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Iowa State University Ranking – Reviews & Application Fees (Updated 2019)

Founded in 1858, the Iowa State University (ISU) is a research-oriented, land-grant institution, which aims at being conducive to community betterment. Sprawling across a huge 1813 acres of land in the city of Ames, it preaches its motto as –

“Science with Practice-To create, share and apply knowledge to make the world a better place”.

Why choose IOWA State University?

Aiming to promote global education since the advancement of time, IOWA has many accomplishments to its credit. ISU has remarkable attainments like being the place of origin to the first electronic digital computer and the development of atomic bomb for World War II.

ISU is particular about granting admission and has an 87% of acceptance rate. The strength of enrolments, that is a huge 30,671 does not come as a surprise given the student-friendly environment. ISU has 800 student organizations and facilitates scholarships for fitting candidates. The Iowa State Cyclones, that is the sports team is also greatly promoted by the university. The other features favorable to students here include a Woman’s’center, a research center and park, transport services, health benefits and rigid campus security. It also promises a 97% placement rate for students. As tempting as it sounds, getting an admission here is not at all an easy task to get through. Admissions are tough and comparatively low acceptance rates make things slightly difficult.

Campus and Infrastructure


IOWA has 160 buildings. Thomas Gaines, in The Campus As a Work of Art, proclaimed the Iowa State campus to be one of the twenty-five most beautiful campuses in the country. Gaines noted Iowa State’s park-like expanse of central campus, draw together ISU’s varied building architecture. Over decades, campus buildings, including the Campanile, Beardshear Hall, and Curtiss Hall, circled and preserved the central lawn, creating a space where students study, relax, and socialize. The Ames Lab, is the only research centre for the U.S Department of energy. Prominent figures like Bruce Roth and Carnie Chapman Catt form the alumni of ISU. A research park is specially allotted for business formation activities and to support varied business ventures. The university also flaunts a dynamic library with e-books, services for students, resources for researchers and various workshops and events for both students and teachers.

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Besides this, there are University Museums which enrich the experience to an infinite amount. Brunnier Art Museum, Farm House Museum, Art on Campus Collection, Christian Petersen Art Museum and Anderson Sculpture Garden are the museums of IOWA State University.

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Brunnier Exhibition


ISU comprises of 2 schools and 8 colleges in total. It provides over a 100 under-graduate majors programs, 112 masters programs, 83 Ph.D. programs and 1 professional degree program in veterinary medicine. It provides majors in a wide array of subjects like business, management, marketing and related support services, engineering, agriculture and operations, related sciences, biological and biomedical sciences and family and consumer sciences/human sciences.

Iowa State University Ranking

The University grabs a commendable 115th rank among the best National Universities, the 40th among the best undergraduate engineering programs, the 1st for biological/agricultural programs (at schools whose highest degree is a doctorate), and 204th among the best global universities. It also claims to have the 141st best online graduate education program. If we consider the overall reputation, IOWA comes under world’s topmost institutions constantly aiming towards global education.

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Student Life at IOWA

IOWA aims to maintain a quality life for students with an enriching environment and academic advancement. The environment at IOWA is peaceful and promotes student harmony. The various activities that take place help students gain a new perspective towards education and help them enhance their knowledge beyond classrooms. To list down some of the facilities provided to students for their better growth are-

Residence Halls


Divided on the basis of geographical area, there are 20 Residence Halls which are all on-campus. The distribution these halls have been made keeping the ease of students as the main concern.

Student Government and organizations

One of he distinguished features of IOWA is that it has an ISU Student Government. Supporting democracy to its core,  ISU Student Government is composed of a president, vice president, finance director, cabinet appointed by the president, a clerk appointed by the vice president, senators representing each college and residence area at the university, a nine-member judicial branch and an election commission. This was done to enhance a more enriched representation of student interests in front of the authorities.
Besides this, there are several student organizations and societies for various activities that expand learning and students invest in their hobbies, better passions and extra-curricular activities.

Student Activities

Students are involved in various outdoor activities and are succeeding gracefully. The most attractive of them is The Choral Division of the Department of Music and Theater at Iowa State University which consists of over 400 choristers.
Besides this, the students involved in writing and editing have an opportunity to showcase their talents in the The Iowa State Daily- the university’s student newspaper.This newspaper holds great value as it was awarded the 2016 Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Also, Iowa has its own radio and students television where events related to students activities are covered. 88.5 KURE is the university’s student-run radio station. Programming for KURE includes ISU sports coverage, talk shows, the annual quiz contest Kaleidoquiz, and various music genres.
Sports, the most important factor of any college. Iowa has its own team called “THE CYCLONES”. The teams of Iowa adequately represent their name. They are no less than Cyclones on fields. The sports which are played and are very popular in Iowa are- Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Volleyball and Wrestling. The other sports are also played but these are the most successful ones.


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What makes IOWA different?

IOWA historically has a distinguished story. Besides being a home to several educational creations. It is much more to that. It has a varied history. To note down some of the most shocking factors that distinguish IOWA from other universities are that, firstly, it is home to first electronic digital computer.  Invented by mathematics and physics professor John Atanasoff and engineering graduate student Clifford Berry during 1937-42, IOWA State University saw the invention of the very first Atanasoff-Berry Computer.


To add on to this, The Manhattan Project was also devised in IOWA. ISU is the only university nationwide that has a U.S. Department of Energy. Therefore, during World War II, as part of the Manhattan Project, a research and development program begun in 1942 under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to develop the atomic bomb.
Also, IOWA has witnessed the birth of cooperative extension and is also well known for VEISHEA, an annual education and entertainment festival that was held on campus each spring.

Alumini of Iowa State University

IOWA has an incredibly strong alumini network. Some of the notable alumini of IOWA State University are-

  1. Clayton Anderson, member of the ISSExpedition 15 crew
  2. George Washington Carver, botanist and inventor
  3. Carrie Chapman Catt, women’s suffrage leader
  4. Clarence Chamberlin, pilot of the first transatlantic passenger flight
  5. Nawal El Moutawakel, first woman from a Muslim-majority country to win an Olympic gold medal
  6. Joni Ernst, United States Senator
  7. Tom Harkin, United States Senator
  8. Mike Myers, Major League BaseballSubmarine pitcher
  9. Kim Reynolds, 43rd Governor of Iowa
  10. Dan Shechtman, 2011 Nobel laureate
  11. Henry A. Wallace, 33rd Vice President of the United States
  12. Kelechi Osemele, NFL Offensive Guard

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Known or its diverse cultural and education and giving notable leaders to the world since time immemorial, IOWA has always stood on the forefront pf excellence. Seeking education from IOWA is no less than a dream come true as it promises a future that seems amazingly wonderful.

What do yo think of studying there? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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