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Our goal is to change how you study abroad

Who are we?
Founded in 2016 by IIT-IIM alumni Piyush Bhartiya and Rachit Agrawal, AdmitKard is a venture capital-backed EdTech platform designed to guide students through the study-abroad application process.
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  • Mentorship from Students Abroad
    Our team of experienced mentors, all graduates of prestigious Indian Institutes, provide personalised guidance and support throughout your application journey
  • Mentorship from Students Abroad
    Application Process
    Our user-friendly platform simplifies the application process, allowing you to manage applications, deadlines, and documents efficiently from anywhere.
  • Mentorship from Students Abroad
    and Flexibility
    Apply to your dream colleges from the comfort of your home, hostel, or anywhere with an internet connection.

Become the leading source of data-driven, trusted, & accessible guidance for students, making informed, affordable, & effective decisions. We aspire to democratize the global study experience, ensuring students worldwide have the tools & insights to pursue their academic & professional dreams with confidence.

Our mission is to empower every student with better academic & career outcomes by simplifying the entire process through technology, offering students a seamless journey from program selection from enrollment to getting a job. We empower students with resources for their academic & personal growth.

At AdmitKard, we've segmented success into three distinct components.

Student First: All decisions to be made while keeping the student at the center.

Transparent: Build trust with all stakeholders using data, communication and mentorship.

Ambitious: We always aim to do better for our students, partners and team members.

Meet our Co-Founders

Rachit Agrawal is a highly skilled innovator in the Edtech industry, with a strong foundation in engineering from IIIT Allahabad and strategic insights gained from IIM Calcutta. He has worked at top-tier firms such as the Boston Consulting Group, where he developed expertise in navigating complex challenges across global markets. At AdmitKard, Rachit uses his exceptional technical skills and passion for education to simplify the study abroad application process for students around the world. His leadership is pivotal in steering AdmitKard towards its mission of making quality education accessible by combining education with technology, creating a transformative impact.

Piyush Bhartiya, blending his deep engineering expertise from IIT Roorkee with strategic business acumen from IIM Bangalore,stands as a beacon of innovation in the edtech landscape with AdmitKard. His experience at leading firms like Schlumberger and the Boston Consulting Group has equipped him with the ability to tackle diverse challenges, enriching his entrepreneurial journey. At AdmitKard, Piyush harnesses his passion for education and his extensive professional knowledge to streamline the overseas education application process, ensuring students worldwide have easier access to global learning opportunities. His vision and leadership are instrumental in driving AdmitKard's mission to democratize education, making him a key figure in transforming how students plan their educational journeys.

Our Journey
Glimpses of life at AdmitKard
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