Oasis Scholarship is a scholarship portal belonging to the West Bengal government. The scholarship is online, and the portal offers a number of scholarship options to the Other Backward Castes, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes candidates…. Read More

CGPA to Percentage – Convert CGPA to Percentage by multiplying your CGPA by 9.5. CGPA Calculator provided by CBSE for converting your CGPA into Percentage

For Calculating GPA to Percentage, divide your GPA by 4 and then multiply by 100, for eg. if GPA is 3 then percentage is (3/4)*100= 75%.

SPP is an abbreviation for Student Partners Program which is a structural program jointly developed by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in India. It is in association with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) for Indian students to give them maximum help regarding higher studies in Canada. 

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Those people who wish to pursue their career in the legal sector get a law degree, which is the initial step. Having a law degree is a matter of prestige for a person as it is one of the most sought after professions.

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About Philosophy Course

Philosophy is one of the hardest subjects which requires full dedication and concentration.

The meaning of Philosophy in Greek is “love of wisdom.” This is based on tactics, logic, and thinking of humans in several different circumstances. It generalizes the … Read More

The investigation of business is about how people and gatherings of individuals arrange, plan, and act to create merchandise and enterprises to fulfill clients. Business is affected by and impacts the day’s social, moral, ecological, political, and monetary states. 

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The expression “fine art” alludes to an art form rehearsed principally for its tasteful worth and its excellence (“craftsmanship for the good of art”) as opposed to its useful worth. Fine art is established in drawing and configuration based works, for example, painting, printmaking, and model. It frequently … Read More

Although many of us have been “tourists” sooner or later in our lives, characterizing what the travel industry is can be troublesome. Tourism is the exercise of individuals going to and remaining in places outside their standard climate for relaxation, business, or different purposes for not more than … Read More

Nuclear Engineering is that part of the engineering concerned with breaking down atomic nuclei (fission) or combining atomic nuclei (fusion). In nuclear fission, nuclear engineering particularly includes the design, interaction, and maintenance of systems and components like nuclear reactors, power plants, or weapons. Nuclear Engineering includes chemical engineering … Read More

Nursing is a profession in the health care sector. It is focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities to achieve, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. The professionals in this field are known as Nurses. However, Nurses differ from other health care providers. … Read More

When we hear about pharmacy, the first thing that comes into our mind is drug stores selling medicine, which is obvious. However, pharmacy is not only about these drug stores; there is more to it. You can make a career out of it if you want. This field … Read More

Medicine is the science and practice of establishing the treatment and prevention of diseases. Medicine is an area of study for those who want to become future doctors. There are so many specializations in this field for those who want to cure people of different ailments. A career … Read More

FMoney related exercises are the activities and exchanges that organizations, governments, and people embrace as they try to add their financial objectives. Money likewise centers on how organizations and financial specialists assess danger and return. Truly, financial matters have been more hypothetical and account more down to earth; … Read More