassy or diplomatic building. this can even be useful in your future studies. There square measure some ways you'll be able to observe, for instance by looking at TV shows, listening and translating your favorite music songs, reading books in English, and lots of others.
  • gather all the documentation you wish to require for the interview. This is one of the foremost vital steps in your preparation for the interview. throughout the visa interview, you need to gift enough proof for you to urge a visa. a number of the documents you need to gift include: your visa application, university acceptance letter, I-20 type within the U.S. or study allow in Singapore, furthermore as proof that you just have enough cash to support yourself. you'll be able to conjointly embrace guarantors, like your folks, the agency can assist you to support yourself whereas you're abroad.
  • visualize yourself obtaining a visa. Picture yourself with success finishing your interview and obtaining your visa. This visual image can offer you a positive outlook and supply mental support.
  • what to try throughout the interview. You should dedicate your full attention to the officer or the translator at the interview. ensure to concentrate fastidiously, assume before you answer, and keep your answers short and to the purpose. you'll be able to analyze on-line the foremost common queries at the visa interviews to arrange yourself and your answers.
  • prepare a proof. It is vital to arrange a proof for a few of the foremost common visa interview queries. Common queries will include: why you wish to travel to the university you selected, what you're progressing to study, what your career goal is when you graduate, et al. almost like these.
  • remark ties to your home country. The officers at the embassy or diplomatic building can typically raise concerning the ties to your home country. this can be done to form positive that you just have enough things that hold you back which you'll eventually return to your home country. usually, these include your job or business, family, the property you'll own, or the rest you'll be able to consider.
  • remark to your family. If you have got a spouse equivalent or youngsters, ensure to say them and make a case for, however, they're going to be supported whereas you're abroad.
  • be clear that you just can come back home when graduation. This is vital, thus ensure to iterate this time and illustrate some examples that you just square measure designing on returning to your home country when graduating
  • keep positive. Be assured, keep calm and smile. Project a positive and assured image, and you're progressing to have a productive student visa interview. keep positive. Be assured, keep calm and smile. Project a positive and assured image, and you're progressing to have a productive student visa interview.

Documents Required for the Interview

Once a candidate has fulfilled the above requirements of the application process, they need to acquire certain Documents required for the interview and application process.

These documents need to be complete and accurate in order to get a student pass and prove your eligibility to the immigration officer. The required documents are-

  • Valid Passport (should be valid for at least 3 months after the completion of studies)
  • Valid Identity card
  • One recent color passport-sized photograph
  • Letter of Acceptance from a university in Singapore
  • A printed copy of the eForm16 and V36
  • Medical Certificate
  • In-principle approval letter by the ICA
  • English Proficiency Test Scores (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  • Other Required Test Scores (GRE, GMAT, etc.)
  • Application Fees
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Sufficient funds of entire study (Bank Statements, Fixed Deposit Proofs, Student Loans)
  • Statement of Purpose and three Letters of Recommendation
  • Academic Transcripts, Degree Certificates

Singapore Student Visa Interview Fees

To submit a student visa application, you need to pay the nominal fees required for the process. For Indian students, the process has become more affordable and considerably easy as the entire process is conducted online and is less time-consuming.

The fee is to be paid by debit/credit card or net banking. Issuance fees are paid once the Student’s Pass is issued and collected



Processing fees

S$30 or INR 1,131.53

Issuance fees

S$60 or INR 2,262.91

Singapore Student Visa Interview Processing Time

A candidate needs to submit the visa application at least 2 months before the study course begins. Singapore Student Visa Processing Time is usually 10-15 days and the applications are processed rather quickly.

However, if there are additional documents and information required by the immigration department, the process may take a little longer than anticipated. Such information and delays are notified to the candidate through the SOLAR system.

Once the application and documents of a student are processed and reviewed by the immigration authorities, he/she may be called in for an interview, decided by the visa officer. The final stage of the application process is the visa interview which is carried out by a consulate officer. He asks questions and verifies the documents provided. 

Here are some common questions asked during an interview-

Q1. Have you been to Singapore before?

  • Reply politely with a yes or no. If it is yes, mention short details about your previous travel.

Q2. Why did you choose Singapore or that particular college/university?

  • Talk about your future plans in Singapore and why you prefer it over any other country. You can mention its great facilities and opportunities. For choosing the particular university, you can mention the advantages of joining that particular university, the courses, facilities, faculty.

Q3. Which program will you be joining and why?

  • Make sure you have proper and accurate information about the course which you want to pursue. Also, mention the importance and benefits of that particular course, and what made you pursue in that particular course.

Q4. Who is going to cover your expenses in Singapore?

  • You need to mention the details of the funding, whether it is covered by your parents or a bank through a student loan. The details provided in the visa application will also be verified by this. 

Q5.  Where will you be staying in Singapore?

  • You need to mention that details about the living arrangements, whether it is temporary or permanent or on campus. If staying off-campus, you need to provide the address and other details.

Q6. What are your plans after graduation?

  • You can talk about how you want to create new working opportunities for yourself after graduation. You can also mention that you plan to extend your Visa and apply for a one-year-long Visit Pass to seek employment in Singapore. You can also say that you wish to return to your native country after graduation.

Q7. Why do you want to return home after the completion of your studies?

  • Talk about your attachment to your home country. You can also mention your family, opportunities available, and economic conditions as a reason for your return.

Q8. Have you written any exams like GMAT/GRE/TOEFL? If yes, provide the test scores and a detailed report.

  • If you have taken any of these tests, you need to show the immigration officer the scores and a detailed report mentioning your areas of strength and weakness.

Q9. In which year did you graduate from your school/college and how many marks did you obtain?

  • An immigration officer might ask this to verify your academic transcripts and degree certificates. Tell them the year in which you graduated and also mention the name of your school/college.

Q10. What do you know about the city in which your university/college is located?

  • Be well-versed with the city you are going to study in and provide the officer with an appropriate answer. You can talk about the various facilities, places of recreation in the city or any famous program or event happening.


Q1. How do I prepare for a student visa interview?

  • Make sure you have complete and accurate information about the country, city and the university in which you are going to study. Answer with confidence and certainty, prepare yourself for any personal questions as it is a part of the process. Also, be well-versed in the course and subject you wish to study.

Q2. Is there any interview for Singapore Visa?

  • To obtain a Singapore Student Pass, an interview is not a necessary process. It can be conducted if the immigration officer feels the need and requires the candidate for a personal interview.

Q3. What are the questions asked in an Interview?

  • The immigration officer usually asks questions related to your choice of course and university, your plans of pursuing the course, your plans after graduation, your financial status, etc. They can also ask personal questions to verify your credibility. Refer to the questions given above for more information.

Q4. How long does the Visa Interview take?

  • The Visa Interview may take up to 2-3 hours, depending upon the questions asked and the verification of documents by the visa officer.

Q5. Can my visa application be rejected even after the interview?

  • Yes, your visa application may be rejected after the interview if the officer finds you unsuitable in any way. You need to make the officer sure of your intentions of leaving Singapore after graduation so that they don’t find you as a potential immigrant. Also, all your documents and application details should be correct to avoid rejection.
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