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The internet is a beautiful place. It’s not only the cat and baby panda videos that make it wonderful, but also the amount of knowledge that’s available on it which makes it a powerful resource … Read More


PGDM in Canada 

Canada is the second-largest country in the world and is present in the North American continent. Canada is a developed country has great prospects for job and quality … Read More


MIS stands for Management Information System. In a layman’s term, MIS is midway between MBA and MS. The objective of this course is aimed to equip students with the knowledge of Information Technology and … Read More

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The United Kingdom, without a doubt is one of the best countries to study and has an internationally acclaimed education system. It is every student’s dream destination which houses several globally top-ranked universities. The UK is certainly like … Read More

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The United Kingdom is home to the best institutions around the world. The UK has always been one of the most popular destinations for students pursuing higher education. But education … Read More

Australia is always in demand when it comes to education. Australia makes sure that the education that it provides is of high quality, and hence, it attracts even more students. Students automatically favor Australia, as they promise to give the best. As is the case with almost all … Read More

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When it comes to higher education, Australia is definitely on everyone’s list. International students find it comfortable to study there as the place is very diverse, is filled with warm and friendly natives and … Read More


What is a Statement of Purpose

A Statement of purpose is how you portray your personality in front of the Admissions Council. A resume might be good for listing … Read More

Australia is a wonderful place for anyone who loves adventures. The thrill of being in a foreign land is always fascinating. But this venture stays ecstatic only till you are a traveler. Once you plan to settle there, the story changes. Especially for a foreigner trying to blend … Read More

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Career choice is one of the most crucial decisions in any Student’s life and this journey begins with the choice of stream in School. But, the first milestone is visible after the question to “choose a college … Read More

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Being Indians, we are all familiar with the notion ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees,’ but in today’s scenario, everything is expensive, especially foreign education. Alongside that, we are also taught to never stop pursuing our … Read More