Top 10 Countries to Study Architecture Abroad in 2020

The study of architecture is concerned with the design, structural engineering, construction, and building materials. Studying architecture abroad is a great option for aspiring architects. Here are the best countries to study architecture.  

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Best Country To Study Architecture

Here are the best countries in the world for studying architecture abroad:

  1. Spain
  2. England
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Japan
  6. Greece
  7. Germany
  8. Russia
  9. China
  10. Mexico


Barcelona is the best place for an architecture and art student. This historic city has beautiful structures built in Gaudi style. The Museu Picasso exhibit Picasso’s early works and several other famous paintings of Picasso, students can take advantage of this place to learn more. Catalan and Spanish art is famous in this city and also seen throughout.

Spain is also among the top countries preferably for the study of architecture. Ranking among the top ones with better career opportunities for the candidates who aspire to study architecture and get mastery in it.

Top Universities In Spain

  1. Institute of Technology
  2. Marbella design academy
  3. International University of Catalonia
  4. Insignia design school Madrid
  5. Universidade da coruna


London in an art learning center for international students. London has made huge contributions in the field of art and architecture The British Museum showcases over eight million objects that cover all of human history.

England is considered one of the top destinations to study this stream. focus is highly on design, innovation and historical elements. In all it takes 7 years to became a full fledged architect. It demands discipline, hard work and consistency. There are several roles out there for the qualified architects in England.

The top universities that offers architectural course in england are:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. University College London
  3. University of Bath
  4. Cardiff University
  5. University of Nottingham
  6. Oxford brookes university

The selection criteria is equally difficult for the best universities. They take intense interviews before enrolling aspirants

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Paris, France

Paris is an ideal study abroad location for art and architecture students.  from antiquities to Western European paintings The Musée du Louvre has everything covered and hence it is a place which is most sought-after by the students.

France offers programs in architecture and land architecture. France have a rich history in which the candidate may get interested. In the current scenario, the rate of international students in France is rising. It will be advisable to learn french before going to any french university.

Some of the top universities in France are:

  • LISAA school of design
  • University of kent
  • City and urban environments
  • Universite Grenoble Alpes

Rome, Italy

Roman architecture is recognized globally for its uniqueness. Rome showcases some of the most important structures in architectural history. The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon are great works and a milestone in the field of architecture. Vatican City which is located within Rome’s limits features St. Peter’s Basilica which is a Late Renaissance masterpiece.

Italy welcomes international students in its colleges. It is the top ranking in terms of the human development index. The candidate can pursue an education in English which is the most popular language worldwide. There are several institutions providing the designing courses of architecture. Italy is famous for its designs, they have remarkable historical buildings especially in Rome. This is why there is much to learn there in Italy itself.

The top institutions of Italy are:

  • University of Florence
  • University of Pavia
  • Poly technic university of Milan
  • Politecnico di Torino
  • Sapienza University of Rome

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo an excellent location to study for Architecture students who are interested in modern design. Tokyo International Forum or the Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka are results of architectural excellence and give students much to discuss.

Related image

Tokyo also harbours a variety of gardens that combine both architecture and art with perfection in their design.

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Athens, Greece

Athens is recognized for its architectural ruins in the world. The Acropolis and the Parthenon are important destinations. Students can also learn from other impressive sites including the Temple of Poseidon.

Architecture and art students are most likely to benefit out of this place since it features art exhibitions at such institutions as the National Gallery and the Museum of Cycladic Art.    

Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s historical buildings were destroyed during World War II but Berlin now has emerged itself as an architectural wonder. Berlin is one of the art centers in Europe that features many museums.

Germany is an educational hub. One of the main reasons students prefer germany is its low or no tuition cost. They offer excellent programs in architecture. There are several criterias that a candidate must consider while comparing the universities like infrastructure, quality of education, practical approach, etc. The better the institution the more the candidate will be benefitted.

Here we have listed some of the top universities:

  • BTU cottbus – Senftenburg
  • ABK Stuttgar
  • RWTCH Aachen
  • TUM Munich
  • Stuttgart university
  • Hannover university

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is Russia’s capital and the largest that city features many art museums. Moscow has a number of museums including the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and the Shilov Gallery.

Moscow has a unique and most admired architecture in the world. Highlights of the city’s architecture include Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, etc. St. Petersburg is a world-renowned State Hermitage Museum.  

Beijing, China

China is magnificent in terms of its history and artifacts. They have several benefits including the low wage market, competitive landscape etc making it a favorable place to learn designing and building.

There are several top universities in china that are offering cutting edge courses like:

  • Suzhou centennial college
  • Xian Jiaotong Liverpool university
  • University of Nottingham Ningbo china
  • Sichuan university

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a treasure trove for students who wish to study art and architecture.  Palace of Fine Arts, which exhibits a massive collection of works from across different time periods, and the National Museum of Anthropology contains numerous ancient artifacts.

The city has a variety of historical architecture and museums. Other architectural highlights of this city include the National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral and the Castle of Chapultepec are important stops.

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Top Architecture Institutions To Study as per the current year’s trend

Architecture is a wide field with immense possibilities. However, it is also important to realize that each place has its own cultural and traditional aspects which are reflected in its architecture.

Before choosing an institution it is equally important to evaluate and know details about it. A student’s life not only includes learning in classrooms but also from experiences. For every choice you make there is a sure outcome so it’s best to let it be a fruitful one.

Top Architectural Institutions In US & Canada

As is always evident, the US and Canada have a wide scope for the study of architecture like for any other field of study. The great infrastructure and facilities and faculty teams in these countries are a boon to those students seeking a program of study in the field of architecture.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The MIT Architecture School was founded long back in 1865. The institute offers an M. Arch program which has only a limited intake every year. So, if you find a distinguished person inside yourself, don’t forget to hit the doors of this institution!

