MBA Abroad: Top 10 Most Affordable MBA Programs Abroad in 2019

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It is often observed that most study abroad alumni share their experience of studying abroad with ecstasy calling it an experience of a lifetime. Whereas many who aimed but could not go due to several reasons utterly regret not being able to make up to their desires.

While some will cite rigorous degree requirements and scheduling conflicts, the most common barrier to study abroad is still total cost, and the expenditure occurred. However, this should not be the case.

The overall cost of studying abroad is a valid concern, there’s often a lot of exaggeration and confusion around the question “how much does it cost to study abroad (and that too in case of MBA)?”

Sorting out this very concern, here we are with the 10 most Affordable MBA Programs in Canada, for Indian students to study abroad.

Affordable MBA Programs Abroad

More than university it always depends on the course one is applying for. It is very important to select the course wisely and estimate the expenditure accordingly.

Now let us discuss some of the economical MBA programs abroad.

Master of international Business Administration is a course that is affordable yet promising. The cost of this course ranges upto 375(in Euro), excluding the living expenditure.

The University of Hamburg and European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) in Germany provide students with this course in an economical range of 230-375 Euros.

Also, in Scandinavian Countries, most affordable MBA is offered at an exclusively low price. Finland is the best place in terms of studying abroad as ranked by various education magazines and the investment is as economical- Rs. 98207.25/-

There are also places like Norway that provide free education. The fees do not depend on your nationality or level of study. Only a registration fee is needed to be paid at the starting of every semester. However, the staying cost in such countries is extremely high and might compensate for no fees.

The University of Agder, on the other hand, offers an MSc in Business Administration in various specializations running for two years for which there are no tuition fees to be paid, although a registration fee of Rs.28,413(€100) is required.

Therefore, with an objective to expand your scope in Business Administration, these programs will prove to be highly beneficial. And with such low fees in these countries, it is surely the best opportunity to grab.

Now, listing down some of the international universities with affordable tuition rates.

The Most Affordable MBA: Top Business schools 

Based on MBA rankings of schools having affordable fees under $50,000(converted into USD)-

College/UniversityCost (in Dollars)
University of Hawaii—Manoa (Shidler)$14,934
University of North Carolina—Wilmington (Cameron)$17,300
San Diego State University
University of Houston (Bauer)$23,638
Erasmus University-Rotterdam School of Management(RSM)$36,935
University College Dublin – Smurfit Graduate Business School$37,482
University of Mannheim-Mannheim Business School$39,106
ESMT – European School of Management and Technology$41,276
University of British Columbia – Sauder School of Business$47,724
University of Cambridge$49,000

This list includes both one year and two year affordable MBA Programs in Canada. The shorter the duration of the course, shorter will be the living expenses and investment incurred. The tuition fee tends to rise every year so it will be better if one keeps himself updated. Also, there are several loans and scholarships that provide assistance to aspiring students greatly.

Therefore, to sum up- studying abroad cost is worth it. Everyone should be able to turn their dream of traveling the world and living in another country into a reality. No matter how much it costs the experience will always remain invaluable. It will impact you deeply as an individual and irrevocably alter your worldview yielding long-term benefits in respect of connections, job, and materialistic benefits; making it worth the investment.

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