MBA Abroad: Average Age for MBA Programs in Different Countries

Many students wish to pursue management studies today. Getting an international MBA degree is highly beneficial for the career of a student. Read here about the advantages of pursuing an MBA abroad. For MBA programs from abroad, scores of entrance exams such as GMAT and GRE are required as the admission criterion. One thing which is very important to be noticed but people do not pay attention towards, the age.

Every field has certain criteria of age under which the students are supposed to be lest they should not have the eligibility. Also, there is a certain age in each country for MBA programs. In India, as the trend goes, a majority of students pursue an MBA right after graduation. Whereas in most of the countries abroad, MBA is pursued by people who have some years of work experience. Read here about the importance of work experience for an MBA. These differences are important to be understood if one wishes to earn an MBA degree from a foreign university.

What is the Average Age of the Students for Different MBA Programs Abroad?

Here, we are going to talk about the average age of the applicant at the MBA institutions of various countries:

What is the average age for different MBA programs in the United States of America?

The reputed business schools have an average scale of 26 to 28 for the applicants. The two topmost business school in the US are demanding the same age group of the applicants. The MBA program in Harvard Business School asks for the applicants to be 27 years and Kellogg School of Management asks for the applicants to be 28 years. There are also so many business institutions in the USA who ask for a different age group than the reputed but they will bind you to have at least 3-4 years work experience.

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What is the average age for MBA in India?

Indian institutions of MBA ask for age group according to the study schedule of their management. If you simply want to take admission at the regular 2 years programs offered by IIMs (the Indian Institutes of Management), your age must be in the twenties. If you are trying for the MBA programs with GMAT and GRE, you are supposed to be 28-30 as it is higher than the others. If you have a work experience of 10 years, your age for MBA is 34. But mostly, students in India pursue an MBA earlier, after graduation directly.

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What is the average age for different MBA programs in Europe (UK and France)?

The MBA programs in the European countries have different study schedules as some business schools are offering 2 years MBA courses whereas some of the institutions have 1-year study schedule for the international students.

Some European MBA institutions are offering the business course with the 10 months duration including INSEAD (European Institute of Business Administration). The average age for INSEAD is 29 years whereas for the Cambridge and Oxford is 30 years.

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This is how age varies when it comes to MBA across different countries. All a student needs is to maintain his profile according to the admission requirement. If you have reached the falling line of average age you can still have an opportunity to get in MBA programs as your academic profile would recommend you. Also, the age differences also play a role in the corporate world after an MBA in different countries. What are your views on these age differences in different countries? Please do share in the comments section as we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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