2. Harvard University

Next ‘the best’ institution is, of course, the worldly reputed Harvard University. It was ranked 6th in the world in 2018 and the Harvard Graduate School of Design started creating world-famous architects right from 1864.

3. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Apart from the above, there is also the famous University of California, Berkeley (UCB)that ranks to be one of the top best universities in architecture. The institute boasts itself of some of the most distinguished and talented personalities as its alumni.

When it comes to Canada, we again have a number of good universities like the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, etc.

Top Architecture Institutions In Europe

When it comes to European institutions, the top university is called The Bartlett School of Architecture of University College London (UCL) in the UK. It was established in the year 1841 and is claimed to be one of the first universities of architecture in the UK.

1. Delft University of Technology

Another famous university is the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). It is one of the largest universities with a large number of students studying architecture.

2. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Next comes the ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Department of Architecture in Switzerland which was founded in 1854. The university is unbeatable in terms of some of the best faculties available.

3. Manchester School of Architecture

Not only these but, Europe is home to many more top architecture schools. Manchester School of Architecture is one such institution that secures top rank in university rankings.

Some other Institutions

It would be totally unfair to leave out to suggest the name, The University of Cambridge to a student looking for a top university in Europe for education in Architecture. 

These apart, Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has a wide reputation and so does Italy’s Politecnico di Milano. Spain’s Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya is also well known in the world for architecture.

Top Architectural Institutions In Asia

Some of the most sought-after destinations for education in Asia are Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China.

1. National University of Singapore

Considering Singapore, the name National University of Singapore rings often in any international candidate’s mind. The institution’s Department of Architecture of the School of Design and Environment offers a number of programs in Architecture for international students.

2. Tsinghua University

In China, Tsinghua University retains a good rank among the international universities offering courses in Architecture. The university’s School of Architecture was established in 1946. Not only the study program but the institution is also well recognized for its splendid campus and location.

Top Architectural Institutions  In Australia and New Zealand


The University of Sydney is famous in Australia and its Architecture campus, School of Architecture, Design, and Planning was founded in 1920. The University of Melbourne and University of New South Wales are other reputed universities here, which have a lot for students aiming for education in architecture.

New Zealand

Architecture schools in New Zealand include the University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University. These are well-known universities though not up to the top ranking ones in other places.

How to study Architecture?

Architecture is an interesting course to do, especially when a student has a lot of interest in designing and art as well as the technicalities of it. Before knowing how to study architecture, it is crucial that one knows what one should study when they enter into the course of architecture

A brief outline of Course Description

A student of architecture is expected to study Design and Art, that is a given; however, apart from that, the course also included other subjects. One learns subjects like Building Constructions, History of Architecture, Architectural Drawing, History of Architecture, Theory of Structures, etc. A bit of Geometry is also important, and the student must be well aware of their angles and lines.

A student also has to study and learn Computer and Software Labs and has to learn Design Applications. Most of the courses also require students to prepare a final Thesis project and to undergo Training.

Approaches To take to Study Architecture Abroad

If one wants to study architecture and excel in it, it is important that they do work hard and keep practicing their designs. It is important that one works hard and always keeps themselves updated with the current trends in the designer world and construction methods.

A student is expected to be sharp with an intricate eye for details. It is important always to be attentive and be a good observer to excel in this course. The theory and practical aspect of it both can be easily handled if one is keen on learning and has a sharp mind. Being an architect is similar to being an inventor, so, it is also necessary to also think like one to complete the course successfully.

Eligibility to Study Architecture Abroad

To apply for a course in Architecture abroad, a student may have to give the following exams.


2. SAT

3. PTE

Other than these exams, any student who has passed their 12th class successfully with 65% or more marks can apply, with Mathematics as a compulsory subject in class 12th.

Apart from these requirements, there may be other exams which the university may ask a student to take, and it varies from university to university.

Documents Required to Study Architecture Abroad

Documents required for admission in Architectural Courses are:

1. 12th class Marksheet

2. Letter of Recommendation

3. Transfer Certificate

4. Updated CV

5. Statement of Purpose

6. The result of SAT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE

Other than these documents students may be required to submit documents like VISA, statement of income, and other documents as may be the requirement of the university to which they are applying to.


What courses can one pursue in Architecture?

Ans. At the graduate level, in the field of architecture, a student can pursue the following degrees:
1. BA Architecture
2. BSc Architectural Design and Technology
3. BA Interior Architecture and Venue Design
4. BA Infrastructure Design
There are also other courses which may vary from university to university, as some universities offer specialized courses which others do not.

What courses in post-graduation can one apply to after a bachelor’s in Architecture?

Ans. There is a lot of scope for MA in Architecture, and one may pursue it in various fields, some of which include:

1. Urban and Regional Planning
2. Housing
3. Environmental Planning
4. Infrastructure Planning
5. Construction of Project Management

There can be other specializations too based on the universities.

What are the job profiles available for graduates of Architecture?

Ans. There are many job profiles available for graduates of Architecture that pay well. Some of these include:
1. Architectural Engineer
2. Architectural Historian
3. Art Director
4. Building Contractor& Researcher
5. Interior Designer
6. Landscape Architect, among others.

Is TOEFL/IELTS necessary?

Ans. Yes, one of them is necessary, depending on the country you are applying to.

Do we need Mathematics for Architecture?

Ans. Yes, for the course of Architecture Mathematics is very much important because knowledge of geometry is crucial to the course of Architecture.

Which country is best to study Architecture abroad for Indian students?

Ans. There are many countries that offer good Architecture courses and where Indian students can get education, experience, and exposure. Countries like the USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, China, Japan, Greece, Germany, England, etc. are countries that offer good courses in Architecture.

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