Best Universities for Law in UK

Best Universities to Study Law in UK

Studying law in the UK is a great option for the students who wish to pursue their career in the field of law.  There are a number of universities in the UK that provide the best courses on law making it ultimate destination for legal studies. However, education is an expensive deal as we see it today, read here  to know how to afford your abroad studies. The quality of education offered in UK is top notch. The degrees earned in the UK are globally recognised. Also, the focus is always on skill development of the students. There are also a number of other factors which it a favourable destination for students to study.

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Why study law in the UK?

These are the reasons why the UK is considered a great option to pursue legal studies

  1. International recognition: A student choosing to study law in the UK makes the best decision as UK qualifications are recognized by law firms and law schools internationally.
  2. The Supremacy UK law system : The British common law system has been existing for more than 900 years. For those with an interest in international law, English commercial law is dominant over others and also the governing law in the majority of the international contracts.
  3. Internationally applicable knowledge : UK operates a consolidation of UK and EU law. As a result, universities in the UK are able to render quality courses in European law, which is also one of the many reasons international students are attracted to and also choose to study European Law in the UK.
  4. Future prospects : London harbors numerous commercial and international arbitrations, in fact, it has more commercial and international arbitrations than any other city in the world. The UK is an ideal place to start a successful legal career.

Best Universities for Law in UK

Here is the list of top universities to study Law in the UK:

1. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is recognized as one of the top universities. It is listed among the top five universities in the world it is also the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. The university supports its student with a wide variety of resources in their studies at the Faculty.

Courses offered:

BA Tripos Degree in Law

Master of law Matters in Corporate Law

Doctorate in Law

 2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has a history of over 80 decades of teaching law. The university has made huge contributions to the society in the field of education and research.

Courses offered:

Undergraduate courses

BA in Jurisprudence

BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe

BA in Jurisprudence with Senior Status

Diploma in Legal Studies

Bachelor of Civil Law(BCL)

Postgraduate courses

Magister Juris (MJur)

MSc in Law and Finance

MSc in Taxation

MPhil in Law

DPhil in Criminology

DPhil in Law

DPhil in Socio-Legal Studies

Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practice

MST in International Human Rights Law

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3. Queen Mary University of London

The university offers numerous programs for its students. A number of specialist courses are available in this University.

Courses offered

Undergraduate Law Degree Programmes

LLB Law (Three years)

LLB Law Senior Status (Two years)

LLB Global Law (Four years)

LLB English and European Law (Four years)
LLB Law with History (Three years)

LLB Law and Politics (Three years)

LLB Law with Business (Three years)

London LLM programmes

LLM in Art, Business, and Law

LLM in Banking and Finance Law

LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law

LLM in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution

LLM in Competition Law

LLM in Computer and Communications Law

LLM in Criminal Justice

LLM in Energy and Natural Resources Law

LLM in Environmental Law

LLM in European Law

LLM in Human Rights Law

LLM in Immigration Law

LLM in Insurance Law

LLM in Intellectual Property Law

LLM in International Business Law

LLM in International Economic Law

LLM in International Shipping Law

LLM in Legal Theory

LLM in Media Law

LLM in Medical Law

LLM in Public International Law

LLM in Tax LawMaster of Laws.

4. University of Durham

Durham University is distinctive law school which holds both traditions and modern values. It is a residential collegiate university

Courses offered by the university

Undergraduate courses


Law with foundation


Corporate LawLLM

International Trade and Commercial LawLLM

European Trade and Commercial LawLLM

International Law and GovernanceLLM

Master of LawsLLM

5. London School of Economics

LSE Law is regarded as one of the world’s top law schools which has an international reputation for the quality of its teaching.

Courses offered

Undergraduate study

LLB Bachelor of Laws

Double Degree ProgrammeGraduate study

Postgraduate study

LLM Master of Laws

Executive LLM

MSc Law and Accounting

Ph. D. Programme in Law

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The United Kingdom harbors some of the world’s best universities for law. Additionally, English law and its applicability are wide. A law student in the UK graduates with a degree that holds International recognition. Therefore, studying law in the UK is a great advantage for the students. We would love to know your views on legal education in the UK. Do share your opinion in the comments. Also, your valuable feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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