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Student Financial Award Policy


This policy aims to set forth AdmitKard's commitment to ethical standards in the administration of financial aid and scholarship assistance. This policy ensures transparency and integrity in our operations, specifically in relation to the handling of commissions or fees derived from financial awards.

Policy Requirements:

1. Non-Commission Clause:

● AdmitKard shall not receive any commission or fee from the financial aid or scholarship awards allocated to students. This practice is strictly prohibited to maintain fairness and transparency in the financial aid process.

2. Disclosure of Service Charges:

● While AdmitKard may provide services to assist students in applying for scholarships and financial aid, we do not charge students for such services.

3. Transparency and Communication:

● All charges related to scholarship and financial aid application assistance must be transparently communicated to students before the commencement of services. This ensures students are fully informed and consent to any fees associated with their application process.

4. Policy Accessibility:

This Financial Award Policy will be accessible on AdmitKard’s official website, included in the student fee sheet, and referenced in relevant communications to ensure all stakeholders are informed of our practices and policies.


● AdmitKard is dedicated to implementing this policy effectively to uphold our commitment to ethical practices in supporting students’ educational aspirations. This policy is integral to our operations and reflects our dedication to providing transparent and equitable services to all students.

Review and Amendment:

● This policy is subject to periodic review and may be amended to reflect changes in regulatory requirements or our internal procedures. Any amendments will be communicated appropriately to ensure continued compliance and transparency.

Contact Information:

For questions or further clarification regarding this Financial Award Policy, students and stakeholders are encouraged to contact AdmitKard’s support team via email at [email protected].
AdmitKard remains steadfast in its mission to support students in their educational journey with integrity and transparency, ensuring that financial aid and scholarship assistance are managed ethically and fairly.