Amazing Presence of Mind and Swami Vivekananda’s Signature: A Must Read

A Story about Swami Vivekananda’s Signature

There was this one professor in college who used to hate Indian students and was a racist to the extreme. Once during lunchtime, Swami Vivekananda took his plate and made himself comfortable near the professor’s chair. Professor saw an Indian student sitting near him and unable to tolerate this, he said –

“A Black Pig and a White Bird can’t be together.”

To this Swami replied –

“Sure Sir… I shall fly away immediately.”

And then Swami calmly picked up his plate and went to another spot while the professor was left speechless at this. Professor then made his mind to teach Swami a great lesson in class…

Picking up the right way 

As Professor was trying to find opportunities to hit back hard on Swami. He one day came to class, ordered Swami to stand and asked him to answer this question –

“Imagine yourself walking down a lane Swami, now you come to the point where you find a divergence – going on one path will give you Knowledge while the other path will bring you Money, you can only choose one path to go further, answer me Swami which way you’ll pick?”

Swami: “Money, Sir.”

Professor: “If I would have been at your place I would have chosen the path which leads to Knowledge, knowledge should be above all.”

Swami: “Everyone picks up what they lack Sir. I chose what I lack and you chose what you lack.” 😀


After above mentioned 2 incidents Professor was furious and wanted to bring down Swami on his knees. So he decides to make his move during exams. While distributing answer sheets he wrote IDIOT on answer sheet of Swami and handed it to him. Seeing this Swami was still calm and a few moments later he called Professor, patiently saying

“Sir seems like you signed at the wrong spot. Signature field is mentioned separately.” 😀 😀

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