Studying Abroad – Be Cautious if you have these 7 Habits!

Shall I ask you one question? How are you planning to make your experience at abroad an amazing one? Something which you can cherish for the rest of your life. The answer is simple. Like any other experience, your time overseas will be what you make of it. Here is the tricky part!! There would be numerous opportunities waiting for you. Some may be life-changing ones which might help you to inspire your future. But some might drop you in a pit and the sad part is that you may not even realize that you are making a mistake. So unintentionally, sometimes, students end up in bad habits which can hurt their body. This post focuses on some of the most common pitfalls which students usually face after traveling abroad with an intention to give the warning to stay away from these habits.

Be Cautious if you have these 7 Habits!


After going abroad, the lifestyle of a student changes in a significant manner. Many students find it difficult to deal with new environment and pressure in giving the best performance in studies. This usually leads them to adopt wrong ways to stay relaxed. Smoking is one of the easiest evils to fall for which after some time transforms as a style among friends. Once you become addicted to a habit, it is very difficult to get rid of the same. There are a lot of other ways like making good friends, practicing yoga, taking support from your home etc. to deal with pressure. So choose your habits very wisely.


When you are away from home, don’t you feel more ‘independent’? It has been found that 70% students start drinking as soon as they reach abroad. After entering a new group of friends, drinking usually starts as a fun activity. But they tend to forget that this habit can injure your health from a very young age. So be more cautious of this habit.

Eating Junk Food

I don’t think there is someone who does not like the home cooked food. And this may be one thing which students will miss the most when they go abroad. Once they enter a fast-paced life, it leads to food which is quick and easy. Hence students will start preferring fast food in excess. No one will even tend to check the nutritious value of the item they are eating. So today, the various varieties of junk food have become an integral part of students who study abroad. But as it is not at all healthy, it may lead to a lot of diseases at an early age itself. As what we eat is central to our health, it is important to keep a check on this habit.

Disrespecting Home Culture

Studying abroad gives you exposure to lots of different cultures and diversities. Sometimes, when someone gets engaged in another culture much, they may tend to disregard home culture. It is observed that individual develop a habit of disrespecting their ethics and value for relationships at home or outside. This clash of cultures can be sometimes difficult to deal with and may lead to cultural stress. So it is always necessary to have a balance between your home culture and a new culture that you find it easier to get adapted to a new culture without disrespecting home culture values. If you do so, it will be an immense experience to get expanded knowledge which can make you more satisfied on a personal level.

Bad Friend Circle

By studying abroad, you get a chance to meet new people who belong to different parts of the world. But there is a higher chance that students fall into a wrong friend circle which can ruin them in all forms. As it is a human tendency to accept bad things first and find it hard to accept the correct things later, it is very important to choose the right set of friends. So who can be a good friend? A friend in need is a friend indeed. Whatever be your criteria for selecting a friend, choose them who will be your lifelong circle of good and true friends.

Lack of Healthy Routine

Health is wealth! Health is a crucial factor which must be taken into consideration at all times. At abroad, when you are exposed to a new environment, you tend to develop new habits. Make sure that those habits are mostly positive like eating and exercising regularly. Also, ensure to go out on exploratory walks or go for a quick run in the park regularly. This healthy routine can help you to return home with a smile on your face.

Excessive Partying

When you go abroad, the glamour of bars and clubs can be really tempting. But high exposure to the active party scenes does make you weak and vulnerable. Also, students tend to spend too much money and time at the pub. So, it needs to be controlled before this might take a negative impact on whole experience in a foreign land. If you really feel like partying, you may invite your friends to your apartment for light drinks and snacks. Going out once in a while, wouldn’t harm, but make sure to not develop it into a habit!

Habits will not harm you if they are controlled and kept to a limit. Make sure that you keep a hold on yourself once you move to a new city for studying. Kindly do post if you have any feedback, comment or suggestion.

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