MBBS Abroad: List of Best Countries to Study Medicine Abroad in 2019

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Studying medicine abroad is a great option to a number of students who aspire quality education in the field of medical sciences. India is having a tremendous amount of aspirants trying to get into government medical colleges in every counting academic year.

The ratio of a number of students versus the number of government colleges is highly unstable. The scenario has given birth to many of the private management run institutes, which are lacking in many of the basic amenities including the fundamental and most vital that is the quality of education. But, yes the fees of such institutes are no less than the grade A medical schools. Thus, the passionate medical MBBS aspirants do actively look out for other options.

MBBS from abroad has emerged as the best option in recent few years. So to help you out on a hunt, we have got a list of such countries offering MBBS to Indian students in abroad. Read here the most affordable countries to study in abroad. 

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List of Best Countries for MBBS Course in 2019

These are the best countries to study medicine abroad:

1. USA: How to study MBBS From USA?

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The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world. America is a federal republic of 50 states. Washington, D.C. is the capital and New York is the largest city by population. America is one of the megadiverse counties in the world. The USA is leading in each and every segment in education.

In the provision of MBBS education, USA has proven its excellence by making available institutes like Spartan Health Science University, offering world-class education within the range of 25-30 lakhs INR. Read here about the best ways to afford abroad education.

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2. Russia: How to study MBBS in Russia?

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Russia is the largest country in the world. The beautiful nation borders European and Asian countries and the Pacific along with the Arctic ocean. The country is also officially known as the Russian Federation. Russia’s capital Moscow is one of the major capitals in the world.

The Russian universities are a way ahead than many other institutes in the world. The Ryazan State Medical University in Russia can offer grade an MBBS degree in a budget of 15-20 Lakh INR. 

3. Ukraine: How to study MBBS From Ukraine?

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The country is well situated geographically in beautiful Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea. The nation is at 32nd place in the list of world population with a population of about 42.5 million.

The country also offers a great opportunity for MBBS by virtue of some of the best universities, specifically, Ivano Frankovsk Medical University can get you an MBBS degree in a budget around 20-25 lakh INR.

4. China: How to study MBBS From China?

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China is the probably the most popular country in the world. Today, the world economy has the largest share of China. China is our very own neighbor. The country is not only topping in the fastest growing economy but also in the population list. Including the aspects, the country is empowered with some of the best, A grade medical institutes offering MBBS to students. Specifically, Nanjing Medical University and Jilin University are well acclaimed for the quality of education they offer in the range of 20-30 lakhs INR.

5. MBBS in Poland: How to study MBBS From Poland?

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Poland officially known as the Republic of Poland is a sovereign country in Central Europe. Poland has a population of over 38.5 million people and is the on the sixth number amongst the most populous member state of the European Union.

Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of Poland. Poland is also among the countries that offer MBBS degree within the budget of 25-30 lakhs INR. The University of Lodz is very well known and appreciated for the quality of medical education it offers. 

6. Kyrgyzstan:  How to study MBBS From Kyrgyzstan?

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The country is also popularly known as The Kyrgyz Republic, is a sovereign country in central Asia. It is bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China. The country has Bishkek as capital city crowned with the largest population in the country.

The country is specifically well known for the cheaper MBBS courses offered, with the state-owned university named as Kyrgyzstan State Medical University. As per the reports, the average fees for the medical course is around 10-16 lakhs in INR.

7. Philippines: How to study MBBS From Philippines?

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The Philippines officially known as the Republic of the Philippines is a unitary sovereign state and island country in Southeast Asia. The capital city of the Philippines in Manila. The Philippines is one of the recognized endpoints to study medicine abroad.

Quality education, harmless and favorable surroundings and reasonably fixed MBBS course fees make it to a shot to study in the Philippines. The MBBS can be accomplished with a budget of 30-35 lacks INR in the Philippines.

8. Georgia: How to study MBBS From Georgia?

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Georgia is a country geographically located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The capital and largest city in Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia is a unitary semi-presidential republic. Georgia is well known for the accomplishment of more than 90% of literariness.

The best thing about medical education in Georgia is the most of the medical universities and MBBS colleges in Georgia are acknowledged by the Medical Council of India. Comparatively, travel expenses and Cost of living in Georgia are also reasonably priced. Read here about the benefits of studying abroad.

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Studying medicine abroad has always been a great option for every Indian student and the countries listed above provide a great opportunity for the same. Characterized by quality education and student-friendly environment, these offer the best choices to study medicine. If you have something to add to this list, please feel free to do so in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share your suggestions and feedback.

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