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Refund Policy

Last updated on: 01-Oct-2023

Purpose and Scope:

AdmitKard's Refund Policy outlines the conditions for issuing refunds for our chargeable services, emphasising that most offerings are free. This policy is an essential part of the agreement with our users.


● Refund: The process of AdmitKard returning payments received from customers, contractors or students for services.

Policy Details:

● Upon registering and utilising AdmitKard's services, users automatically agree to this Refund Policy. Users who disagree with this policy may cease using our services and request the deletion of their accounts. However, this policy will still govern transactions made before account deletion.

Exceptional Circumstances:

● Service Not Rendered: If AdmitKard fails to provide the agreed-upon services within the specified timeframe or to the agreed-upon standard, the student may seek a refund.

● Cancellation Policy: If the student cancels their application or service request within a specified period, AdmitKard's cancellation policy covers that period.

● Duplicate Payment: In cases where a payment was mistakenly made more than once.

● Quality of Service: If a student can prove that the service provided by AdmitKard was unsatisfactory and fell short of our promised standards, they may be eligible for a refund.

● Change in Circumstances: If the client's circumstances change in a way that makes the service unnecessary or impossible to use, this would depend on AdmitKard's policies regarding such situations.

● Force Majeure: Refers to any event or effect that can neither be anticipated nor controlled. It includes both acts of nature (natural disasters, fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.) and acts of people (strikes, riots, wars, etc.). In the context of service delivery and contractual obligations, Force Majeure events are critical considerations, especially regarding refunds.

● It's important to note that refunds are not issued for a simple change of mind.

Third-Party Services:

AdmitKard partners with third-party services (e.g., universities, accommodation, health cover vendors) and may receive referral commissions. We do not manage direct refunds for these third-party payments, and clients are responsible for understanding and adhering to these entities' refund policies.

Additional Terms:

● Exclusions: AdmitKard's charges do not cover external fees such as university application fees, courier charges, or score reporting fees. These are the responsibility of the student.

● Payment Terms: Service continuity and editing work require full payment within the specified timeframe. The fee under this agreement is non-refundable, except for enrollment fees, which can be refunded within 3 days after enrollment.

● Validity: Fees are applicable for one intake only. In case of deferment, it is limited to the next immediate intake.

● Liability: AdmitKard is not responsible for delays or cancellations in applications due to non-payment, lack of required documents, or incomplete information.

Policy Accessibility:

This Refund Policy is readily available upon request and is to be clearly stated on all relevant documents promoting fee-based services within AdmitKard.


For any policy-related questions, please contact the directors at [email protected] We thank you for your interest in AdmitKard. For more information, please visit