Top Universities in UK to Study Architecture (Updated 2019)

The UK is the classic destination for studies and has been maintaining its quality of education for decades. Europe is already a great hub of education due to the presence of many developed nations providing education. Read here to know the reasons why Europe is better than the USA for study abroad. Studying architecture from the best universities in the UK will equip you with the skills and knowledge required for this field. The focus of the universities here is on the technological part of it. Other than that cultural elements, design etc are also given utmost importance. Architecture is the key element in the construction of buildings. It is the design and mechanics required to create beautiful structures. In a structure it’s not only the beauty that matters, it is also important to make sure that the structure is serving the purpose. Safety is another most important part which no professional cannot afford to overlook. Read here about the best countries to study architecture. The UK has some of the best colleges in the world that offers courses in architecture. The focus of architecture courses at universities in the UK is on the design, cultural and historical elements. Lectures on history and theory are an important part of the course that will take place alongside art and design. This provides students with the best approach to learning about each element of the profession in detail.

Top 5 Universities to study Architecture

Here are the top 5 universities in the UK for architecture:

1. University of Cambridge

When you speak about the UK, the name of  Cambridge can’t be avoided, such has become this university’s reputation. The BA (Hons)is an undergraduate course in architecture at Cambridge that carries exemption from ARB/RIBA Part 1. In Cambridge, the major part of the teaching is carried out in studios. Students are assigned projects throughout the year and are required to produce models and drawings to showcase their design ideas. At Cambridge, the students are provided with studio desk space together with workshop and computer facilities. The university makes it sure that students are given necessary attention so that they can have a professional touch to their work. They examine the projects individually, twice a week, by design tutors, who are themselves, professional architects. In each year of the course, Studio work carries 60% of the overall marks. It is ensured that the students have practical skills with the theory which includes the rest 40%. Students will have to attend lecturers conducted by most able and efficient lecturers and will also have to go through a combination of written papers at the beginning of the summer term. Courses continue to change in accordance with changes in practice and also the new discoveries in research may affect the courses.

2. University of Bath

The University of Bath provides its students with the professional training that they would need to practice as an architect. At Bath, the students are trained with a combination of studio-based design with construction techniques. Students are also equipped with technical knowledge of materials. Doing an architecture course at Bath gives students the practical and creative skills that are required to analyze and communicate architectural proposals and encourages them to explore more in this field. As historical aspect is given more importance, a student will have to combine their project work in studios with the historic and cultural theory of architecture. At Bath, a lot of importance is given to studies conducted in studios, students are given appropriate guidance in their studio work. Challenging individual, as well as group projects, are assigned to students that help them discover their potential.

3. University College London

The teaching staff at this university are among the most sought-after in the field and are leaders in research and teaching internationally. The Bartlett School of Architecture is a faculty of University College London which is one of the most influential architecture schools in the world and also known for its innovation. This School of Architecture has a long tradition of innovation and quality education. The Bartlett School of Architecture is open to international students who wish to have excellent knowledge in the field of architecture. The Architecture school has about 900 students from 50 countries. Since the past 2 decades, the students of this architecture school have received more RIBA medals than any other school.

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4. University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is the perfect place for a student wishes to acquire a course in Architecture. At the University of Sheffield, a balance equally between lecture courses and studio-based study. Cultural, technological and conceptual ideas are enhanced and reflected in the projects of the students.Theory, design work and professional experience are proportionately balanced throughout the course. A major portion of work is done in the design studio which gives students the opportunity for experimenting their creative and innovative ideas, which in turn helps the students in developing fundamental architectural skills.

5. University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham sets for its students an inspirational and exciting world of architecture. Nottingham is renowned for its innovative work in green issues and sustainability.The University of Nottingham is a leading center for teaching in architecture. The University of Nottingham is focused on urban design and sustainable energy technologies and has been imparting knowledge for 140 years. It creates for its students a friendly, dynamic and exciting place to learn.
The universities in the UK with offering quality education also makes sure that its students are well skilled and also focus on their skill development by giving more emphasis to the work done is studios and projects. A student is greatly impacted by the university and its atmosphere. The UK has some of the best colleges in the world that offers its students best possible courses on Architecture. If you feel you can add more to the above list, please share your opinions in the comments below. Also, please do not forget to give your suggestions and feedback.

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