Best One Year Masters Program in Europe (Updated 2019)

Europe tops the list of every student who wishes to study abroad. It has been an ideal study destination for students from all over the world for decades. Master’s program is the most popular choice for every student who has completed the bachelor’s degree. The competitive world today demands high qualifications which practical skills.  To pursue a Masters program in Europe is the most common dream among students. The continent harbors a variety of institutions that offer different courses. It is a perfect place to study so that you can be future ready. One year Masters program is a coveted program which most of the students prefer.

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One year Masters program in Europe

Business Administration

MBA has recently gained much importance. MBA is a program designed for students with practical skills. The practicality of business is decoded. It provides the understanding of the key functions of business areas. Read here if you are confused about one year MBA or two year MBA. Europe has a number of quality business schools which makes it a great destination for MBA. An international MBA degree gives you a lot of advantages in your career. Read here to know more. The best MBA courses in Europe are:

MBA in Economics

MBA in Economics ensures a promising career in the corporate world. This is a business qualification that stresses on the Economic aspects of business Well-paid careers awaits you as an economist or a financial consultant you can also be an educator, regional management posts or statistician. This course makes the students future ready to tackle all challenges in this field.

MBA in Aviation

An MBA in Aviation will equip the students with advanced knowledge and skills to be leaders in this field. The aviation industry requires updated knowledge of technology, skills , and understanding of how dynamic the industry is. This course offers expertise in aviation operations and air transportation to its students

MBA in Fashion

This course is meant for the creative people interested in the fashion industry. Their talent is elevated to a professional level and blended with business skills. MBA in Fashion is the perfect course for this who wish to excel and sustain in the field of fashion. It provides students with the ability to maintain the lead in the dynamic field of fashion.

One-year Masters program in Social Sciences and Humanities

Humanities and Social Sciences is a field of study that prepares students for a wide variety of careers. Corporate and industries have requirements of an expert in social science. Those who wish to work in the field like social services, education, art etc. would get all that they need to have an upper hand through this course. This course offers exciting careers like Technical Writer, Artist, Counselor, Event Organizer, Foreign Correspondent and many more.

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One-year Masters program in Science

After the completion of the bachelor’s degree, it’s a common choice to choose Masters in the same field. Science offers a variety of courses with even more varied job options. Masters in Science have many interesting specializations. Some interesting one-year courses you can opt for in Europe are:

MSc in Natural Science

Origins of natural science can be traced as far back as preliterate human societies, it mainly consists of life sciences and physical science. Natural Sciences is a field that includes biological science, botany, zoology, physics, chemistry, Earth science and astronomy etc.

Natural science is a branch of science that mainly deals with observations, understanding and predictions of natural phenomena.

MSc in neuroscience

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. This one-year M.Sc. course is designed to provide a multidisciplinary training in the neurosciences. It gives advance knowledge in topics from molecular to behavioural neuroscience.

The course is who wish for specialized knowledge in this field. This is a perfect course for a career in biomedical, pharmaceutical or neuropsychological research. This course will equip with all skills necessary to be a Laboratory Technician, Clinical data manager, researcher, educator etc.

Maters in International Business Management

This one-year course will make you ready to face the challenges in the global economy. This course is the ideal one for who wish for a detailed study of international business and have completed business related degree.This course aims to offer a deeper understanding of business in an international context. This course will give a better understanding of international business and global economy including its limitations, relevance and other possible applications. Students have an opportunity to enhance their skills and practical knowledge.

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Masters in Information Design

Masters in information design one-year course is apt for the students who wish to enhance their skills in the field of information design.This Masters program will fully elevate your practical skills and theoretical knowledge to the next level. This course promises job opportunities mainly in corporates, business and communication consultancies.Its employment scope extends to service companies, design studios, as well as NGO’s government agencies, research institutions etc.Students who complete this Masters program can start their own consulting business.

Choosing a career that fits you the best is the most important. In whatever choice you make sure you achieve satisfaction. The numerous options available in Europe gives the freedom of choosing whatever career you want to pursue. If you’ve got more to add, please feel free to add it to the comments section. Do pour in your feedback and suggestions too.

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